Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Official walkthrough Act 1-V

Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Official walkthrough Act 1-V 1 -
Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Official walkthrough Act 1-V 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, Welcome to Super Le*bian Animal RPG – Official walkthrough Act 1-V This guide contains gameplay, information, basic builds, solutions guidelines and a lot more.

An Official walkthrough from the game’s creator, providing coverage of the entire main story with as few story spoilers as possible. Instructions for finding key items, puzzle guides, and boss strategy tips.

This walkthrough will focus solely on the main story path. It won’t reveal every secret or side quest – rather it should serve as something to refer back to when you find yourself stuck – not an exhaustive tour of all aspects of the game. There will also be helpful hints regarding bosses but not common enemies! We hope you find this guide beneficial!


After watching the opening scenes, follow Allison north towards an X shape on the ground as directed. From there, proceed right and inspect a lone tree standing in a clearing. Finally, head south with Allison as instructed – although an unexpected monster may attack, this battle has already been scripted with its outcome decided upon beforehand.

Once the scene is completed, you will be transported to an unfamiliar new area. Follow the path and you’ll eventually come upon three doors where you can choose Melody’s paladin specialization. Interacting with each will reveal dialogue describing all three options; pick the one you like best; it won’t affect how or if the story unfolds; any changes can always be made later in the narrative.

Act I – Sapphire Coast, Greenridge

Melody’s House / Sapphire Coast

After Melody gears up, head downstairs and out her front door. Head south from her yard to enter the first proper area of the game: the Sapphire Coast. You’ll immediately be greeted with your first real battle and a save point. Melody can heal herself with First Aid, of course, but should you need to you can also return to her house and rest in her bed to fully restore her HP and MP.

Continue heading east along the coast. You can retreat from most non-boss battles by pressing the “cancel” key at the start of a turn and selecting “Flee.” You’re also free to use the “Difficulty Selector” item in your inventory’s “Key Items” tab to change the difficulty at any time. Eventually, you’ll find a path heading north into Greenridge.

Greenridge / Hiking Trail

Welcome to the game’s main town! The first NPC you’ll see will be a wolf named Rafael, who sells some good items for the early game if you’ve got the gold. Continue north and up the stairs to find Jodie for a mandatory conversation.

After speaking to Jodie, continue heading north into Diamond Square, Greenridge’s main hub. You’re free to roam around, enter the buildings, and speak to all the NPCs, but this is all optional. I would primarily recommend speaking to Faith, the unicorn painter to the north of the main square. If you enter the Guardian’s Tower at the north end of town, then head to the room to the left, you can also speak to Holly, who will give Melody a Secondhand Staff for free.

To progress the story you’ll need to find Allison. Head west from Diamond Square, past Higgledy Piggledy’s and into the Construction Site. From here, head north to find the Hiking Trail. There are several optional things to find here, but to get to Allison, continue heading north through the three sections of the trail until you eventually reach the end. There you’ll find Allison, as well as your first miniboss.

MINIBOSS: Hole Hound
The Hole Hound is a simple fight allowing you to get used to Melody and Allison’s synergies in battle – mainly, you can have them kiss to buff each other’s stats. Kissing Melody or using a normal attack will build Allison’s Star Power, which can be spent on more powerful attacks. Allison will only have her four directional attacks this early in the game – Low Kick, High Kick, Left Jab, and Right Jab. All of these deal the same damage, but most enemies are weak to at least one of them. You can often determine an enemy’s weak point by observing their art – when in doubt, try aiming for the face.

The Hole Hound itself only has one move of any note: midway through the battle, it will retreat into its hole, then pop out to attack Melody and Allison on the following turn. While hiding in the hole, it will be immune to all attacks except for Allison’s Low Kick. If you’re low on health, guarding when it’s about to pop back out may be a good idea. But that’s really about it. The Hole Hound should go down in only a handful of turns, but in this instance, the story will continue even if you’re defeated.

After finishing up with Allison, you can return south down the Hiking Trail. Eventually, you’ll run into a fishing polar bear named Paula. It’s not mandatory to speak to her, but it’s recommended. From there, head back into town. You’ll be greeted by Beverly, who invites you to eat at Higgledy Piggledy’s for another mandatory story scene. After this, you’re free to explore the town more with Allison. Most NPCs will have new conversations now that she’s at the party.

To continue, you’ll need to head for the game’s first dungeon through the newly opened entrance to Allison’s Basement. (Allison’s house is the one with the blue roof on the right side of Diamond Square, just south of the magic shop and the Fortune Teller.)

Act I – Basement Dungeon

The Basement Dungeon

After a conversation with Claire in which she joins the party, it’s time for the game’s first dungeon: the Basement Dungeon!

While there’s more to find for those who look for it, the required path for this dungeon is straightforward. From the entrance of the dungeon, head north through the first hallway, fighting the one enemy that blocks your path along the way. At the end of the hall, take a left to find a side room with a monster guarding a treasure chest containing a key. After retrieving the key, cross back through the first hallway and go through the exit at the top right. In here you’ll find a save point and a door labeled with “NEED TWO KEYS.” You’ll… well, you’ll need two keys to open it. (You can inspect it for some optional dialogue). From here, head right for two more screens and you’ll find another chest containing the second key.

Again, while there’s more to find, that’s all necessary for the main story! With two keys in hand, you can now head left to return to the locked “NEED TWO KEYS” door. Behind this door is a boss fight, so it’s advised you save beforehand.

BOSS: Big Dust Bunny
The Big Dust Bunny will start out in its initial boxed form, in which it can only use a standard attack. Once it drops below 80% health, it will reveal its proper form. It will now occasionally spend its turn charging up for a special move. After charging up, it will go for an all-out barrage on the entire party on the next turn. Anyone low on health should guard before this attack is unleashed. If Claire has reached level 3 by this point and she has the Star Power to spare, this is also the perfect time for her to use Blink to avoid taking damage. Otherwise, the Big Dust Bunny’s primary form is weak to Claire’s Scorch spell and Allison’s Low Kick, so focus on using those to take it out.

