Subnautica: Below Zero – Quick Tips

Subnautica: Below Zero – Quick Tips 1 -
Subnautica: Below Zero – Quick Tips 1 -
A few tips on what to use/build and what to avoid.


Beware of Spoilers

This guide is meant to teach you what is the most useful equipment and what is useless. There aren’t any story related spoilers, but if you like to discover the various schematics on your own then you should avoid this guide.


The Seaglideis the most important tool in your inventory. Once you pair it with – you can ride it forever and you don’t need to charge any more batteries. 
The Snowfoxis pretty much useless. It has no storage, it is awkward to drive and hard to escape Ice Worms in it. 
Prawn Suit should be your number one exploration tool in the arctic areas. While it’s main purpose is mining, it doubles as the best land exploration vehicle. It has storage, it keeps you warm and by jumping and then grappling you can move really fast and escape the Ice Worms. A recommended upgrade to it are the Ion Power Cells. –,the%20Prawn%20Suit%20towards%20it. – – 
The best modules I found for the Seatruck were the Storage, Fabricator and Docking Modules. The Aquarium Module is fun, but useless and so is the Teleportation Module (I found no real use for it). 
Once you get the – you can run the Seatruck for a loooong time before you need to recharge, it even when you continously use the Afterburner. 


The best suit to wear is the – it continuously gives you back water making it much easier for you to explore before you need to go back and drink water. 
The – pretty much useless. You can explore all the arctic areas using a Prawn Suit (recommended to escape Ice Worms), swimming water, caves, vents and Thermal Lilies to keep warm. 
While the – have some kind of application I managed to finish this game without ever using it. You can definitely finish the whole story without needing it. 

Best Upgrades and Items – the most important item you need to make when you start the game. It will literally save your life! It can get you back to surface, in a straight line, from a depth of almost 150m with as little as 12 bars left in your tank (need to test this thoroughly for precise numbers). 
http//Charge+Fins – http://Charge Finsare one of the best upgrades you can make for yourself. Using them in combination with the Seaglide ensures that you can swim forever at a high speed. Morever, since the rate of recharge is higher than the Seaglide’s consumption, any battery used in the Seaglide gets charged to 100%. Because of that you can swap the Seaglide battery with the battery of any of your other tools and keep them charged without ever using a wall charger. – make your life a lot lot easier. You will almost forget you are running out of air. 
Partially useful and fun is the – It helps you cook your fish while you swim so you can have a meal on the go. 

Base Rooms

Useful Rooms 
You can finish the game without having a base, but if are not a masochist and would like to have some level of quality of life you only need the following: 
1. One main roomfor a replicator, a modification station and storage containers. Hint: you can build storage facilities on the hallways too without blocking your passage. 
2. Moonpool: you can get away with not having it, but it’s fun and recharges your vehicles while they’re docked. 
3. The Farm: you might want a second room to grow land-based plants and install a Water Purifier. 
4)Alient Containment: if you opt for a large module instead of a small one for your farm you can also house the – there, without having to build another one just for this purpose. Also, in the large room the Alien Containment is bigger. Don’t forget you can stack rooms on top of each other and then the Alien Containments will also stack. 
Powering your base: 
If you place your base where you started tha game, in the shalow water, you can get away with only using solar panels. I have not tested how the electricity production via solar panels works at lower depths, not sure if it makes any difference, like it would in real life. If you have a very high power drain you might run out of power for a couple of minutes or less. You can sleep through this if you have a bed. If you have a very high number of solar panels the stored power will even last through the night. 
Useless rooms: 
1. Scanner, while it has limited usefulness you can find everything you need without it and by the time you build it you would have already explored on your own. 
2. Control Room, the only use for it is to name your base and get a tracking icon on your HUD for your base. I personally used a beacon named Homestead until I built this room. 
3. Observation room, it has no in-game use, but it is fun to build it and add a bench in the middle. You can sit down and enjoy the show. The most important thing with this one is to build it in a location that gives you a nice view. You can add a speaker to it if you found any serene music for the jukebox that would help with the meditation. 
4. Bedroom, it doesn’t have any practical use, but I like to build a small room, with windows on all sides and a glass roof for this purpose. I add a bed, aquarium, table and chairs to it and store some of the memorabilia I find in the game, here. Makes the base a bit more homely. 


There is no combat in this game, it’s mostly safe. 
1. You can escape most predators by using your Seatruck to move around and simply avoid them. If they do catch up with you drive away. They have a limited movement area and once you are outside of it they stop following you. 
2. If they catch up with you, most of them don’t kill you in one bite and they run away from you once you hit them with the knife. 
3. If you are inside the Seatruck when you get attacked, simply repair it after you get to safety. 
1. Equip your Seatruck with – you are safe for the rest of the game. Just drive wherever you want. Once a leviathan approaches they’ll trigger the grab animation at which point you hit the Perimeter Defence and they run away. If you do it at the right time you won’t get any damage. Even then you can simply repair the damage afterwards. 
On land: 
1. Snowstalkersare easy to kill with a knife (4-5 hits), but you can just avoid them. 
2. Ice Worms are very easy to avoid in a Prawn Suit equiped with a Jump Jet and a Grappling Arm. 

By Venian

This is all about Subnautica: Below Zero – Quick Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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