SUPERHOT – Some tips and tricks for gameplay

SUPERHOT – Some tips and tricks for gameplay 1 -
SUPERHOT – Some tips and tricks for gameplay 1 -

A small list of tips to make the gameplay easier and more enjoyable


There is wouldn’t be anything extraordinary in that guide – the game is quite simple and you can figure out most of the tricks and features by yourself. However, if you have just started playing, a couple of tricks described below can make the game much easier for you.


The most important advice in this guide: LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE BULLETS TO DODGE THEM! In other words, follow the bullets with your eyes.
You are not inside your body, your body is kind of slightly behind you, and when you spin in place, your body does not stay in place, it spins like a propeller behind your back. What does it mean? This means that if you look at an enemy who is shooting at you, his bullet can pass the edges of your screen and still be able to catch your fatty wide body. And if you look not at the shooter, but at the bullet that he shoots at you, then you will be safe.
This makes it easier to fight against enemies with any firearm, even against rifle dudes and shotgun dudes, but do not forget – since your body is attached to your back, you are not only able to dodge bullets by turning the camera, but you can also run into enemy bullets on your own.


If you jump on the enemy, he will die. But it is not at all necessary to jump on his head – not every level allows you to land on opponents from a height.
Enemies die if you jump on their legs. The rest of the body can simply be ignored – if you climb over the top of the enemy’s knees, then your enemy is immediately shattered into pieces.
This is very useful, becauseit allows you to kill any enemies without any weapons, even if they are standing at the same height as you. Very useful for unarmed challenges or in situations where your gun is not ready to fire, and the enemy is already too close.


The simplest thing that i can write here is that the enemies are not aiming at you, but at where you are going. This allows you to trick enemies while zigzagging, forcing the enemy to shoot in one direction, while you run in a completely different direction. But be careful – if you change your direction too often (beginners do this often), then it turns out that you yourself force the enemies to aim directly at you.


Bullets are not capable of piercing anything – you need to know this for a tactical advantage. If a bullet hits an enemy, a piece of an already scattered body, a wall, a weapon, or, in general, ANY black object, including another bullet, then it will disappear and not be able to damage anything else. Cover yourself with already dead enemies and any throwable objects, in other words.


They are looks great, I admit it. But enemies in any case die from one bullet, no matter where you hit them: in the head or in the heel, all you have to do is land your shot. Play as you wish, but the most practical thing is to shoot enemies in the chest – it is hit it if the enemy is far away and/or moving.


When you stun an enemy (with punches or throws of black objects), while he is holding any weapon, he throws it wherever he is looking. If you stun an enemy while he is looking directly at you, he will throw his weapon straight into your hands. You throw an empty weapon at the enemy – you getting a loaded one.


Sometimes there are situations when the enemy is aiming directly at you, and your weapon is still arming (this is indicated by the rotation of your crosshair). In such situations, when the player tries to take a step to move the time a little and prepare the weapon for shooting, your enemy often shoots first. How can you skip the time by less than one step?
It is important to remember that the rotation of the camera by the game is also perceived as a movement that moves time forward, and therefore you can slightly move the camera in different directions without taking your aim off the enemy, trying to achieve conditions when your weapon is ready to shoot, and the enemy still didn’t pull a trigger.


There are two interesting details katana have:
Its hits are capable of cutting bullets (remember the advice about dodging and know that you can only reach the bullet when it is covered with diagonal lines);
When you throw on a katana, it does not break into pieces, it piercing through ALL black and red objects and then gets stuck in something white. Thanks to this, you can leave a katana (or several katanas in survival mode) for later, when you will run out of ammo for the firearm. If you throw any other weapon, it will shatter and disappear.


If you are just a little too far away to hit the nearest enemy with melee weapon, try aiming at his closest piece of the body – perhaps it will be a couple of millimeters closer and it will be considered as strike distance. Even if the enemy itself is too far away, but at least one finger is at strike distance, then you just need to aim exactly at this piece to shatter the enemy.
Work for punches too.


When the story opens to you ability to possess the enemies, you will be able to use such trick: if you are in a deadly situation, throw a weapon at the most distant enemy then possess his body and catch the weapon you are previously thrown. This will not only save you, but it will also provide the necessary weapon to kill the enemies that previously cornered you.


This guide is only for those who want to know about all these tricks and tricks from the start. You’re guaranteed to figure out all of the above on your own if you just played the game long enough.



Written by Michanicks

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about SUPERHOT – Some tips and tricks for gameplay; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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