Swarm Grinder – Characters and Skills Guide

Swarm Grinder – Characters and Skills Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Swarm Grinder – Characters and Skills Guide 1 - steamlists.com

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Enemies and Environment

Alien Cells

Move around to reveal Alien Cells in the range. White Alien Cells have a chance of spawning an enemy based on how long the game lasted (longer than higher). Purple Alien Cells spawn an enemy guaranteed.


  • To create enemies, go close to Alien Cells. Be careful not to spawn too many enemies all at one time.



Enemies move towards players and attack when they are in melee range. There are a few types that attack differently, however, the vast majority of enemies attack within melee range. Your health is diminished when you are attacked. If your health is at 0, you lose the game.

Enemy Types:

  • Grunt: The lowest amount of health and a low amount of damage when in melee range
  • Bigger Grunt – more damage and health, but still with melee range.
  • Exploder: explodes when you get near it, causing damage to an area
  • Charger: Will telegraph an enemy line, then sprint across the line to cause damage
  • Burrower boss: spawns every 10 mining zones cleared. It has an aoe melee weapon and sometimes burrows underground to unburrow and deal damage to an area. Will drop 2 upgrades upon death.


  • Avoid enemy attacks by moving away from them.



Dead enemies might drop fuel or health items. The fuel item refuels your character, while the health item heals your character. The process of refueling healing after having fully healthy is not helpful. Picking up fuel when at a high fuel level can overcharge your character. To get them you must be closer to the item. They will disappear within a short period.


  • Beware of enemy attacks by circling circularly around them. Then, collect any items dropped. Keep the radius in check to not lose any items, and keep the number of enemies manageable so you won’t have anywhere to run.


Alien Rocks

Alien Rocks are yellow rocks that can be found around the arena. They can be damaged, but they can trigger Alien Cells around them if damaged; their size varies on the length of time the mission has been played for. If dealt enough damage they will be destroyed and will drop Bio Shards.


  • Destroy the rocks only if you are comfortably ahead with the upgrades. They only drop a small amount of shards and should be treated as bonuses, not a priority over upgrades that allow you to endure longer.

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