Subnautica – Features & Mod List + Installation

Subnautica – Features & Mod List + Installation 1 -
Subnautica – Features & Mod List + Installation 1 -

This guide is a mod list to remix Subnautica and make it feel fresh, difficult, and most importantly TERRIFYING again for players who have already completed the game.

Features & Mod List

– Add new Creatures, including a new Leviathan type to keep you on edge like before you learned their locations.
– Increase number of Fragments required to unlock things to force you to explore more.
– Increase overall difficulty
– Increase water murkiness (This makes it truly TERRIFYING)
– Play Survival mode and delete your save if you die, just like in Hardcore. But don’t actually do Hardcore because it stops you from saving without completely exiting to the main menu, this means if your game is prone to crashing you will have to reload your entire game to simply save. The reason for playing 1life is because it makes things that much more scary when there are stakes and you can’t just reload.
Mod List:
– De-Extinction – [] 
Adds new creatures to Subnautica and a new Leviathan. Don’t get too comfortable, you don’t know where they were placed. 😀
– DeathRun – Roguelike Super-Hard – [] 
DeathRun adds a bunch of new options for increasing difficulty, we are only going to use some of them though.
– ECC Library – [] 
A lib mod required by De-Extinction
– ExtraOptions – [] 
Adds a bunch of options, we are going to use this to increase water murkiness, and decrease view distance. Who knows whats out there in the black?
– Refillable Oxygen Tanks – [] 
A realism mod that synergizes really nicely with the settings we are going to use from DeathRun, it doubles the capacity of air-tanks but they don’t automatically pressurize on their own, and have to be refilled at a fabricator.
– SMLHelper (Modding Helper) – [] 
A prerequisite to De-Extinction, DeathRun, ECC Library, and Refillable Oxygen Tanks.

Mod Installation

– You will need a Nexus account, you probably already have one if have modded games like The Elder Scrolls.
– Download QModManager. – [] 
– Extract QModManager.
– Place the contents in the Subnautica directory. To find it, go to Steam, right click Subnautica in your library, mouse over “Manage”, and click “Browse Local Files”.
– Once the Mod Manager is installed all you have to do to install mods is download and extract them to the QMods folder that is now in your Subnautica directory.
– Make sure mods dll and other files are inside of a folder called the mods name.
The directory should look like this: Subnautica\QMods\{Mod Name}\{Mod Name}.dll
NOT Subnautica\QMods\{Mod Name}.dll Make sure the mods files are in a folder.
NOT Subnautica\QMods\{Mod Name}\{Mod Name}\{Mod Name}.dll Make sure the mods files aren’t placed inside TWO folders.

Mod Customisation

Once everything is installed, start the game, hit options, and open Mods.
(Leave everything not listed here as is.)
– DeathRun Settings
Damage Taken: Noob (Normal)
Surface Air: Hard (Pre/Post Radiation)
After the Aurora explodes and until its repaired you wont be able to breath surface air. This is rather balanced out by the Refillable Air Tanks mod though.
Radiation: Death Run (60m)
After the Aurora explodes and until its repaired Radiation will cover the entire map down to 60m depth, forcing you to have a base under 60m by the time it does.
Nitrogen and the Bends: Death Run
The gist of this mechanic is that you can no longer swim upward at full speed, you will have a “Safe Depth” metric on the display that will tell you your Safe Depth, it will force you to rise slowly to lower the Safe Depth and depressurize. If you ascend too far above the Safe Depth you will take heavy damage.
Personal Crush Depth: Easy
Depth of Explosion: Death Run (100m)
You will instantly die above 100m when the Aurora explodes.
Explosion Time: Medium (60 min)
The timer on the Aurora exploding will be extended to 60 minutes.
Power Costs: Easy
Batteries: Hard
Replaces batteries made with acid mushrooms with Copper Batteries, that cannot be recharged. Normal batteries are made more expensive.
Power to Exit Vehicles: Easy
Vehicle Costs: Hard (unusual costs)
Makes Vehicles require slightly more exotic materials.
Habitat Builder: Hard
Makes the Habitat Builder require more exotic materials.
Scans Required: Death Run
Makes it take roughly twice as many fragments on average to unlock things.
Creature Aggression: Hard
Increases creature aggression a nice bit.
Start Location: BASIC GAME
Show Bends and Air Warnings: Whenever Encountered
Once you are used to the mechanic, set it to “Never”.
Show High Score List: {Uncheck}
Show Tips w/ High Scores: {Uncheck}
I don’t think we need these. lul
Don’t Tip Escape Pod Over: {Check}
– ExtraOptions Settings
Murkiness: 320
Spooky levels just went from a 6/10 to a solid 11/10.

Guide End

Thanks for reading!!! I do hope you try this mod list. It really lets to Re-Experience what makes Subnautica a Terrifying game.
If you do try it and enjoy it, leave a comment and let me know how it went. It encourages more people to try it if you leave a comment saying. “Its rlly fun I enjoyed it!”
Have an absolutely fantastic day.

Written by Arch Volatile

This is all about Subnautica – Features & Mod List + Installation; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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