Super Animal Royale – Collie’s Milestone Completionist Guide

Super Animal Royale – Collie’s Milestone Completionist Guide 1 -
Super Animal Royale – Collie’s Milestone Completionist Guide 1 -
A simple and straight forward-ish guide for completing all normal and secret milestones as well as some of my own tips for doing them.




Games Played


Games Unlocks
5 Green Bow Tie
25 Blue Bow Tie
50 Orange Bow Tie
100 Purple Bow Tie
250 Maroon Bow Tie
500 White Bow Tie
750 Black Bow Tie

Play a round from start to finish by winning or dying. 
Quitting the game mid-match won’t count towards this milestone. 



Wins Unlocks
1 Small Crown
19 Crown

Win a solo, duos or squad game. 



Level Unlocks
10 Gem Reveal
50 SAW Helmet
100 Rebellion Helmet
200 SAW Security Uniform
300 Rebellion Sword

Level up many times. 
EXP is rewarded at the end of a match, or by completing daily / weekly challenges. 



Kills Unlocks
10 Green Tie
50 Blue Tie
100 Orange Tie
250 Purple Tie
500 Maroon Tie
1000 White Tie
2000 Black Tie
5000 Red Eye Scope

Kill many players in any mode. 

Destructibles Destroyed

Super Animal Royale - Collie's Milestone Completionist Guide 

Crates Broken Unlocks
2500 Crowbar

Break many crates. 
B-5, E-6 and E-4 have plenty of crates you can break. 

Distance Travelled (km)


Distance Unlocks
100 Safari Hat
250 Safari Shirt
500 Stretching Routine

Walk a lot. 
Travelling while inside a hamster ball, riding an emu or super rolling counts towards this milestone. 

Super Jump Rolls


Rolls Unlocks
1000 Green Pinwheel Glasses
5000 Red Pinwheel Glasses
10000 Pinwheel

Do a lot of super rolls. 
Time your rolls to get a small movement boost. 

Mole Crates

Super Animal Royale - Collie's Milestone Completionist Guide 

Mole Crates Opened Unlocks
5 Crate Tree
20 Shovel

Open many mole crates. 
A message will appear when a mole spawns, as well as a marker of where it is on the map for a short period of time. 



Campfires Used Unlocks
1 Marshmallow Stick
25 Burnt Marshmallow Stick
150 Cooked Marshmallow Stick

Use many campfires. 
Your health must be below 100 (not blue) to activate a campfire. Used campfires (burnt logs) cannot be lit again. 

Health Juice Drank


Health Juice Consumed Unlocks
1000 Health Juice Tee
5000 Medic Helmet
10000 Juice hat

Drink a lot of health juice. 
Health juice can be found by exploring areas, killing players, breaking crates and cutting grass. 

Coconuts Ate

Super Animal Royale - Collie's Milestone Completionist Guide 

Coconuts Ate Unlocks
75 Coconut Tee
150 Palm Shirt
750 Coconut Hula Skirt

Look for sandy areas or beaches with palm trees, then press E on a coconut to eat it. 

Mushrooms Munched

Super Animal Royale - Collie's Milestone Completionist Guide 

Mushrooms Munched Unlocks
75 Mushroom Shirt
75 Mushroom Umbrella
600 Mushroom Cap

Look for grassy pine tree dense forests, green brambles or large rocks for green mushrooms then press E on it. 

Super Tape Used


Tapes Used Unlocks
10 Super Tape Tee
100 Super Tape Jacket

Repair broken or damaged armor with super tape. 
You can find them from crates, grass, etc. 

Enemy Armor Broken


Enemy Armor Broken Unlocks
100 Military Helmet
250 Camo Helmet
500 Rags

Break a lot of armor from enemy players. 
Rifles deal 3 points of armor damge, magnums deal 2 points and everything else (besides Dogna’s Dart Gun) deals 1 point. Shooting players up close with a shotgun tears through any armor almost instantly. 

Skunk Bomb Damage Dealt


Skunk Bomb Damage Dealt Unlocks
50 Skunk Bob Tee
250 Skunk Nose Clip
1500 Skunk Hat

Deal skunk bomb damage from players standing in its gas. 

Grass Cut


Grass Cut Unlocks
300 Sickle
3000 Large Sickle
20000 Scythe

Cut a lot of grass with your melee weapon. 
Cutting wheat also counts towards this milestone. 

Failure To Land

Super Animal Royale - Collie's Milestone Completionist Guide 

Failed Landings Unlocks
1 Blue Skydiving Jumpsuit
10 Red Skydiving Jumpsuit
30 Skydiving Camera Helmet

Faceplant by skydiving into the ground. 
Press E after jumping off the super eagle to switch to skydiving mode, but don’t deploy your umbrella again. You won’t lose health for failing to land, but you do get stunned for a short period of time. 

Scarecrows Destroyed

-Secret Milestone – 

Scarecrows Destroyed Unlocks
1 Straw Hat
9 Scarecrow Outfit

Break some scarecrows. 
You can find them in wheat and pumpkin fields around the barnyard. 

Team Healing (HP)


Teammate Health Restored Unlocks
300 Syringe
3000 Doctor Outfit

Heal friendly team players with Dogna’s Dart Gun in duos, squads or S.A.W. vs Rebellion modes. 
If a teammate is hurt, shoot them with the dart gun to heal them. 

