Summer Memories – Basic Guide and Tips For Beginners

Summer Memories – Basic Guide and Tips For Beginners 1 -
Summer Memories – Basic Guide and Tips For Beginners 1 -

This is a work in progress
Apologies for any grammar/syntax errors. English isn’t my native language.
This guide explains some things that the game didn’t feel the need to tell you.


Quick Guide

– You buy skills with SP, you get SP by creating memories, you create memories mostly by f*cking. Other actions give you a bit of memories.
– When you f*ck, you spend stamina the longer you do it, depending on your speed.
– The amount of stamina used is the amount of lust you will spend
– The amount of lust spent is the amount of memories you’ll make. In other words, f*cking without lust, will only waste your stamina.
– Each phase of the day gives you 10 Lust.
– Selecting “Talk” or “S*x” with a girl, or doing homework, will change the day time phase regardless of how many Action points you had left. So if you want to maximize your actions, only do those when you only have 1 AP left.
– Having s*x is loud, even on the first speed. An people will hear you regardless of the room they’re in. It’s just a matter of how fast they get suspicious.
– If you click on a bed or the couch, you can recover 10 stamina using 1 AP, but only once per phase, and not a night.

First Skills

– If you have the DLC, don’t bother with “Kiss”, as it does nothing for you
– My recommendation for your first skill is “Blowj*b/T*tjob”, because it’s pretty lame to only be getting handjobs.
– Forget about buying s*x positions until you have unlocked s*x (40 Affection with Rio, 60 with your Aunt, 80 with Yuki)
– My second recommendation is either “Show me your boobs” or “Show me your a*s” depending on your taste. It gets you 10 lust by spending 5 stamina and 1 action. Which can save you money. Remember that Lust transforms into memories when you f*ck. F*cking without lust only wastes your stamina.
– My third recommendation is “Take a Bath”. You can use to bathroom to recover 50 stamina. Pretty useful throughout the game. Read also the “Bath” section in this guide
– My fourth and fifth are “Bug catcher” and “Amateur Angler”. The first one gets you 2 bugs per jelly, and the second one makes you better at fishing, which you are going to need if you want to catch tougher fishes.
– Personally I didn’t need the Math of the Dishes ones, but you’re having trouble, get them here.
– My sixth one is Silence. You can f*ck as loud as you want, without raising vigilance.
– Seventh one: “Off with your bra”/”Off with your panties”, which lets you see her topless/bottomless after you asked her to see her boobs/a*s; giving you 20 Lust for 5 stamina. Not Bad.
– You probably unlocked s*x by now, so “Missionary” should be your eighth.
– “Action Boy” is pretty good, but it’s expensive, so if you have the patience, go for this one. It gets you 1 extra AP on each phase
– At this point, you can do whatever you want, but I’d recommend the night ones, in case you need to lose lust and a girl is asleep

First Playthrough

– I don’t recommend doing the menko subquest on your first playthrough. The first fights are easy enough, but the next ones will demand high affection and lust. Plus I could do without the reward you get…
– I don’t recommend unlocking Thre*some and foursome on your first playthrough, as it locks the ending to that. As such, use “Silence” at all times once you get it.
– I recommend making Yuki a priority, since the requirements for the weekend events are easier for her than the others. That’s not to say you should ignore the other girls, since Yuki actually takes too long to convince to f*ck.
– Climbing the mountain increases your max stamina, but i don’t recommend doing it with less than 5 AP. You’ll get an AP each week, or by completing subquests. You can also buy 2 APs as skills but they’re expensive
– Ogling at girls at the beach (on the chair) increases your max lust, same thing applies. Also, do it in the morning, when there are 3 girls.
– The Beach girl’s minigame gets really hard after the second one. I recommend using a “Homework Exemption Cert” which you can buy from a guy in the schoolgym at night.


– If you don’t have the “Take a Bath” skill you can still take a bath, as long as another girl is in bath. It will only give you 30 stamina though.
– You can only take a bath once per day, so you cant take a bath with a girl if you already took a bath.
– Everyday at evening, someone will be taking a bath. That includes your uncle. So if you were planning to save your daily bath for a girl, the game can occasionally ruin your plans.
– If you unlock “Tub Assault” you can assault a girl that’s taking a bath, even if you already took a bath (cause technically your not taking one)
– If you take a bath with a girl that lets you have s*x, you can assault her during the bath.

Written by redactedSnake

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Summer Memories – Basic Guide and Tips For Beginners; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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  1. I cant seem to change postions like if I am getting hand and I want to do doggy even though I have learnt it and her stats are all max it wont let me do it please help

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