Swarm Grinder – Achievements How to Get Them:

Swarm Grinder – Achievements How to Get Them: 1 - steamlists.com
Swarm Grinder – Achievements How to Get Them: 1 - steamlists.com

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It takes 8 picks to get a unique, 1 to pick it up, 6 normal picks, and the special itself. You get at most 29 picks total. 1 starting active, 24 choose one of three, and 4 completely random. It is important to lock in the 5 skills you will be focusing on before you get to the first 2 random skills, if you want to have any control of your build.


You only have 5 extra picks, two will be locked in to other skills than the three you are getting specials in, so be very careful with your selections. The most controllable is to start by locking in the 5 skills, and then picking one or two of them to focus on, using the first pair of randoms to select the third to focus on. After that, try and balance between the 3 focused skills so that you don’t hit the end and find yourself being forced to overspend in a skill or spend the pick on one of the 2 extra skills.

Critical Roll

The critical insights to completing this achievement are:

Bulletstorm’s passive scales with magazine size

Gatling Gun has increased rapid fire damage, and mini-gun, which increases local magazine size [7 picks]

Arsenal’s unique doubles global damage [8 picks]

Scatter Shot has increased rapid-fire magazine size [4 picks]

Lucky Charm has increased critical damage [4 picks]

Between those a the meta picks that increase damage, getting to 400 in a single hit isn’t too hard, but is extremely hard if you miss more than 3 or 4 picks from the above skills. I recommend locking detonator as the 5th skill, but avoid putting picks into it. For Arsenal, heal on kill and rapid fire explosions make good filler picks to get to the special, for the other 5 picks, just make sure not to get anything that reduces your magazine size or damage

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