SurrounDead – Gameplay + Map & Locations

SurrounDead – Gameplay + Map & Locations 1 -
SurrounDead – Gameplay + Map & Locations 1 -

This guide contains everything and everything related to SurrounDead.
It is still in development, and there will be more in the coming days.

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The map

Original map:

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - The map - 749EFA7


SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - The map - 67E9E63

The sledgehammer

Where can you find it?

You can find the sledgehammer used to collect scrap in industrial areas. This applies to houses in the forest or bunkers. Sometimes they may not appear in the places you are looking. Relogging will resolve the issue temporarily.

What can I do to use the sledgehammer for?

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - The sledgehammer - CDB446C

You can use the sledgehammer to smash any rusty or brown-looking vehicle and get scrap metal. You can make many things with scrap metal. You can make a crafting bench, a knife, and many other things with scrap metal.

The axe

Where can you find it?

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - The axe - 384D296

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - The axe - 45C2852

The Axe can be found in many places, but gas stations hanging on the walls of industrial areas are the best. An axe is also located at the lighthouse .

What can I do about the axe?

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - The axe - 6854ACC

You can use the axe to smash down these woodpiles spread around the globe. This will give you wood that can be used to make certain things, such as walls and doors.

Types of workbenches

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - Types of workbenches - 0C4D8E0

There are currently three workbenches.

  • Left – Crafting bench – To make the basics
  • Middle – Building Station: To create the building materials
  • Right – Ammo Bench – To craft ammunition


How to have multiple savings

As of now, there is only one way to have multiple saves. The developer will eventually add a system to do this, so consider this a temporary fix.

  • Press WINDOWS+R on your keyboard
  • Click on APPDATA
  • Click on LOCAL
  • Click on SurrounDead
  • Copy this ‘Saved Map’
  • Paste the ‘Saved” folder to the location you want it saved. You can also create a new map on your computer and name it “SurrounDead Savings”. You can then paste your save there. You can change the name of the copied Saved’ map to something such as “Save 1” and “Save Content Creation”. However, if you wish to play on a specific’save”, simply place your “Save 1″ or Save Content Creation back in there. Check out the video below from a friend of mine to better understand it and avoid making mistakes.

    <div class=”sharedFilePreviewYouTubeVideo sizeFull” id=”-TmDC1EnN3o”> </div>


How to rotate items

These items should be in your inventory when you loot buildings, bodies of zombies, and crates. If there isn’t enough space, it won’t work. This is also true if you want to perzonalize your entire inventory and keep it well managed.

By pressing the ‘R’ key on your keyboard, you can rotate any item with at least 2 slots. You can then rotate the items however you like.

Items that are in the ‘1’ slot cannot be rotated.

Items that have ‘2+ slots can be rotated.

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - How to rotate items - 97D2E57

SurrounDead issues/crashes

Sometimes, you might run into some problems while playing games. SurrounDead is the one to call. I have some solutions for you if you encounter these kinds of problems. You can think about random crashes, freezes and files missing.

Option 1: Repairing the files

  • Go to your Steam Library
  • Right click SurrounDead
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on Local Files
  • Click on Verify integrity
  • Restart Steam
  • Start SurrounDead


Option 2: Start the game without Discord

  • Stop arguing
  • Start the game
  • Once you have finished loading Discord, you can start it again

Option 2: Delete your ‘Saved’ folder

  • Press WINDOWS+R on your keyboard
  • Click on APPDATA
  • Click on LOCAL
  • Click on SurrounDead
  • Delete Saved map
  • All files should be thrown out and sorted into your recycle bin.
  • Check the integrity of your game files by going to OPTION 1.

    This video explains everything:

    <div class=”sharedFilePreviewYouTubeVideo sizeFull” id=”Gxcdkbm2iFA”> </div>


Photo mode

How to use the photo mode

To use photo mode, you will need to press “V”. This button will be pressed when you feel you are in the correct position. You’ll have many options to edit your entire’screenshot’ when you use the photo mode. It’s extremely simple to understand and use, so I don’t think I need to explain it all. You’ll be able to understand everything in 5 minutes.

This is what it looks like when the photo mode is turned on:

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - Photo mode - 419397E

Here’s how the screenshots look when I press the ‘X” button.

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - Photo mode - B317670

Where can I find my screenshots?

When you take amazing photos in the photo mode, you might be wondering where your screenshots are. Let me tell ya!

  • Press WINDOWS+R on your keyboard
  • Click on APPDATA
  • Click on LOCAL
  • Click on SurrounDead
  • Click on Save
  • Click on Screenshots


Locked doors

Sometimes, you might find small buildings or houses with locked doors.

These doors are not open to the public.

These doors can only be opened with a lockpick. You can find the lockpick anywhere on the planet. You can find the lockpick in all kinds of places, including houses, cities, zombies, and bunkers. Keep in mind that sometimes your lockpick may break.


The main items needed for crafting:


  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Scrap Metal
  • Cloth
  • Rope
  • Nails
  • Tape



SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - Vehicles - 4C85BCE

Where can I find vehicles?

You can find vehicles by simply exploring the world.

To make it easier, you can refer to the map I used in this guide.

What can I do about vehicles?


  • You can travel the world by vehicle.
  • You can store your stuff in the trunk, which is located at the back of the car.
  • You can drive over zombies, easy XP farming but your car will do damage.


How do I repair my car and fill it with fuel?


  • You will need the ‘Vehicle Repair Kit to repair your car. These can be found at gas stations or near them, but also in industrial areas. This can be done by standing in front of your vehicle.
  • To fill your car with gas, you will need to stand at the side of your vehicle. You have the option of filling it, but you will need a gas can to do so. These can be found in most gas stations and are very common.


Where can I find vehicle repair kits and fuel?

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - Vehicles - 9FA5359

These places have a variety of loot that you can sell, craft and fuel. Keep in mind that sometimes it may not be there so you will have to come back again. (relog)

SurrounDead - Gameplay + Map & Locations - The axe - 45C2852

Here you will find the axe that is used to gather wood and to attack enemies. You will also find fuel and repair kits, as well as other useful items.


Written by [SLS] WHOLF

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about SurrounDead – Gameplay + Map & Locations; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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