Upon defeating the boss you’ll get another scene where Allison is rewarded with her signature Zircon Sabre. After this, inspect the impenetrable wall that’s appeared to block off the exit to the boss room, then find an equally mysterious alternate exit at the room’s north end. Following a short scene, continue onward into the cave. After completing the story scenes here, you can exit via the left end of the cave and find a glitched out simulacrum of Claire’s dungeon. If necessary, you can inspect the conveniently placed couch to rest and fully heal the party before continuing into the unknown.

The Anomaly

Welcome to the real meat of the first dungeon. Head to the left through this first glitched out hallway, then through the doorway at the end to find the central hub room (the room with the yellow floor) of this new area. Your goal here is to find four “Weird Keys” to unlock access to the core.

The locations of the keys are as follows:

  1. From the bottom left corner of the hub, head left into a glitched cave with dark floors and bright, multicolored glitch tile walls. The chest is in the bottom left corner of the room, guarded by a monster standing between two crystals.
  2. From where the first key is located, head a few steps north to find a path exiting the left side of the room. You’ll find a smaller room with another monster guarding a key. (Afterwards, it’s advised that you exit out of the top right corner of the room where you found the first key to end up on the top left corner of the hub, where you can open up a shortcut for later.)
  3. From the bottom right corner of the hub, head right to find a small cave area with a glitchy space pattern around the edges. Inspect the conspicuous black crystal with a white outline that stands out from the other crystals in the room. This will unlock a secret door which leads to another key.
  4. Finally, from the top right corner of the hub, head to the right through a bright blue room until you find a computer terminal. This terminal will contain instructions for a new spell for Melody: Purify. This will allow Melody to cure the “Corrupted” status effect you may have encountered, and it will also allow you to get rid of the blinking blocks labeled “STOP.” Head for the room north of the hub to find a wall of “STOP” blocks. Inspect them to use Purify, and retrieve the final key from the chest.

Inspect the four black and white pedestals around the hub to place a key in each one, unlocking the path to the last boss of Act I. Again; you’re free to return to the couch from earlier to rest and heal the party if need be. Proceed into the core and down the stairs when you’re ready. At the end of a long hallway, you’ll encounter the boss.

BOSS: Core Guardian
The Core Guardian is the strongest and most versatile foe you’ve faced so far, with three different forms it swaps between. Its base form can attack one target, hit the whole party with a sweeping laser attack, and use Corruption Beam to corrupt one party member. Its Sword Form can do all of this, but it also exchanges some of its defense points for higher attack and the ability to act twice per turn, making it very aggressive. Lastly, its Shield Form forces it to defend itself.

The Core Guardian is weak to ice attacks, so hopefully you’ve gotten Claire to level 4 and unlocked Frost. Otherwise, its base and Sword forms are weak to Allison’s High Kick, while her Low Kick can hit the little bit at the bottom that’s not protected in its Shield Form. If Allison or Claire get corrupted, have Melody use Purify ASAP. And if necessary, be sure to use the downtime of the Shield Form as a chance to heal.


Post-Basement Dungeon

After the boss is defeated, some important story scenes will play. Afterwards, you’ll find yourself in a normal cave. Head east and then north to find the exit, and another story scene will play. Finally, after a fade to black and a brief time jump, you’ll control Allison at night. Head to the bottom right corner of Greenridge to find Melody sitting on the dock. Talk to her for the final scene of Act I.

Act II – Intro, Amber Woods

Greenridge (Act II)

The next morning, Claire will ask you to visit her at the library in the southern section of Greenridge. You should head straight there – there isn’t much else you can do now. Head upstairs in the library and through the door at the top right, then speak to Claire.

After this scene, head back to the entrance of the library to get a scene from Mona in which you receive the Bestiary. From then on, there’ll be a 50% chance that most enemies will drop a Bestiary Entry upon defeat, and bosses will be guaranteed to give you one. The enemies encountered in Act I have automatically been filled out for you, so you can view those from your Quest Log if you’d like. Since filling out the Bestiary is completely optional with no special rewards (and there’s already another guide for it), I won’t be mentioning it again in this guide.

Head for the Guardian’s Tower at the north end of town to talk to Faith and ask her about Jodie’s whereabouts. After finishing the scene with Faith, Claire will suggest you drop by Higgledy Piggledy’s to speak to Beverly. Do that.

You’re now free to leave town, but it’s strongly advised that you visit the now-open shops to buy some new gear first. In particular, Leone Magic will sell you your first Spellbooks, each of which can be equipped to any party member to teach them a new set of abilities. You’re also able to inspect the notice board next to Higgledy Piggledy’s to accept two straightforward side quests for the area you’re about to explore. (The rewards will be more useful to you now, but you’ll also be able to complete them later if you’d rather save them.)

Once you’re ready, leave town by heading right from Diamond Square, past the magic shop and the fortune teller.

The Amber Woods

If you head straight north in this first area, you’ll find that the path is currently blocked off with a large block of ice. To the right of this area is your first Monster Den, an optional room with random encounters for the sake of grinding. (You probably don’t need to go there.) To the left is a lake.

Cross the bridges to reach the southern side of this lake, then head left to the next area. Continue heading left along the river until you find more bridges allowing you to cross it. In the top left corner of this area is a chest containing the Inner Beast Spellbook, if you still need one of those. Head back to the right to return to the area with the lake, sticking to the water’s north side. Head north along the stone path to find the Soleil Shrine, and interact with it for a story scene. Afterwards, return to the lake again to find that a new NPC (Bill) has appeared. Speak to Bill to get the Sun Souvenir, which will allow you to melt those blocks of ice in your way (and also cure party members of being frozen).

Return to the first area of the Amber Woods where the ice was blocking your path and melt it. After speaking to Beth the Beast and Mary Ena, you can continue to the central picnic area of the park. Up the steps you’ll find an orc named Taylor, who will give you a map of the Amber Woods. Heading north from the picnic area will lead you to some currently optional areas. The path to continue the story is in the bottom right corner of the picnic area, to the south of the ranger lookout tower and to the right of where you first entered. Continue into the mountains, generally heading north and east.

Along the way you’ll find your first entrance to the Astral Plane, the game’s fast travel hub. Entering right now will only give you a shortcut between this door in the mountains and one in Greenridge. You can use this if you need to return to town. If you don’t, continue heading through the mountains to reach the boss of the Amber Woods.

