Succubus Prison – Hidden Text Guide

Succubus Prison – Hidden Text Guide 1 -
Succubus Prison – Hidden Text Guide 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, This post will provide you with information regarding the Succubus Prison – Hidden Text Guide, and we hope you will find this material helpful.

Additional sentences about death and its causes have been translated from Chinese.

(DLsite version, idk whether it’s still the same).

Musca riding(gallery 1):

additional sentences when they are more than 1

Alter sentences if you are draining until death (don’t continue clicking and wait for HP0 by animation)

Musca kiss2 (gallery 5)

Additional sentences and animations if you die with HP remaining (keep clicking or skip)

Musca at midnight (Gallery 8)

Extra sentences when you die for more than 2

Venum faceriding(gallery 1):

If you die earlier than 6 times, you are given an extra sentence

Venum shower fails (gallery 5)

When you die more than 3 times, you’ll be given an additional sentence.

Venum book find fail(gallery 6):

additional sentences at the beginning and ending if die more than two

Alternate sentences when you die 0, 1-4 or 5-9 times.

Manticore(extra gallery 1):

A choice appear when dying more than three times, and if choose the one below, the story is totally different!

Nemea 3P(extra gallery 2):

If you die before 2 times, you receive 2 extra sentences

Oppai maou(extra gallery 4):

lots of additional sentences when die more than 2

futa succubus(extra gallery 6):

If you die with no HP left, many extra sentences will appear in the game, and you won’t be able to respawn!!! Remember to save your game.

If you wait until your HP is zero, a few sentences will change and the game will respawn.

Kidnapped (extra gallery page2 1:

2 alter sentences when die 1 or more

Maou (extra gallery, last one).

3 alter sentences when die less than 4 or greater than 5 (those sentence seem not shown in the gallery)

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