Survival: Fountain of Youth – Useful Items Guide

Survival: Fountain of Youth – Useful Items Guide 2 -
Survival: Fountain of Youth – Useful Items Guide 2 -

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List all items that you should use in the game.


What items should you take from the ship in Survival Fountain of Youth?

You must first choose whether you want to complete the tutorial. Fountain of Youth: Survival Survival: Fountain of Youth tells you which two items you should grab from the Old Chest to jump overboard. It would help if you held the Iron Axe or the Iron Flint.

If you play on a more difficult Difficulty Setting, you may be limited to only one item. In this case, you should choose the Iron Axe. If you are playing on a lower Difficulty Setting, you can take a third object. In this case, the Leather Backpack is advisable.

Survival: Fountain of Youth - Useful Items Guide - What Items Should You Take from the Ship in Survival Fountain of Youth? - 0CEB932

Always carry the Iron Axe. You’ll have to cut wood before anything else that would require a knife. It also doubles as a protection against wild animals. The firestarter makes a great second item because it can last for several weeks before it breaks with daily use. Fires are essential for warmth and protection. The Leather Backpack allows you to carry more in the first weeks, which will speed up your progress.

You have the following options if you want to select a different item.

Leather Backpack

Bag that allows me to carry more items.

  • 0.4 Weight
  • 384/960 Durability
  • Will Break in 26.7 Day
  • Adds 22 weight capacity


Navy Coat

Protective equipment against animal attacks and bad weather

  • 0.5 Weight
  • 192/480 Durability
  • Will Break in 13.2 Day
  • Sun Protection +100%
  • Wind Protection +100%
  • Rain Protection +25%
  • Cold Protection +100%
  • Armor +15
  • Reduce Wound Probability -5%
  • Reduce Poison Chance by -5%


Iron Flint

Firestarter helps me to create survival items and ignite fire to keep warm.

  • Weight 1.0
  • 240/400 Durability
  • Chance of Ignition 60
  • Tool Class Firestarter


Improved Fishing Rod

I need a tool that will help me catch fish so I don’t run out of food.

  • 1.0 Weight
  • 140/220 Durability
  • Catch Chance 70%
  • Tool Class Fishing Rod


Iron Spear

I will be able to defend myself and hunt against my enemies on the island with this weapon.

  • Weight 2.0
  • 112/450 Durability
  • Damage 40
  • Throw Damage 90
  • Melee Range Long
  • Throw Range Long
  • Stamina Drain 10/sec


Iron Axe

Useful tool to build, cut down trees and as a weapon for protection

  • Weight
  • 245/700 Durability
  • Damage 50
  • Throw Damage 75
  • Melee Range Medium
  • Throw Range Short
  • Stamina Drain 17/sec
  • Tool Class Axe
  • Tool Efficiency 175%


Iron Knife

A useful tool for harvesting plants and as a weapon for protection

  • Weight 0.5
  • 210/600 Durability
  • Damage 25
  • Throw Damage 37
  • Melee Range Short
  • Throw Range Short
  • Stamina Drain 7/sec
  • Tool Class Cutter
  • Tool Efficiency 200%


Bag of Provisions

Food kit for survival in the island

  • Weight 0.4
  • 600/600 Durability
  • Spoils in 41.7 Days
  • Food +35
  • Water +10


  • 10 Red Apple
    • Weight 0.2
    • 300/300 Durability
    • Spoils in 20.8 Days
    • Food +20
    • Water +2


  • Smoked Meat
    • 0.3 Weight
    • 200/200 Durability
    • Spoils in 13.9 Days
    • Food +2
    • Water +20



Pistol with Ammo

Firearms kit for protection against animals and hunting in the island

  • 0.4 Weight
  • 600/600 Durability
  • Spoils in 41.7 Days
  • Food +35
  • Water +10


  • Bullet Charge
    • 0.2 Weight
    • 20/20 Durability
    • Damage Bonus 45
    • Ammo Type Bullet



Bag of Medicine

Medicine kit for protection against illnesses and restoring your health

  • Weight
  • 200/200 Durability
  • Damage 1510
  • Shot Range Medium
  • Stamina Drain 0.5/sec
  • Ammo Type Bullet


  • 2 Powder from Snakes and Spiders
    • Weight 0.2
    • 20/20 Durability
    • Damage Bonus 45
    • Ammo Type Bullet


  • 2 Sweating Potion
    • Weight 0.1
    • Flu Treatments – 4 Levels
    • Cure 4 Ranks Of Overheating Disease
    • Water +20
    • Flu Treatment 1d12h
    • Overheating Treatment 1d12h
    • Health Regen +10 (1 Hour)
    • 1 Medical Kit
    • Weight 0.2
    • Health Regen +65 (4 Hours)


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