BOSS: Trash King
The Trash King’s main gimmick is his use of two bags of trash to heal himself every turn. Take these out first – they only have 400 health each. They’ll also respawn at the end of turn #5, and then every three turns after that. The trash bags are weak to ice, but they’re even more weak to fire, so prioritize fire damage. The Trash King himself isn’t weak to either, but is susceptible to Allison’s Left and Right Jabs as well as wind damage from Melody’s Gust. He doesn’t have any particularly special moves of his own, just single- and multi-target attacks, so the fight should be manageable so long as you keep him from healing.

With the boss defeated, continue north to find the furthest edge of the mountains. At the end you’ll find a teleporter leading to the next zone. If you have any business left in the previous areas of the game, now is probably the most convenient time to take care of it – after defeating the boss of the next area, you’ll be unable to return to Greenridge or the Amber Woods for a while.

Act II – Celestial Wasteland

The Celestial Wasteland

Upon arrival in the desert, head south, then head west past the large industrial door you currently can’t open to get to the next screen. Currently, most of the paths that don’t lead to the next major story event are blocked off. Head south through this area with the blocky ruins, past the big cube and the skull-shaped structure that contains a Monster Den. Exit this area to the south.

Continue south across the catwalks in this area that seem to make up some kind of aerial port, then exit to the next screen at the bottom right. In this winding central canyon area of the desert you’ll meet a bat named Jack – if you talk to him, he can give you a few healing items. Behind him is a large, sealed gate emblazoned with “KEEP OUT” – this will be important later.

Continue to the right through this canyon, and when the path splits at the end, head down. (If you don’t already have one, don’t miss that treasure chest containing a Magical Girl Spellbook near the fork in the road.) Continue south across more catwalks, this time hitting the colored switches to create a path forward. Finally, on this southernmost end of the desert, you’ll find the next boss.

BOSS: Abominable Automaton
The Abominable Automaton can be a tough one, mostly because it hits like a truck. It’s primarily weak to ice and Allison’s High Kick, and resistant to fire and electricity. (It’s also weak to water damage, should you somehow have access to that at this point.) Every few turns it’ll summon a boulder with 200 HP, which you need to take out ASAP – if you don’t, the boss will throw it at someone for massive damage on the next turn. More than anything, make sure everyone stays healed up throughout the fight – the Magical Girl Spellbook can work wonders here with its group heal.

Following the boss fight (and some story developments), Jodie will join the party at long last! Head to the left from this area and you’ll find a shortcut back to the “KEEP OUT” gate blocked with spikes, which can now be crossed over with Jodie’s help. Head north until you reach the gate, at which point you’ll be welcomed into the game’s second town.


After the introductory scene finishes, you’ll find yourself near some vendors. They sell new gear that’s probably better than what you currently have equipped, as well as a map of the Celestial Wasteland. The “spells” vendor also sells several useful new Spellbooks, so consider changing up your equipment. One more Spellbook can be acquired for free if you talk to Ipsy in the small purple garage all the way on the right side of Mumford’s main street.

To continue the story, enter the inn in the middle of town and view the story scenes there. The next morning, Nef will tell you to head for the second dungeon, all the way in the top left corner of the desert. Now that all of the bridges out of Mumford are open, you can backtrack there quickly via either the north or northwest exits.

Act II – Neon Labyrinth

The Neon Labyrinth

Upon entering the dungeon, you’ll quickly see that a set of I.D. Badges are required to complete it. Don’t worry about that for now – you’ll find them towards the end of the dungeon.

As a visual aid, here’s how I’ll be referring to the rooms you’ll be revisiting most:

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Official walkthrough Act 1-V - Act II - Neon Labyrinth - 304781B

Head up the stairs in the hub room and to the right. You’ll find yourself in a room with some sand, several pillars, and a staircase leading up to a switch that currently does nothing. For simplicity, we’ll call this the “Right Sand Room,” because it’s the room with sand to the right of the hub. Exit through the right side of the Right Sand Room to enter a small hallway with more pillars. The chest in here contains a key. Take the key back into the Right Sand Room and use it to unlock the door at the north end.

For now the path will become linear, passing through a dark room with catwalks and a glitched out pink desert area before eventually ending up in the Left Sand Room. (Be sure to note the locked door in the middle of the dark room with the catwalks, as you’ll need to return there later.) In the Left Sand Room, all you can do is head down the stairs and through an exit on the south end of the room, which leads you into a simple maze. At the end of the maze is a computer terminal which will activate the Sand Switches throughout the rest of the dungeon.

You can now use the Sand Switches to raise and lower the sand levels in individual rooms, granting access to things you previously couldn’t reach. For now, raising the sand level to “middle” in the Left Sand Room will allow you to walk across the sand and return to the hub room where you found the I.D. Badge scanner.

In order to progress, you’ll need to use the Sand Switches to find at least one of two keys:

  1. One key is located near the entrance to the dungeon. From the Right Sand Room, head down. In this room with a blob of glitch tiles in its center, head left, leading you to a ledge you couldn’t previously access in the dungeon’s entrance hallway. Use the switch on the ledge to raise the sand level, allowing you to cross over to the opposite ledge and enter a side room containing a key.
  2. Another is located in the Left Sand Room, but you’ll need to get there via an alternate path. In the Right Sand Room, walk up the steps and set the sand level to “top” so that you can walk over to the ledge in the top left corner of this room. Next, continue through the previously inaccessible top level of the hub into the Left Sand Room. Use the switch at the top of the room to raise the sand level to “top,” and walk over to the chest in the top left corner to retrieve your key.

Once you have a key, the required path forward is behind that locked door in the dark room with the catwalks that you passed through a while ago. If you don’t remember where that is, return to the catwalks by heading north from the Right Sand Room. (The locked door in the Left Sand Room, meanwhile, leads to some treasure.)

The rest of the dungeon is relatively linear, with only a few diversions off to the side. In the 8-Bit Room you may need to find another key. If you don’t have one on you, the left side exit of that room will lead you to one. Continue down the path behind the locked door in the 8-Bit Room and you’ll eventually find a miniboss guarding the I.D. Badges. After finally retrieving the Badges, you can now return to the hub at the start of the dungeon to unlock the door. The teleporter in the break room will allow you to return to the start of the dungeon faster.

