Survival: Fountain of Youth – Location of the Grotto & Journal

Survival: Fountain of Youth – Location of the Grotto & Journal 2 -
Survival: Fountain of Youth – Location of the Grotto & Journal 2 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, We’ll discuss the Survival: Fountain of Youth – Location of the Grotto & Journal in this post, and we sincerely hope you find it helpful.

Journal Guide

The Journal is the final thing we should review before moving on to the Starter Guide walkthrough. The Journal includes six sections:

  • Goals – List of your current goals. You can also see completed goals.
  • Unique Things – Books, parchments, and other trinkets you’ve found that provide more information about the story.
  • Expedition History – A recounting of your journey to the current point you’ve found and the stories they are telling.You’ve read.
  • Event Log – This shows everything that has occurred to you, like taking Steps in a Goal, weather changes or taking damage. This also shows you your lifetime statistics.

That’s it for the basic game mechanics -Now, we’ll move on to the Walkthrough for the Starter Guide!


The Survival: Fountain of Youth Starter Guide begins on the ship. If you decide to play the tutorial, you must complete some goals and engage in combat without risk before you can reach the Captain’s Cabin. You will begin in the Captain’s Cabin if you skip the tutorial.

The First Choice

You’ll first have to choose between two items from the chest next to the window that is broken. (The number of things you’ll be able to take is contingent on the difficulty and you’ll be able to have a range of 1-3 options.) Take the Iron Axe and the Iron Flint first. If you’re playing an easier difficulty and are able to pick a third item I recommend that you take the Leather Backpack.

When you’ve got everything, get out the window and you’ll wash up on the beach.

Stranded on a Beach

Your statistics aren’t what they should be when you wake up at the beach. You have no supplies other than the items you grabbed from the chest in the Captain’s Cabin. It’s time to move!

Look up and to your left- pay particular attention to the large rock with a large horizontal stone on the top.

Survival: Fountain of Youth - Location of the Grotto & Journal - Survival Fountain of Youth Starter Guide Walkthrough - 125AC2E

This is where we’ll find the Grotto the perfect location for our first base. We’ll gather a few resources before we go.

With the ocean in front of you, head to the left side of the beach (away from the Grotto Cave). Rope from the ship’s location is an enormous rock. Grab it, then walk along the beach and collect these items if you find them:

  • Small Sticks
  • Narrow Leaves
  • Yellow Leaves
  • Green Coconuts
  • Ripe Coconuts

There are also Crabs moving along the beach. This is a great time to practice using your Iron Axe. You can cook the crabs you kill.

When you get a base in place, whether you hit or miss you’ll need to get to your Iron Axe and pick it up to use it again. (Don’t throw it somewhere you’re unable to reach it and don’t forget to take it back!)

Two red crates are on the shoreline, a little to the left. One crates has an Red Apple and one has an Loaf of Bread. Collect them so you cannot miss a chance to eat free food! You can find another Loaf of Bread if you follow the rocks to the left while staying on the beach.

Do not leave the beach. Once you’re satisfied with the things you’ve discovered, follow the shoreline to the right (keeping the ocean on your right) and you’ll make your way towards the Grotto Cave.

Thank you for reading the Survival: Fountain of Youth – Location of the Grotto & Journal, and we hope you found them beneficial. If you see any mistakes or have any suggestions for enhancements, please let us know in the comments box below, and we will fix them as soon as we can. I’m sending you today my very best wishes. We are indebted to Robert N. Adams, whose perceptive guide served as the impetus for this one. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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