System Shock – How to Enable Cheats on Console

System Shock – How to Enable Cheats on Console 1 -
System Shock – How to Enable Cheats on Console 1 -

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Here are a few quick but not perfect tips to help make your life somewhat less stressful.

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You must enable the console of System Shock.

Console lets you make use of different commands to change the game in any way you’d like

Download Cheat Engine anywhere

Download the Cheat Table on the first page

Follow the directions.

F1 Switch on console in game

This time, we’ll remain with the Timer Problem

Stopping the timer

After you activate Console

Enter this command:

TryStopGameCountdownTimer 0

It will stop the Hard Timer in its tracks

Click here to find out more about

Every time you load a save

Or die

Or maybe you can respawn

You can also utilize an elevator


I suggest that you check it regularly so that you don’t get caught by SUDDEN death the next time you alter your level due to forgetting to turn off the activation.

Be aware that future updates to the game may cause problems with the Cheat Table or the Timer Command. This could cause problems in the future.


It’s admittedly a bit buggy. Use at your own risk and only when there’s no other option and you do not want to restart the entire game.

If you execute this command in one game session, and then begin another game for any reason, it won’t work.

The timer will be transferred to the new slot (or another game)

Do it this way.

Stop playing, and then begin it again.

All credit goes to the people who made this happen.

I would have liked to have found this solution earlier.


System Shock - How to Enable Cheats on Console - Proof - 2D9C4AB

I was on the floor of research however it took me around 30 minutes to complete Medical. I didn’t stop the timer at some point during the run.


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