Now that you have the I.D. Badges, unlock the door by inspecting it. Continue down this new hallway for a series of major story scenes, followed by the boss of the dungeon.

BOSS: Gumball Goliath
The Gumball Goliath is the most chaotic boss battle you’ve faced so far. On its own, it can only attack, but at the end of each turn it will summon a minion. In order, these are: the Spicy Gumball Guy on turn #1, which inflicts burns; the Sour Gumball Guy on turn #2, which casts Jolt; the Chilly Gumball Guy on turn #3, which uses Frostbite to try and freeze you; and the Poison Gumball Guy on turn #4, which will… well, poison you. This summoning cycle repeats every four turns – so, for instance, if you reach turn #5 and you’ve defeated the Spicy Gumball Guy, a new one will be summoned. Because of this, there are basically two strategies to try.

The slower, safer option: try to stay on top of the Gumball Guys at all times, taking them out ASAP so they don’t overwhelm you with their status ailments. Group magic attacks will work well here – particularly Multi-Bubble from the Wavemaker spellbook, as the Gumball Guys and the Gumball Goliath are all weak to water damage. The Gumball Guys are also weak to fire damage and Allison’s Low Kick.

The riskier option: focus solely on damaging the boss itself, as the fight will end when it’s defeated, and ignore the Gumball Guys. The Gumball Goliath is weak to water and ice damage as well as Allison’s High Kick, so use these. Bolstering your defenses will also help here – by now, Jodie should ideally have her Barrier spell, which is great for reducing the damage Allison and Claire take. Beyond that, the Machinist Spellbook received from Ipsy in Mumford will allow you to use Scrap Armor, temporarily offering a flat damage reduction rate in exchange for some of the Scrap Metal you’ve collected. It may also be wise to use Resilient Aura from the Magical Girl Spellbook to try and prevent the party from receiving status ailments. Charms purchasable in Mumford can help here, too – particularly the Super Warm Scarf, which prevents the wearer from being frozen, and the Brace Yourself Bracelet, which is generally good for keeping Claire alive.

With the boss out of the way, there’s one last scene, and then the dungeon is complete. Talk to Nef when you’re ready to leave.

The Celestial Wasteland (post-Neon Labyrinth)

It’s time to head home! Return to the teleporter where you first arrived in the desert. (From the entrance to the Neon Labyrinth, head south to the next screen, then east, and then north.) A brief scene will play here. Next, go find Ipsy back in the garage in Mumford and talk to her. She’ll tell you to head for the Teleporter Control Chamber, which is behind the large sealed door to the north of Mumford.

Around this point in the game, it’s possible that you’ve found a Ruby Eye and tried to use it somewhere in the Wasteland. Don’t worry about this right now – the Ruby Eye can’t be used until Act IV, when a major side quest in the desert becomes available.

Control Chamber

Inside the chamber, speak to Ipsy in the first room, then head inside. The party will split up, leaving you only controlling Melody. Continue through the winding hallways.

Before long, you’ll reach a room that seems to repeat itself infinitely. Continue heading in any direction through here to progress the story – Melody will say something every few times you pass through a door. An important scene will eventually play.

After the scene, the warp pad at the entrance of the Control Chamber will be active, allowing you to finally leave the Celestial Wasteland (for now). With that, Act II is complete.

Act III – Return to Greenridge

Sapphire Coast

After taking the warp pad, you’ll find yourself on the beach. The path here is pretty linear and should be self-explanatory. Along the way, you’ll find a small shop offering some new gear and an area map, a Monster Den, and a lighthouse with an Astral Plane door. Currently, this only serves as a shortcut back to Mumford, should you need it.

Jodie will give you a heads up when you’re just south of Greenridge. Head towards town and you’ll get another story scene.


After the introductory scene finishes, head north. Your goal now is to rescue townsfolk found in four locations across this corrupted version of town.

  1. Similar to the layout of the actual town, heading north and then west on this first large screen will lead you to the library, where you’ll find Mona.
  2. From the library, follow the yellow dirt path all the way to the right to a new screen. Follow the winding path here to reach the kids’ shop and rescue Sherry and Joy.
  3. Head back towards the library. To its right you’ll see a glitched house with a striped blue and magenta roof and a normal front door. Entering this house will lead to a corridor that will take you somewhere else. Exiting the corridor, Leone Magic will be directly to your south, in which you’ll find the Leone family.
  4. From Leone Magic, head to the north end of the island to find another house that will lead to a cross-shaped corridor. Exiting on the south end of this intersection will bring you to a chest containing the one-of-a-kind Glitchcraft Spellbook. (If you miss it here, there will be another place to find it in Act IV.) The north exit of the intersecting corridor will lead you to the glitched version of Diamond Square. Here, head to the right to find Beverly in Higgledy Piggledy’s.

With everyone rescued, the path to the Guardian’s Tower will now open up – simply head north from the fountain, like you would in the real town. A story scene will play.

Return to Diamond Square and enter Allison’s basement. Claire will guide you to the secret back area that you may or may not have found in Act I, where the story will continue.

Act III – Guardian’s Vault

The Guardian’s Vault

If you need to heal or stock up on items, take the teleporter at the entrance of the dungeon to visit the small evacuation camp where the townsfolk you just rescued are currently residing.

From the entry hallway of the Vault, head all the way to the north until you reach the glowing white wall of the tower, then take a left. In this large storage room full of crates you’ll find a chest with a key. Head back to the first hallway and cross over to the room on the right. Try to avoid the pressure plates on the floor if you can in here (or just defeat the Gold Armors if you don’t). Use the key on the pillar at the end of this trap-laden hallway to unlock the path from floor B1 (the Storage Floor) to floor B2 (the Library Floor).

In this first room of the Library Floor, take the exit to your south. Cross through the large library room, past another glowing tower wall, and take the stairs at the bottom left corner of the room to reach floor B3, the Jail Floor.

