SYNTHETIK – 8 Attachments exploit (CO-OP ONLY)

SYNTHETIK – 8 Attachments exploit (CO-OP ONLY) 1 -
SYNTHETIK – 8 Attachments exploit (CO-OP ONLY) 1 -
Very rough guide on how to do the 8 attachments glitch in Co-op (does not work in singleplayer)



Let’s say that you have gotten a good gun that you would like to keep, but can’t be sure if you’ll get your desired attachments or even any good attachments. Luckily, in co-op (and co-op exclusively) there is a way for you to get 8 attachments on any gun with the help of your partner. Doing this will require at least 8 blue upgrade kits to place all the attachments on the gun, so consider whether the weapon you are upgrading is worth the expense. 
Player 1, the user of the desired gun, passes the weapon WITH NO ATTACHMENTS PLACED ON IT to their partner (and the upgrade kits necessary to upgrade it). 
Player 2 takes the gun and uses blue kits to get attachments, using them one by one; spamming them will not work. Player 2 should read each attachment and allow their partner to pick attachments, then select Player 1’s desired attachments. Continue until THREE attachments are on the gun. 
Player 2 will use another upgrade kit to get a fourth selection of attachments, but will NOT SELECT ANY ATTACHMENT. LEAVE THE FINAL SLOT BLANK OR IT WILL LOCK THE GUN TO 4 ATTACHMENTS. Do not select an attachment even if it’s a really good one or one that Player 1 wants on that gun; you will be able to apply it later. Optionally Player 2 can keep using upgrade kits or use a weapon upgrade terminal to upgrade the gun’s stats until it says “Maxed! Damage up” (DO NOT SELECT AN ATTACHMENT). Player 2 passes the gun back. 
Player 1 takes their weapon back and upgrades it as normal, placing their desired attachments and using all slots; this time fill all slots including the final one. After all attachment slots are filled, Player 1 gives the gun back to Player 2. Player 2 will read the final selection of attachments to Player 1 and will select their desired attachment in the final slot, then gives it back. Done! 


Player 1 can still upgrade the weapon with a weapon upgrade terminal for credits but CANNOT APPLY ANY ATTACHMENTS until Player 2 finishes selecting three and leaves the final slot blank. Once Player 2 has done so, you are free to use all the attachment slots on the gun. 
Doing this exploit does not guarantee that you will get the attachments you want, but it will increase your odds and will give your gun some nice extra stat bonuses that wouldn’t have been possible had you placed four attachments on it as normal. 
If you are Player 2 and your partner is asking you to upgrade their gun for them, do as they say and pick the attachments that they want. You can chime in and try to convince them to go with another attachment but it’s their weapon and it’s ultimately up to them. 
You don’t have to save up upgrade kits and do it all at once; I was in a co-op match and continually passed my AMD 65 to my partner to do the exploit. I passed him my AMD and an upgrade kit one at a time; he selected my desired attachment and gave it back, left the final slot blank, and passed it back to me. I could still apply four more attachments same as before. 
I am not an expert on this exploit, I just made it so that I remember how it works and I can direct co-op buddies to it so they can learn how to do it. This is also my first guide, hence why it doesn’t have any pictures. If you have any suggestions or other methods of exploiting 8 attachments on a single weapon, you can comment down below or visit the Synthetik discord and DM me at vSuS#6306. 

Written by infiniminer

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about SYNTHETIK – 8 Attachments exploit (CO-OP ONLY); if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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