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Supraland Walkthrough

supraland walkthrough

Supraland is a unique game that blends several genres, including Metroidvania elements. The first quest in the game involves reaching the blue kingdom, which has cut off the water to the red side of the well. Once you have done that, you’ll be required to explore the world to find other points of interest. As you explore, you’ll come across NPCs who play as red characters and guide you to different locations.



Supraland is a first-person puzzle game that is reminiscent of games such as Metroid and Zelda. The game’s main objective is to complete puzzles and upgrade your character as you progress through the game. Supraland offers several ways to complete puzzles and encourages players to use logical thinking as they progress.

In addition to the puzzles, Supraland features several unique combat methods. Unlike other games, enemies in this game are separated from each other so that they won’t get in your way while you’re solving puzzles. In addition, the game’s enemies behave in different ways.



Supraland is a first-person platformer that has some pretty good controls, especially in combat. You’ll need to be good at first-person platforming to get through most of the game’s puzzles, but the inclusion of a gun adds a whole new level of puzzle-solving potential. Unfortunately, the gun is not particularly accurate, making combat difficult.

Supraland is a good game with lots of potentials, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. While the game’s setting and design are nice, the world is confusing and overly complicated. Fortunately, there are a lot of fun moments within the game, but the controls in the game aren’t always intuitive.


Secret areas

Throughout the game, you’ll come across various secret areas. You can explore these areas to learn about items and upgrades. Some of these areas are hidden, so you’ll have to think outside the box to find them. You can also use a Force Cube to use with certain switches.

Supraland is a free puzzle-platformer that’s inspired by Metroid, Portal, and The Legend of Zelda. You’ll find treasure, solve puzzles, and discover new abilities. Ultimately, you’ll be able to defeat enemies and progress through the game.



Supraland is a Metroidvania-style game with many upgrades to choose from. These upgrades will improve your movement speed and tool damage. They will also allow you to solve puzzles faster. But it’s important to know the proper way to use them. In this guide, we’ll go over the different types of upgrades in Supraland.

Supraland’s upgrade system is very thick. For example, within the first hour of play, you’ll get the running fast ability, a double or triple jump, and summoning a purple cube. In addition, you’ll get incidental upgrades from secret chests. These include damage ups, health ups, armor, and crit chance increases.


Switch-operated puzzles

Supraland is a modern classic that combines platforming with puzzles. It features a vast open world filled with a variety of different elements and an array of creative environmental puzzles. As you progress through the game, puzzles become more complex and require critical thinking to solve. Supraland’s design balances exploration, combat, and puzzles in a well-balanced way.

The puzzles in Supraland often contain switch-operated steps and ground cables that lead to different locations. Sometimes the character does not have the right abilities to perform the task, but as the player progresses, the puzzles will begin to come together.

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