Entering the Jail Floor, head all the way to the top right corner of the first room to find the east wing of jail cells. The cell in the top right corner of this room contains a chest with a key. Return to the first room of the Jail Floor and unlock the cell door in the middle. This cell contains a chest with the map for the Guardian’s Vault. Exit the jail cell and head left along the waterway to find the west wing of jail cells. Here, head left and then down to find a series of small rooms with staircases leading back up to floor B1. Here you’ll find a shortcut back to the entrance of the dungeon if you need one, as well as a chest containing a Weird Key, which is necessary to unlock the single Javis-style door standing between you and the boss.

You’re free to head to the boss now, but before you do, it’s advised you explore the optional rooms of the dungeon that this guide skimmed past, as they contain a lot of valuable gear that’s much better than what you currently have. In particular, you’ll find a mechanism on the northern end of the Library Floor that requires a numerical password. Said password can be found in an open book on a table on the southern side of the Library Floor. Unlocking this path will lead you to a secret area of the Storage Floor with multiple pieces of unique gear.

When you’re ready for the boss, return to the Jail Floor. Take the southern exit of the Jail Floor room with the water to find the path to the boss.

BOSS: Paula
Paula has fewer gimmicks than previous end-of-act bosses, but she makes up for this with raw power. Paula can hit hard, and she also has a special ability called “Death’s Door” that’s guaranteed to leave its victim with only 1 HP and s*rip them of most buffs. On turn 3, Paula will also apply a Cursed Cast debuff to the entire party, which causes some backfire damage when casting magic attacks.

By this point in the game, Jodie should hopefully be at least level 15 and know Crack in the Armor. Try to always have this debuff up on Paula (and any future bosses) as often as possible to keep her defense lowered, and hit her with everything you’ve got. As a polar bear, Paula is resistant to ice damage but weak to fire, as well as Allison’s Right Jab.

After the battle, you’re ready for the end of Act III. Once you go through the door she was guarding, several long and significant story scenes will play in sequence.

Act IV – Intro, Polychrome Cavern

Greenridge (Act IV)

All areas you’ve previously visited (except for the glitch dungeons that no longer exist) are now once again accessible. You also have multiple new areas to visit! Before worrying about that, though, the shops here in Greenridge have new items in stock, and Beverly has a special side quest for Claire if you visit her at Higgledy Piggledy’s.

From here, you have two main objectives, both found via previously inaccessible paths out of the Amber Woods. One: find Faith’s mentor, Zinnia, in the mountains. Two: head for the Uncanny Valley, located north of the Amber Woods. You can do these in either order – and, in fact, there are advantages to visiting the Uncanny Valley first. The best gear vendors in the game are located there if you have the gold, as is a side quest that will unlock fast travel to the Astral Plane.

For the sake of this guide, we’ll be visiting Zinnia first. Use the Astral Plane to return to the mountains of the Amber Woods, where you passed by that sealed iron gate hours ago. The path to Zinnia is behind this gate. (If you never found it in Act II, the Astral Plane door in Greenridge is located upstairs in Leone Magic.)

Polychrome Cavern

The first two rooms of Polychrome Cavern should be relatively straightforward – just interact with the ropes to climb up to the next floor. On the third floor you’ll find yourself in the middle of a large room with paths going off in every direction. The path to progress the story can be found in the top right corner of this room, while the rest of the paths lead to treasure (and more monsters). After this, the final floor is a straight shot to the exit.

Exiting Polychrome Cavern, you’ll get a story scene and meet Zinnia. Follow her into her home to continue the story. After a series of dialogue scenes, she’ll tell you about a training opportunity in the area accessible via her back door.

Flurry Mountains Preparations

Once you start this segment, you won’t be able to leave until it’s done, so if you need to do some shopping first you should do so now.

Outside, Zinnia will split the party up, after a final warning to make sure your gear is in order. Remember: you can’t change the equipment of someone who’s currently out of the party. So, for instance, if Allison currently has a Spellbook you want while you’re controlling only Melody and Claire, you won’t be able to take that Spellbook from Allison. Before splitting up, you should probably at the very least make sure Allison and Jodie have some sort of healing option while the casters are out of the party, be it a Spellbook or merely a good stockpile of healing items. You’ll thank me later.

If you need to heal between battles in this section, remember that you can always return to Zinnia’s cave if necessary to rest.

Act IV – Flurry Mountains

Flurry Mountains – Melody and Claire

The goal here is to find all of the Dragon Berry bushes, the first of which is in the top right corner of this first room. You’ll get some dialogue every time you do so. The second bush is at the end of a winding path up the cliffside in the next room. Flip the nearby switch to unlock a shortcut back to the entrance of this room, as well as the path forward into the room to the left.

The next room will introduce you to the area’s ice puzzles, a thing I will not be apologizing for here. Head straight down across the first patch of ice. Cross the second, smaller patch horizontally, then walk around its edge so you can slide straight down towards the next room. From this point on, it’s easier to show the paths you should take across the ice in image form rather than trying to describe it in text, so I’ll be doing that.

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Official walkthrough Act 1-V - Act IV - Flurry Mountains - A548D66

Ignore the switch and chest in the middle of this room for now. There’s no way to reach them from here – you have to cross the ice by coming from the room to the left of here, which you haven’t been to yet.

After retrieving the Dragon Berries in the cliffside room to the south, you’ll reach Melody and Claire’s third and final ice puzzle room:

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Official walkthrough Act 1-V - Act IV - Flurry Mountains - F58ABB7

Once past this ice puzzle, take a left to find the next Dragon Berry bush, or take a right to reach that treasure chest you couldn’t reach before. Cross the ice patch to the north and avoid the enemy (or don’t) to reach the final room of Melody and Claire’s segment. This one’s simpler – a Dragon Berry bush is on the cliff above you, and the path to Melody and Claire’s final scene together is in the top right corner. Once you’ve gotten all of the Dragon Berries and seen this scene, the perspective will shift to Allison and Jodie.

Flurry Mountains – Allison and Jodie

Allison and Jodie’s first Dragon Berry bush is at the end of this first room. Afterwards, you’ll find yourself in a hub room with a large ice patch. Note the two arrows on the cliffsides north of the ice patch – these point to two switches you’ll eventually have to flip, although you can’t reach them from here. For now, navigate to the left side of the ice patch by following this route.