Shoot a Gallery Target

Shoot a gallery target with any gun behind the stands (the one with the big numbers on it). 

Hit a Gallery Target With a Bow

Same as the above, but with a bow. 

Be a Gallery Target

Get shot by an enemy player behind the stands in the shooting gallery. 
For all three gallery milestones, you can only earn these milestones during a match, not in the pre-game lobby. 


Kill X amount of players with the gun you’re using to unlock the following gun skins: 

Tier Unlocks
1 Orange
2 Green
3 Blue
4 Red
5 Purple
6 Yellow
7 Pink
8 White

For actual advice on how and when to use them… I suggest looking up weapon guides. 



Duos / Squads Wins


Duo / Squads Wins Unlocks
10 Blow a Kiss

Win a few games in duos or squads. 
If you’re a solo player (like me) you can turn on no-fill and attempt a solo duos or solo squad victory. 

Winner Winner Super Chicken

Win a match as a Super Chicken. 

Winner Winner Super Turkey

Win a match as a Super Turkey. 

Pacifist Victory (Solo)

Win a game without dealing any sort of damage. 
Keep your distance as much as possible, look for Tier 3 armor and Cupgrade and stock up on bananas for the final circles. If you’re still having trouble getting this milestone, you can check out the many pacifist guides out there. 

Melee Only Victory (Solo)

Win a game by dealing only melee damage. 
Doing a pacifist run also unlocks this milestone. 

No Armor Victory (Solo)

Win a game without ever equipping any armor. 
Use hamster balls or emus to tank the damage you’ll receive. 

Melee Kills


Melee Kills Unlocks
10 Hatchet
50 Axe
100 Tomahawk

Kill many players with your melee weapon. 
Damaging players with your gun and finishing them off with a melee attack counts towards this milestone. Hamster ball and emu kills don’t count as melee kills. 

Hamster Ball Kills

Super Animal Royale - Collie's Milestone Completionist Guide 

Players Ran Over Unlocks
10 Swag Glasses
25 Emoji (Rock & Roll)

Run over many players with a hamster ball. 
Look for long, vertical roadways and roll back and forth from one end to the other and you’ll eventually run over an unsuspecting player. 

Emu Kills


Players Pecked to Death Unlocks
5 Rancher Hat
10 Rancher Outfit

Kill a few players with an Emu. 
As the driver, left click to attack. 

Grenade Kills


Grenade Kills Unlocks
5 Grenade Tee

Kill a few players with a grenade explosion. 

Enemies Banana Slipped


Enemies Slipped Unlocks
15 Banana Tee
50 Banana Fancy Shirt
100 Banan Pew Pew

Have an enemy player slip on your banana peels. 
Placing banana peels behind unopened mole crates, player loot piles or tight corners will almost guarantee a player slip. 

No Dancing!

– Secret Milestone – 
Dance in front of the no dancing sign at the welcome center plaza during a match (not pre-game lobby!). 
You must be using a dancing emote to earn this milestone as dabbing, waving, etc. won’t count. 

Sparrow Hits in One Match


Sparrows Hits Unlocks
5 Brown Archer Outfit
10 Green Archer Outfit
20 Archer Hat

Hit players many times with a sparrow weapon in one match. 
Landing sparrow hits on the same player counts towards this milestone. 
If you’re having trouble with this one, use a bow and shoot bots or players with a weak charge. Low charge = less damage and more arrows to pelt them. 

Dancing in the Rain

– Secret Milestone – 
Dance while it’s raining. 
Has to be a dancing emote. 


All milestones in this section are secret and all spoilered text gives you a step-by-step guide on how to unlock them. So only reveal them if you’re really stuck (or very stubborn)! 

Praise Banan

Location: G-2 & H-2 
Inside the mountain, there’s a tight passageway behind some crates. Upon entering the room, there’s a banana shrine and a bowl in front of it. Throw a banana on it to activate a trap as well as unlocking this milestone. 

A Tip for Donk

Location: Small room with velvet ropes right next to the barn on the right in E-6 
Right below the big chair, there’s a tip basket. Throw a banana inside it to unlock this milestone. 

Found the SASR Hideout

Location: Big open room with crates and hay bales inside the barn in E-6 
At the backside of this room, on the top right there’s a switch hidden behind some crates. Stand on it to unlock the room behind it as well as this milestone. Will not work if the room’s already open. 

Dart the(Not a) Rat

Location: C-3, near an open space inside the mountain 
Shoot the rat with Dogna’s Dart Gun to unlock this milestone. Killing them with any other weapon won’t count. 

Dr. Dogna’s Secret Lab Lab

Location: C-3 & C-4 
Talk to Dogna in the pre-game lobby below the fountain (keep talking to her until there’s no more dialogue left), then travel to the pyramid during the match and locate the three buttons inside. Press all three to open a secret lab in the top right side of the pyramid, then talk to Dogna inside to unlock this milestone. 

The First Super Skullkat

Location: C-4 
There’s a button next to the sphynx; stand on it to open a passageway inside. Then, press E on the tomb and talk to the skullcat until the end of their dialogue to unlock this milestone. 


And that’s all of ’em! Let me know if there’s any missing milestones, errors, or details that need clarifying and i’ll try my best to answer and update them. 

Written by Collie

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Super Animal Royale – Collie’s Milestone Completionist Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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