Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Identifying Noel’s Critters and Location

Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Identifying Noel’s Critters and Location 1 -
Super Lesbian Animal RPG – Identifying Noel’s Critters and Location 1 -

Welcome to Super Le*bian Animal RPG – Identifying Noel’s Critters and Location Guide.

This guide will help you complete Noel’s quest to collect all the critters. This guide contains hints and clues.


Okay, firstly, on the off-chance you’re reading this and don’t understand what it is about, this contains major spoilers to Super Le*bian Animal RPG. You can go all the way to Act IV, and then come back when you have context.

You went to Uncanny Valley. You spoke to Noel. They’re cool, hey! They are a plant lover who loves animals. They also have a lot of treasure chests you want to open. The problem is that you must get their animal friends to open the chests. And you don’t know where you should start. I’m here to help!

This guide will help you find the animals, give them back to Noel and open those treasure chests. I want to thank the community for their help in creating this guide. I remember an a goldfish, so it was difficult to start the guide. Some people enjoyed having vague recollections to help them find them independently. Each section has two parts to keep the spirit alive: hints to help you find the critters and a guide hidden under spoiler tags. You can use the guide if that’s what you want, but if you feel more adventurous, you can follow the hints. It’s easy to learn them all.

“…In – [22…In]

A realm beyond the …”

Let me be honest, this guy is easy to find. You’ll probably grab him before even getting the quest. But if that happens, here’s what you need!

Critter 1:


Fun fact: I. This little guy was initially thought to be in the “nearby of Greenridge” category. I didn’t even know it at the time. He doesn’t count under the vicinity Greenridge, but you might be able to follow my logic backwards and see why.


This one is in the Astral Plane near Greenridge. It’s hard to know how it got there, but that’s not the point. This one is easy to find. Just check the well. This is the easiest of the two critters that you can grab before Act IV begins!

“…In the vicinity of Greenridge …”

This one is a little tricky because neither of these are located in Greenridge but they are both very close! They’re also very easy to find. You can order them here.

Critter 2:

Hint: Take a moment to think back to the previous acts. What was the end of your first major adventure? How can you get there again?


Walk down and cross the tent on the ground. You will find the hole you climbed out from at the end of Act I. Head back inside, find the treasure chest behind a spike pit and let Jodie use her barrier spell. The critter will be there.

Critter 3:

Hint: Greenridge is beautiful when it’s not in danger. Perhaps you should go for a walk and look at the water. Maybe you should smell the flowers?


Follow the hiking trail to the lake where Paula first met you. Find the path of flowers at the bottom and use Bloom to open it up. You’ll be able to find the critter as soon as you walk up! “But how do I use Bloom?” As I’ll explain later, you must complete the Zinnia questline.

“…In – [22…In]

The Celestial Wasteland …”

Critter 4:


Fun fact: This is one of the few critters you can find before reaching Uncanny Valley. It is also quite large so it will take some searching. The Neon Labyrinth is located in the upper left corner. Mumford can help you narrow down your search by selling you a map.


This critter can be found west of Mumford. You can find the critter quickly by using the west exit.

Critter 5:


You might also want to look around at what locals are doing, and offer your assistance if you’re back. Perhaps something related to your search will turn up?


This critter is found in The Crypt. It’s an optional dungeon that cannot be unlocked by returning to The Celestial Wasteland during Act IV. Continue down the hallway until you see conveyor belts that seem to be heading nowhere. You’ll be taken to the Warp Pad, where you will find the Critter.

“…In – [22…In]

The Amber Forest …”

This is a quick aside: the ability Bloom allows you to access Critter 3 and the next Critters. The ability is obtained by completing the Zinnia questline. There you will receive a key that unlocks several rooms, but the one with Bloom in it. It just so happens that Amber Forest has that room! Convenient!

Critter 6:

Hint: If this is a problem, you might try searching the forest. Perhaps you could take a walk through The Astral Plane. There is a door there.


This critter can be found directly east of the Astral Plane exit. It’s just a matter of heading right, and it will be there before you know.

“…In – [22…In]

This very Valley …”

Critter 7:

Hint: Remember the Uncanny Valley’s beginning area. Think of that treasure chest that taunts you from high up, where your character can’t reach. How can you get there from your current location? Look around the Sanctuary to find a way.


Go down from the Sanctuary and follow the path of flowers. Use Bloom to get up. Continue walking left until you find another path that leads down. Follow that path. This will take you back to the Uncanny valley’s starting area. However, you’ll be on top this time, which is the ledge. You can finally reach the treasure chest teasing you from high up, where your characters cannot reach it! Although the Critter isn’t in the treasure chest, it is on its way there.

Critter 8:

Hint: You might want to check on your bard friends while you’re here. The ones you saved from being snuck into Amber Forest. Even if they don’t know how to help you, they may be closer than you think to that last critter.


Below the bards, there is a second south exit. Open the path with Bloom and head down. Cross the river with another Bloom path and continue your descent. The critter will be there.

Now, what’s my prize?

You now have all the Critters! To claim your loot, you must go to the treasure chests to interact with them. Is the reward worth all the time spent searching? Let’s answer that question by going adventurer to adventurer and discussing the treasure they find.

Melody: Spiked Wristband – The wristband gives Melody a dramatic boost in attack and allows her to heal herself when she attacks an opponent based on the damage she does. This is…probably the most utilized of all the items. I’m so sorry, Melody lovers. Maybe I was using it incorrectly! Perhaps all I had to do was change weapons to favor magic over attack! It doesn’t help that Melody can be very slow. You don’t notice it because Melody is casting healing spells 95% of the time. But…yeah. It would probably work for other characters, but Melody is the only one who can equip it (. I will update this post when I get to it again).

Allison: Crit Jacket – The jacket increases Allison’s agility and doubles her chances of winning crits. This jacket’s utility depends on your luck. However, Allison is the DPS for the team, and this jacket can help her shred through enemies if you know what to do.

Claire: Mini Wizard Hat – Although she doesn’t have any special abilities, she has great stats and can be worn by Claire, who has the most strict requirements about what clothing she can wear. Girl who is dedicated to her aesthetic. You can get a Fashion Expert charm after you complete the Zinnia quest. However, this is a great item for her if you prefer something else, such as the Mana Saver charm!

Jodie: Knight Visor – This skill not only boosts Jodie’s defense but also teaches her Self-Care, allowing her to heal half of her health for two-star points. This is the most useful of all the items. Yeah. Yes, she does require less maintenance from Melody, who can then shift her attention to the more squishy party members and try to keep them alive.


Written by Goldeaglefire1

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Super Le*bian Animal RPG – Identifying Noel’s Critters and Location; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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