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Official walkthrough Act 1-V - Act IV - Flurry Mountains - 641D2AC

This next room will introduce a new mechanic to the ice puzzles: Switch Runes. Sliding over these will raise blocks up and down, similar to pulling a lever. On the first small patch of ice, slide over the Switch Rune to activate the block, then go up. On the larger patch, follow this route, using the Switch Runes to manipulate the blocks in your favor:

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Official walkthrough Act 1-V - Act IV - Flurry Mountains - 184ED15

(If you’re playing on an older version of the game where this room looks different, the required path is essentially the same, just with more obstacles present on the ice.)

Before returning the way you came, be sure to follow the fenced path atop the cliff near the entrance to this room to reach a previously inaccessible switch in the hub room. This will be necessary for later. Next, return to the lower level of the hub room and slide all the way across the ice horizontally from left to right. Proceed up the cliff to your right. On the new screen, grab the Dragon Berry bush to your south after fighting the monster blocking your path. Head north, noting the location of this pillar with a keyhole on it, and then take a left. Continuing down this path, you’ll reach another cliff in the hub room with a switch. Pressing it will finish arranging the nearby blocks in a way that will allow you to take the central path between the two cliffs, like so:

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Official walkthrough Act 1-V - Act IV - Flurry Mountains - 6726139

Down this path you’ll find a room with two treasure chests, your next Dragon Berry bush, and an optional shortcut for later. The chest to the right contains a key, which you now need to take to that pillar you passed by in the area to the east. Inserting your key into this pillar will open up the path heading north.

In this long horizontal room you’ll find the final proper ice puzzles, which introduce both Rotator Runes that will rotate the way you’re heading as well as balloon plants that will bounce you back the way you came. This first puzzle is deceptively simple. Aim towards the pink Rotator Rune in the middle of the ice and it’ll send you on an automated path that does most of the work for you. When you stop moving automatically, just slide down and to the left.

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Official walkthrough Act 1-V - Act IV - Flurry Mountains - C868DFC

After either fighting or avoiding the monster doing laps around this next patch of ice, you’ll reach the final ice puzzle combining the mechanics from the previous puzzles. First, aim for the yellow Rotator Rune at the bottom, which will in turn send you towards a Switch Rune before a balloon plant bounces you back into the block you just raised. From there, slide left onto the pink Rotator Rune, which will send you down a path until you hit the other Switch Rune and raise the other block. Slide up towards that block and left to the exit. And that’s it!

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Official walkthrough Act 1-V - Act IV - Flurry Mountains - 5E3B55A

In the ruins to the left is another Dragon Berry bush, as well as a chest with one last key. South from here is a path to the shortcut you couldn’t access earlier, should you want to return to Zinnia’s cave to rest and heal. Slide back across the ice to return to the middle ice patch of this room, bumping into the bushes in the middle to redirect towards the keyhole pillar to the north. Unlock this to find the path to the final Dragon Berry bush, on the other side of a complicated-looking ice patch that really just requires you to slide straight up the middle.

After retrieving the last of the berries, a longer story scene will play. After this, make sure you’re healed up.

BOSS: Paula (rematch)
Paula returns for a rematch with new magical abilities. She retains her normal attack, spinning slash, and Death’s Door, but she now also has Hellfire, a fire spell that attacks the whole party and can leave them burned. The real main threat here, though, is simply the fact that you need to fight her without your casters.

As warned ahead of time, it’s vitally important that Allison and Jodie have some sort of healing option here, whether that’s a Spellbook or merely a good stock of healing items. (If necessary, that conspicuously placed vending machine you passed by a little while ago will help you stock up.) Keeping both of them alive is absolutely your #1 priority here. Beyond that, keep hitting Paula with Jodie’s Crack in the Armor to lower her defense, then hit her with the strongest attacks you have at your disposal. Paula retains her weaknesses to fire and arcane damage, but her directional weakness has changed to Left Jab due to her altered stance.

Luckily for you, the fight will automatically end when Paula’s health dips below 50%.

After this ordeal, a string of important story scenes will play.

Act IV – Uncanny Valley

Post-Flurry Mountains

When the story scenes have finished, Zinnia will give the party the Dragon Key, which will unlock the magenta and gold Dragon Key doors that you’ve seen throughout the game. Behind each of these is some valuable one-of-a-kind gear, so it’s worth backtracking to find them. Hint: If you look closely, they’re marked on your area maps. If you need more direct direction: one is on the Sapphire Coast between Greenridge and Melody’s house, another is in Polychrome Cavern, and one is in the corner of the secret treasure room in the back of the Guardian’s Vault B1. (You can still return there via the elevator in the Guardian’s Tower.)

As Zinnia instructs you, the main Dragon Key door you’re interested in will be in a part of the Amber Woods you may or may not have already explored. From the picnic area with the lookout tower, head north to the smaller area with the maze of flowers, then west for two screens. (Again, the exact location is marked on the Amber Woods area map you can get from Taylor.) Opening the Dragon Key Door there will lead you to the instructions for the final traversal spell: Bloom. This will allow Melody to make the Bridge Flowers seen across the game bloom, allowing you to cross over them. This will be necessary to reach the final dungeon, as well as a few other things. Hint: Like the Dragon Key doors, the lines of Bridge Flowers are marked on the area maps if you look closely.

At this point, quite a few side quests are available to do, including some challenging bosses and a whole optional dungeon. Hint: Zinnia will tell you where to find some of the big ones if you ask her for advice, and the Fortune Teller in Greenridge will also help you find the ones you have yet to complete. Most of the best items in the game are locked behind these side quests, and they also offer quite a bit of additional story content. However, as this is just a walkthrough for the main story, I’ll be skipping over those here. (Also available at this point: if you would like to change Melody’s paladin specialization, you can now talk to Zinnia to do so.)

To continue the story, your goal now is to explore the next area.

The Uncanny Valley

There are two entrances into the Uncanny Valley. One is located in the northwest corner of the Amber Woods, while the other is located in the mountains near Zinnia’s gate (and the Amber Woods Astral Plane door), where that boulder was previously blocking a path in Act II.

