Survival: Fountain of Youth – All Character Status & HUD

Survival: Fountain of Youth – All Character Status & HUD 3 -
Survival: Fountain of Youth – All Character Status & HUD 3 -

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This guide will show you everything you need to know to survive this dangerous Caribbean island journey!

HUD Explanation: Fountain of Youth

Survival: Fountain of Youth - All Character Status & HUD - Survival: Fountain of Youth HUD Explanation - A08EF20

  1. Character Statuses — This shows you what buffs or debuffs are on you and any effects that you’re exposed to (such hot suns or chilling winds).
  2. Tracked Goals (or Goals) – This shows the current tracking of your objective.
  3. Health – The standard health indicator. If this bar goes to 0, your maximum Health will be reduced by 10.
  4. – A visual representation of your hunger. If this drops too low you will begin to lose health.
    Your hydration. If this drops too low, you will begin to lose Health.
  5. Energy – How tired you feel. If it drops too low, health starts to be lost.
  6. Stamina – Your short-term energy used up when you run or perform specific actions. This bar is only visible if your Stamina has not reached 100%.


Statuses Disease, Pests Equipment

As the title implies, Fountain of Youth – Survival This is a survival-based game. It has a robust system of buffs debuffs and other status effects. Let’s have a quick look.

Survival: Fountain of Youth - All Character Status & HUD - Statuses, Disease, Pests, and Equipment - 6D58A05

Character Statuses

As shown in the previous section on the HUD, you can be affected with different statuses. These include environmental effects, which have a Status Bar — if you fill the bar up, then you will get a Disease. For example, if the Burning Sun status bar fills up, you’ll get Sunburn.


Character Statuses can be broken down into Diseases, subsets of Character Statuses. They introduce adverse stat penalties as they do other debuffs. Diseases can either be treated by resting or

Click on the Disease in the Statuses section to view recommended treatments.


Pests can be tiny creatures, such as spiders and scorpions. They will attack if you get too close. You may suffer a minor damage or even contract a disease.

Pests are on the floor, especially in the Grotto. They should be killed before you get close.

Pests are more likely to attack you when it is dark. Do not work at night, in caves, or in shaded areas without a torch.


The equipment you use will make your daily life a lot easier. You can equip things that you find.

  • Head – For hats and headgear.
  • Chest – Protection for the chest and upper part of the body.
  • Legs – Lower body protection.
  • Feet: Protect your feet.
  • Belt – Adds additional slots to Weapons’ hot bar.
  • Bag – Increases your maximum carry Weight.
  • Bandolier – A holster designed to hold the ammunition of your ranged weapon.
  • Weapons – A hotbar on which you can equip weapons and various tools. You do not have to equip the entire tool set to use it, but a hammer is required for building.
  • Ammo: Storage slots for ammo for ranged weapons.) are stored in these unique slots.

Protecting yourself from the elements is possible by wearing clothing or armor. Wearing enough clothes, for example can completely prevent sunburn.

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