Subnautica – Power source active Guide

Subnautica – Power source active Guide 1 -
Subnautica – Power source active Guide 1 -

Having a hard time figuring out what power source is the best? Can’t seem to power the entire base due to energy eaters? Power is too low during night? This guide is perfect for you!


Welcome to a guide where I discuss the sources of power that are available during your play-through in Subnautica. I discuss what power sources there are, how to use them, if they are right to use, and whats the best power source.

Power source Number 1: Solar Panels (Harvest power directly from the sun!)

Subnautica - Power source active Guide - Power source Number 1: Solar Panels (Harvest power directly from the sun!) - 2D8F3E9
The good ol’ fashioned solar panel, a good starter source of power to use in small bases, the max power cap is 75 although adding more will increase the bases max power cap. Funny enough, the power gain is actually based off of depth and not in direct sight of the sun, meaning that lower bases will earn less power from solar panels than bases closer to the surface. They can be crafted from: 2 quartz, 2 titanium and 1 copper.
It’s an alright power source to use, it’s cheap and it’s good for small bases but larger bases it can be used as a small power generator.
To use them, simply put them on top of anything during the day and it’ll start providing energy to your base the moment its fully constructed.

Power source Number 2: Bioreactor (Fresh energy right outta’ that fish!)

Subnautica - Power source active Guide - Power source Number 2: Bioreactor (Fresh energy right outta' that fish!) - 7A2D4C8
A bioreactor is the second power source in this guide, this one is actually kinda underrated since other people tend to use it for a short period of time as a temporary power source until they get stuff like nuclear reactors or a lot of solar panel ingredients and stuff. The max power cap is 500 per bioreactor, ingredients and/or fish can be added and generate energy, some generate more and some generate less. The best bioreactor ingredients (or materials if you want to call them that) are: Blood mushrooms and acid mushrooms, gel sack, lantern tree fruit, and any fish. It can be crafted from: 3 titanium, 1 wiring kit and 1 lubricant.
It’s one of the power sources that seem useless at first but eventually becomes a most needed power source, it’s an instant win for me as one of the best power sources due to the fact that it takes anything organic and turns it into electricity to power all your water filters (or 1 if your like me).
In order to use you simply put anything organic inside and energy will be made, the game will tell you if that item is organic or not so you don’t accidentally put something wrong inside of it.

Power source Number 3: Thermal Plant (Anyone want some heat energy?)

Okay I know my weird name things are cheesy and all but I personally find it cool.
Anyways this is, what I say, one of the worst power sources in all of Subnautica. It turns heat into energy which takes a SUPER long time for it to reach the max it has which is 250. It’s only good use is for when your making a base in the inactive lava zone or active lava zone, but other than that just don’t use it unless your near a heat zone or a place with a lot of heat spots. It requires 5 titanium, 2 magnetite and 1 aerogel in order to make it and is 100% not worth your materials in my opinion. Your better off investing in a bioreactor or even solar panels since they produce energy way better than this piece of trash.
Don’t even bother scanning the fragments unless your doing some sort of 100% blueprint run or something.
To use simply put it near a heat vent and when it’s done constructing it would take a few seconds before power is transmitted. The higher the temp the heat vent is the more power that gets produced.

Power source Number 4: Nuclear Reactor (Radiation Suit and Reactor Rods Sold Separately!)

This, while having a max cap of 2500 in energy, is possibly the most overused source and I can see why. It generates 250 energy per minute and having 4 of these makes your base basically immune to power outages. Your gonna need a whole lot of resources just to make it and keep it active due to it requiring a lot of them. It fits in a multipurpose room like the bioreactor and it is very loud which is why some people choose to use other things instead. You can make it by using: 1 Plasteel ingot, 1 advanced wiring kit, and 3 lead. The rods take 3 uraninite crystals, 1 lead, 1 titanium, and 1 glass to fabricate one reactor rod.
It’s basically a more expensive bioreactor that takes nuclear rods instead of organic stuff. You should use it for big bases with more than one water filter or ones with 2 moonpools since you don’t have a cyclops.
To use simply put 1-4 reactor rods inside and the moment one is put inside energy is gonna be made super fast, more can be added which increases energy gain and production speed.


This was my power guide in Subnautica which hopefully helps you guys from running out of power in the middle of the night or just wondering if one is better than the other.

Written by xinfinit_13x

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Subnautica – Power source active Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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