In order to progress, you’ll need to find an Ancient Key. When entering the zone from the woods, you’ll need to go all the way to the southeast corner of the Uncanny Valley to find it. However, if you enter the zone from the path out of the mountains, you’ll find it immediately to your right. Take this key to the northern end of the Valley and insert it into the pedestal by the river. This activates the bridge into Noel’s Sanctuary.

As promised earlier, Noel’s Sanctuary has quite a few useful things to pick up, including a lot of the best endgame gear via a mix of vendors and side quests. Again, this guide will be skipping the side quests, but it’s advised you talk to everyone if you’re interested in those. At the very least, talking to the magician Fawna on the island in the center of the lake twice will begin the side quest that will unlock fast travel to the Astral Plane without needing to find a door.

To progress, exit the Sanctuary via the bottom right corner, just south of the tavern. Along the river you’ll see a monster staring down a treasure chest. Defeating it will unlock a shortcut along the river so that you don’t have to cross through the Sanctuary every time you want to get over here. Moving to the right along the top side of the river, you’ll reach a new area with some Bridge Flowers. Assuming Melody learned Bloom in the Amber Woods (as instructed in the previous section of the walkthrough), you’ll be able to make a path across the river. Do so again to the south so that you can cross the river to the right, then head north and unlock another Dragon Key door to find the path to the final dungeon. Along the way, you’ll find a boss.

BOSS: Heavy Jelly
The Heavy Jelly tests your ability to use the party’s high level Star Power attacks before you’re allowed to enter the final dungeon – as she says, those are the only things that can damage her. As such, the goal is simple: do whatever you need to do to build up Star Power for everyone, and heal as necessary. While normal attacks may not damage the Heavy Jelly, they’ll still build Star Power for Allison and Claire.

The moves that will damage the Heavy Jelly include: Melody’s Gust and Resolute Crash (Resolute Paladin only); Allison’s Divebomb and Blast Beat; Claire’s Magic Missile, Inferno, and Avalanche; and Jodie’s Crack in the Armor and Righteous Blow. Spellbook abilities won’t work. Many of these abilities are the party’s strongest moves, learned between levels 20 and 22 – if you don’t have these moves, it’s recommended you return here when you do. The final bosses will be much harder without them.

With the Heavy Jelly defeated, the path to the final dungeon opens.

Act V – Final Dungeon

While the final act of the story has begun, you’re not quite up to the point of no return yet – you’ll be explicitly warned before this happens. If you need to take care of other business during the dungeon, you’re free to leave and come back later. SLARPG does not have a postgame, so if you want to do the side quests on this playthrough then you have to do them before the final boss.

Mt. Sappho

Inside the mines of Mt. Sappho, walk to the end of the first room and climb up the rope to floor 2F. Walk left and you’ll see some minecarts. Push the one on the left from the bottom and it will roll along its little track, moving out of your path. Proceed this way and through the hallway where monsters are racing around in minecarts. You’ll find yourself in a larger room with lava and a small minecart puzzle. Push the empty carts out of the way so that the cart to the left that’s filled with coal can be pushed all the way down the track to the right. At the end, push it one last time to make it fall into the lava, forming a bridge. In the next room with lava and glitch tiles everywhere, follow the minecart tracks to the left to find your first key. Reaching the bottom of this room will bring you back to the first room of floor 2F.

Back in the first room of floor 2F, head down and to the left to find another path blocked by a minecart that needs to be pushed. This way leads outside, where you’ll find a set of spikes that Jodie can cover up, just like back in the desert. On the other side of this spike pit is your second key. Take this back to the locked door you passed by near the entrance of the dungeon on floor 1F and you’ll find a path up to floor 3F.

Mt. Sappho – Divided party

Shortly upon entering the section of the dungeon that’s been transformed into Verena’s new palace, you’ll be greeted by Javis, who will split the party up. For now, you’ll be controlling Allison on her own, and you’ll be unable to leave the dungeon until the party is reunited. After the story scene concludes, follow the linear path and fight the monsters along the way to eventually find Melody and get another story scene.

You’ll soon find a section of the palace with a new mechanic: rotating paths that can be spun around by interacting with the floating yellow crystals nearby. If you’ve rotated a path that’s now locked in its proper place forever, the crystal will turn black afterwards. Use the crystals in this room to create paths forward and reach the top left corner of the room, which will bring you back to the spot in the center of the dungeon where Javis split you up. Continue to your left.

(If necessary, you can now return to the entrance and attempt to leave Mt. Sappho to be given the option to rest and heal. Again, you won’t be able to actually leave and return to other areas until the party is reunited.)

In the area to the left of the spot where Javis split up the party, you’ll find a new room with more rotatable paths. Head for the top left corner of this room, where you’ll find a jail cell containing Jodie. With Jodie back in the party, rotate the paths so that you can reach the platform to the right of the staircase up to Jodie’s cell. Have Jodie cover up the spikes here to reach a chest with a key. Now head for the bottom left corner of this room to exit and head outside. Going left and up from the doorway, you’ll find a locked door. Behind it is Claire, making the party complete once again, as well as the Mega Key.

Mt. Sappho – Final Ascent

Return to the spot where Javis split the party up in the center of the dungeon to find the large door that the Mega Key unlocks. Head up the stairs to reach a white room with low visibility. Your goal here is to follow the winding path up and rotate the segments of the center pathway so that it creates a straight path up to the top of the room. Once you’ve straightened the last section of the path, the fog will clear and you’ll be able to see the whole room clearly. Head all the way up the center path to reach the last challenge of the dungeon.

The final things standing between you and Javis are one last locked door and a small boss rush. The grey teleporter next to the pedestal that already has a key in it will lead you to Mt. Sappho’s Monster Den, but the three blue teleporters will lead you to three different challenges based on Acts I, II, and III. The top left teleporter leads you to a fight against a Big Dust Bunny EX. The bottom right teleporter leads you to a rematch with the Gumball Goliath. The bottom left teleporter leads you to a trap hallway like the ones seen in the Guardian’s Vault. None of these fights should pose much of a threat to the party at this point, but if you’d like to avoid the Gold Armor in the Guardian’s Vault room and are having a hard time seeing the pressure plates, here’s an image where the tiles to avoid are darkened:

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Official walkthrough Act 1-V - Act V - Final Dungeon - 56DE43B

Once you have the keys, place them in the three pedestals to unlock the door. Heading north up the final set of stairs here will bring you to Javis, who will give you a story scene before you’re able to battle him. There are multiple dialogue choices here, but they don’t affect anything long term – just pick whatever you want. Afterwards, the first phase of the final battles will commence.

