Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Obtaining Bestiary Full Guide

Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Obtaining Bestiary Full Guide 1 -
Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Obtaining Bestiary Full Guide 1 -

Welcome to Super Le*bian Animal RPG – Obtaining Bestiary Full Guide.

This guide is largely unspoiled-free and will help you to obtain every Bestiary entry in Super Le*bian Animal RPG.

All the creatures in the Bestiary are cataloged here according to their in-game appearance order. With one notable exception, of course. This means they are arranged in the order of easiest discovery. Note that NOT all possible entries are included in this reference. To find them all, it serves solely as a point of reference.


This list is as spoiler-free and useful as possible while still serving its purpose. I recommend you wait until Act IV to use it, as there are no permanent missing entries up until then. You can obtain most non-mandatory entries at any time once you have them. There is no pressure to get them as soon as you gain access.

The basics and general notes

The Bestiary can be obtained from Act II begins near the beginning. It will contain all Act I entries except one, so you don’t have to worry about fighting anything until then.

Most enemies will have awoken after the Bestiary has been obtained. 50% chance of their Bestiary entry being dropped When defeated in battle. Bosses and limited-number foes will drop their entries.

You can hunt for enemies in most areas by using the Monster Den. It is usually found near the end of an area and contains all normal enemies in unlimited quantities.

Halfway through Act IV, you will find the Battle Simulator. Within it are three Monster Dens that can be used to protect areas that can’t or only contain a few encounters.

A few entries are not accessible via Monster Dens or are non-missable. These entries are marked with an asterisk (*) on the list.


Finally, Bosses are prefaced by a Skull Emoji (πŸ’€). This is mostly used to increase vantage points between the guide and the in-game Bestiary.

What’s my reward for all this?

Complete Bestiary. You do not get a reward for completing all entries. However, Bestiary completion can be used to grind for Gold and Experience. It is up to you what you do with those gains. Do you want an inventory of carrots and sponges? Be my guest.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

— Act I



  • Behemoth Boar


Sapphire Coast


  • Humble Hermit
  • Enemy Anemone


Hiking Trail


  • Hoop Snake
  • Meowshroom
  • Hole Hound


The Basement Dungeon


  • Dust Bunny
  • Flaming Dust Bunny
  • Dust Bunny Sage
  • Grottomermaid* (Will not appear in the Bestiary unless you fight her)
  • Big Dust Bunny


The Anomaly


  • Spacetime: Rip in
  • The majority of an egg
  • Mobile Hole Hound
  • Core Guardian


— Act II

Amber Woods


  • Frog Ball
  • Bloom Beast
  • Snowbat
  • Loot Scooter
  • Bushy-Tailed Bandit*
  • Cool Snake*
  • Harpy Monk*
  • Trashking


Celestial Wasteland


  • Malcontent Mummy
  • Funky Artifact
  • Super Fighting Robot
  • Tumbleweed Mage
  • Tombstone Drone
  • Super Flying Robot
  • Nanobots
  • Abominable Automation


Neon Labyrinth

The Battle Simulator contains the Monster Den.

  • Color wheel
  • Li’l Pinchy
  • Tear in Spacetime
  • Chromatic Colossus
  • Batbot
  • Ominous Polygon
  • Helper Jelly
  • Frog Bomb
  • Singularity
  • Gumball Goliath
  • Gumball Guys (Summoned By the boss)



Sapphire Coast


  • Crustacean Conjurer
  • Toxic Anemone



The Battle Simulator contains the Monster Den.

  • Tape Trooper
  • Core Guardian Model 2
  • Dark Horse
  • Wing Wheel
  • Recursive Loot Scooter


Guardian’s vault


  • Possessed Potion
  • Cursed Tome
  • Water Sentry
  • Unhelpful Jelly
  • *Gold Armor
  • Minor Shadow
  • Mostly an egg
  • Paula Cassidy


— Act IV — (Mainstory)

Polychrome Cavern


  • Li’l Wiz*
  • Crystal Creature*
  • Harpy Elite*
  • Mole Car*
  • Stone Crab*
  • Mimic*


Flurry Mountains

The Battle Simulator contains the Monster Den.

  • Snowman Bat
  • Bushy-Tailed bandit EX
  • Paindeer
  • Cryptic Cryptid
  • Wintry Witch
  • Flameling
  • Paula (Rematch)


Uncanny Valley


  • Misty Specter
  • Poison Frog Ball
  • Platinum Looter Scooter
  • Freaky Flower
  • Cerulean Armor
  • Pine Corona
  • Emerald Armor*
  • Heavy (She is entered after side-questing enemies in the Bestiary)


— Act IV — (Side Quests -)

The Crypt


  • Superior Fighting Robot
  • Will-o-Wisp
  • Spectral Scientist
  • Airborne Arsenal
  • Mass Production Automaton
  • A Wizard
  • Cryptkeeper Daedalus


The Dream Knight


  • Astral Beings


Beach Day

Only fight one enemy to get one entry.

  • Axefish
  • Big Axefish


Battle Simulator


  • Big Dust Bunny EX


Sons of Javis


  • Bigby Located in Sapphire Coast)
  • Clinton (is located in Celestial Wasteland
  • Killer Ray (is located in Uncanny Vale)
  • Roy (Located at Maple Woods)


— Act V

Mt. Sappho


  • Fun Police Officer
  • Perilous Polygon
  • Core Guardian Model 3S
  • Texture Witch
  • Lava Spirit
  • Nothingness
  • Cosmic Specter
  • Cosmic Warrior
  • Javis


Beyond the Point of No Return

You deserve a pat on the back if you have completed every entry.

  • Queen Verena
  • God Javis



As of update v1.1a, I am confident the list is accurate and complete. Your feedback and information on any missing or changed items in future updates are welcome. We are very grateful for your feedback and wish you a Super Le*bian Animal RPG gaming experience!

Super Le*bian Animal RPG - Obtaining Bestiary Full Guide - Addendum - AD83DD1


Written by Tabbysas

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Super Le*bian Animal RPG – Obtaining Bestiary Full Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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