Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Spellbook and Character Build Optimization

Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Spellbook and Character Build Optimization 1 -
Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Spellbook and Character Build Optimization 1 -

Welcome to Super Le*bian Animal RPG – Spellbook and Character Build Optimization Guide.
Complete details on how to optimize your characters’ performance, build, and spellbook.

Preface and Equipment

This guide assumes that you have the best equipment available at all times. Put your weapons on the appropriate characters (Phys to Phys, magic to magic). This assumes that you are doing sidequests when you find them.

Here are some quick thoughts about other equipment

– Powerhouse Pin. It was best laid on Melody. I find it tempting to carry star power between battles when star power means better MP healing on the fly. But you *could* use it on others if they are using their star power. Jodie has difficulty building it up, as the others.

– Dual Wield Pendant. Allison is the best person to wear this pendant. It’s almost a joke in fan art that Allison gets all the buffs anyway, so why not boost her attack stat to the heavens?

– Right Back at You! This was given to Jodie because of her incredible taunting abilities. Another great accessory for her is…

– Bewitched bandage. It allows Jodie to perform full self-heals when paired with Knight’s Visor, Jodie’s unique visor. But I prefer Right back at Ya! Because it works well with Jodie’s Taunt. Plus, Melody and Jodie keep the party going more or less alive.

Other than that, equipment is locked to a specific character or quite obvious to whom they should be equipped.


Let’s now see what the guide is all about. You will see the tomes listed in the order they appear on my menu. Be aware of minor spoilers.

  • Magical Girl: Melody’s healing-focused spellbook works for the entirety of the game. Although the game encourages you to swap out and experiment, Melody and this book aren’t broken, so there’s not much to fix. The lovely Aura increases her star power by 10% for every ally she heals, which is also very neat.
  • Wavemaker: Adds element. Claire’s Fire and Ice elements are sufficient. Conversely, water can be used to synergize with (, which is late-game Allison). I do this to Claire when I don’t know how to help her.
  • Alchemist: This is a great way to make another dedicated healer from the three of them, but it loses its usefulness very quickly. You’re likely to be able to heal once you have enough money for supplies. Skip it.
  • Inner Beast: A great physical spell book for Allison when she’s starving for spells in the early game. Melody’s Gust spell is a great companion for cheap spells with easy effects and burns.
  • Spellblade: great early-game spellbook for anyone. This is especially important for boss battles, where you will likely spend your first turn spreading buffs. This is Claire’s buff.
  • Chronomancer: One of my favorite spell books and one that I kept on Allison for most of the early-to-mid games. This was unequipped once I had Allison’s ability to dual-wield using the accessory mentioned above. However, it still has one of the best buffs Allison can get in game. The main player is Speed-Up, but it’s hard to ignore the regeneration of Time Heals Some Wounds.
  • Machinist: Although I struggle to place this time, very specific skills are most useful when you first receive it. After placing this tome on Jodie, it had a shelf life of (, which is more like a bookshelf. After my first trip to the floating island). There are better books than there are, but there are also worse books.
  • Glitchcraft: Too random for reliability, and you’ll need effects in this game, especially with optional bosses.
  • Moneybags I tried to use this book but couldn’t find a good time. It was just a little bit more useful than other books.
  • Geomancer: Read Wavemaker if you haven’t already. Done? Done?
  • Bard: Another great tome! Although its heals aren’t as powerful as Magical Girl’s, they can provide secondary healing and debuffs. I put it on Jodie and never took the thing off.
  • Reaper: Enemies can do enough damage without causing you to lose more HP. It was a mistake.


TL;DR – Which Tomes Are the Best? ?

Melody: Magical Girl, if you want to heal faster; Wavemaker, if you want to have a secondary spell attack.

Allison: Chronomancer in the early to mid-game, then no (required for more SWORDs)

Claire: Spellbook early in the game, Wavemaker, once you get it to add another element.

Jodie: Are you a Bard or a Chronomancer? It could be either.

Sample Strategy

You’ve got a difficult battle to plan for. This guide will help you get through most fights.

Turn 1: Melody kisses Allison and Allison self-buffs. Claire buffs Allison. Jodie taunts Allison.

Turn 2 through Whenever the Buffs Run Out: Melody heals, Allison attacks; Claire casts an offense spell, and Jodie backs up attacks or heals.

When the Buffs Run Out, go back to the Turn 1 strategy.

You could also make the game more difficult by doing another thing. You could run a challenge where Melody is an offensive spell caster, Claire heals and Jodie does your major attacks. Allison buffs. This game opens up a lot of possibilities for how you build your characters. However, I find this the best way to play.

This is to say that these are only the opinions of one woman. Play however you like, follow your bliss, etcetera. Me? This is how I learned the game.


Written by GenoAmi

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Super Le*bian Animal RPG – Spellbook and Character Build Optimization, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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