Act V – Final Bossses

BOSS: Javis
First up, Javis. As expected, he has a whole lot of tricks up his sleeve – several of which will be familiar if you fought a certain set of optional bosses not covered by this guide. His basic attack is Energy Blast, which hits for a lot of damage, and he can attempt to corrupt the party with Corruption Beam. Most unconventional is Betrayal, which will cause one of the party members to be ganged up on and attacked by the other three. This will be particularly bad if any of the mind controlled party members has a lot of attack buffs. (Like, oh, say… Allison.)

His true main mechanic, though, is summoning a glitch chimera based on one of the party members:

  • After falling below 80% health, Javis will summon Glitch Jodie, who can use Multi-Barrier, Crack in the Armor, and Binding Chain.
  • Below 60% health, Javis will swap in Glitch Allison, capable of using High Kick, Lightning Kicks, and Blast Beat.
  • Below 40% health, Javis will swap in Glitch Claire, capable of using Multi-Scorch, Inferno, and Avalanche.
  • And finally, below 20% health, Javis will swap in Glitch Melody, capable of using Second Aid, Mana Drain, and Gust.

Like with the Gumball Goliath, the options here are basically to play it safe and take out the adds, or just focus on Javis. Javis can only have one glitch chimera out at a time, so there’s no fear of things snowballing out of control with a full set of glitched party members, and the fight will end if he’s defeated. Of course, the glitch chimeras know some powerful attacks and support moves that can make the fight more of a handful, and they each only have 2000 HP compared to Javis’s 10000. If any one of them is giving you a lot of trouble, don’t be afraid to take it out – one Blast Beat from Allison will likely take out a majority of their health.

Javis is weak to Allison’s High Kick as well as ice and water damage. The glitch chimeras, on the other hand, have no elemental weaknesses, but they also don’t have any resistances, so hit them with whatever you’ve got.

After beating Javis, he will begrudgingly open the path to the summit. Head that way for the next fight. You’ll find a save point near the top, as well as a warning that confronting Verena will put you past the point of no return. If you have anything left you need to take care of, do so now. You’re still able to leave the dungeon at this point.

BOSS: Queen Verena
Queen Verena puts up a less convoluted fight than Javis, wanting a fair duel with the party, but that doesn’t make her any less powerful. Verena has a wide range of flashy magical attacks at her disposal, both single- and multi-target. Of her initial moveset, the most dangerous would probably be Three of Pentacles, a spell that combines fire, ice, and electric damage and has a 33% chance to either freeze or burn the target. Verena is also capable of using Blink like Claire, which will render her impervious to damage for a turn (although status ailments may still hurt her). Every time she reappears, she’ll cast Magic Burst to attack the entire party.

After Verena drops below 60% health, she’ll throw off her cloak and manifest her wings, beginning phase 2 by unleashing more of her true power. She’ll immediately cast Mana Boost on the whole field, denoted by the pink background. Mana Boost lasts for two turns, during which everyone’s magical power is amplified 25%, including both Verena and the party. As such, she’ll focus on hitting you with her strongest attacks during this status and stop using Blink. It’s probably a good idea to do the same and fire off your most powerful spells back at her during Mana Boost. Throughout phase 2, Verena will have a chance to cast Mana Boost again any turn the buff isn’t active. She also gains a new attack, Starflame, which will burn the whole party.

Verena has no elemental weaknesses and resists most status ailments, so just try to hit her with whatever your strongest attacks are, especially during Mana Boost. Unlike with Javis, there’s no move that can potentially turn the party against each other, so heavy use of attack buffs is once again a powerful option.

After the battle, a story scene will play, and you’ll then find yourself in a new area. Proceed forward. You have arrived at the final battle.

FINAL BOSS: God King Javis
The grand finale. God King Javis will continually fire off a bunch of strong moves, but Melody and Allison’s newly powered up abilities serve as the key to victory.

Melody has learned Paladin’s Aid and Paladin’s Cure to keep the entire party healed, Cleansing Light as a new magical attack, and Fight On as a Star Power move that fully heals the entire party and revives any fallen party members. Should Javis summon a Glitch Barrier, Melody’s Cleansing Light will remove it. Meanwhile, every two turns Javis will move a smaller star with an eye around on his rings. This is his weak point, denoting which of Allison’s enhanced directional attacks should be used to deal the most damage. Blast Beat and Divebomb have been removed from her move list, so her directional attacks are now once again her strongest moves. Keep building Allison’s Star Power and then immediately spending it on the appropriate directional attack every two turns to maximize her damage output.

While Melody and Allison are the stars of the show here, the rest of the party can still contribute. Jodie remains helpful with her barriers and Crack in the Armor, and Claire’s magic can still help chip away at Javis’s health. It’s also not a bad idea to have Claire in a support role here, giving her a Spellbook with buffs or debuffs in order to allow Melody and Allison to focus on their new moves.

Before long, you will have beaten the final battle.

After this, you will automatically proceed to the Epilogue.


I’ll be intentionally vague here to avoid spoilers for curious players who scrolled straight to the bottom of the walkthrough. After a brief scene, find the character you need to talk to in this area. When you’re ready, you can choose to continue to the epilogue proper.

Here, you’re free to roam about as you wish. When you’re ready to end the game, exit Greenridge via its south exit.

With that, you’ve done it. Congratulations! You’ve beaten Super Le*bian Animal RPG.

This Super Le*bian Animal RPG – Official walkthrough Act 1-V guide has come to an end. Please contact us and let us know if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions about how we can improve this topic. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, and I hope you have a lovely day! ponett, the post creator and author, served as an inspiration for this entry. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website on a regular basis for more posts.

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