Sub Rosa – Basic Guide

Sub Rosa – Basic Guide 62 -
Sub Rosa – Basic Guide 62 -
This guide will show you how to get started in Sub Rosa
Its made for the people that don’t know how the game works

You are welcome


Do not play the game

If you are a new player or if you are interested in this game and are thinking about buying it. 
Please reconsider playing the game. 
If you insist on playing, then sure. Here is a basic guide for you. 

Guide ?

There is some different game modes in this game: 
World mode 
Round mode 
Eliminator mode 
Co-op mode 
Versus mode 
This is an guide for the “OXS Improved world” server. Alpha 37c. Which is World Mode 
I will guide you trough as you had no knowledge of this game and is your first time booting it up. 
The reason for making this is so that people will know what to do, so people will actually hire other people and then they will be useful for the company. So the manager can just ask the jobhunter if he knows what he is doing, and if the answer is no, just tell the person to read Cactus’s guide on steam. 

When you boot up the game

This is how it looks when you boot up the game 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Click on “character” and then make your character apperance as you wish 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
After you are happy with your looks, click on “join” 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
You will then have this screen. Since this is a OXS improved world guide, click on it. There you go, first step complete. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 


W, A, S and D to move 
Use the mouse to look around 
“Space” to jump 
Use mouse wheel to change from: run, walking and aim 
If you run/walk you can hold left click and look in different directions while still moving in the same direction 
Press E to enter cars/helicopters 
Hold E to go out of one 
Press R to take a mag in or out of a weapon, (hold weapon in right hand and then a mag in your left that matches the weapon in your right to take that mag into the gun. If you don’t hold a mag you will take out the mag you have in your weapon (if you have a mag in your weapon that is)) 
Scroll your mouse wheel up to aim, down to run. (check left bottom screen to see what you curenty are doing). 
Basic functions 
Press F while holding an item or two to change the position of whatever you had in your hands to the other hand 
Press Left click or E to pick up stuff i think 
Hold Z to become a tomato. 
Hold CTRL to get up from the ground 
TAB to get to store menu’s or corp menu’s. 
C to open/close big map 
M to get mini map in upper right corner (M to remove it) 
Name tags 
Hold the “tilda” key its left from 1 and over tab on your keyboard. it will show you name tags. (Very useful) Remember good people. The bad people will have red or yellow names, so no need to hold tilda key for remembering them. 
Press ENTER to use chat, type and then press ENTER again to say what you just wrote. 
Press T to change your chat to “whispering”, “normal” or “yell” (check bottom left to see what mode you have) 
There is probably more, but I cant remember them right now 


When you are on the server, just click on the “Enter City” button 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Then wait for train to arrive or go inside the train that already is there 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Now, click on “esc” and then this menu will come up. Click on “options”Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Then you should select a key for talking, i think maybe the default is “v” (not sure). 
I have it on a key on my mouse so its easier to talk in game. 
And if for some reason you don’t have the game in 1920×1080 already, fix that as well. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 

Inventory slots

If you look at the bottom at the screen you can see dark transparent boxes, 5 at the bottom and 2 over them. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
The 2 on top is your arms, so the left one is your left arm, and the right one is your right arm. 
Under there is your inventory and you can keep items there. 
Slot 1 is for weapons only. You can carry 2 weapons in your inventory at the time. 
Slot 2, 3, 4 and 5 is for everything else. 
In this picture I have 1 M16 in my slot 1 
Two mags in my slot 2 
Two bandages in slot 3 
One mag in slot 4 
And a black floppy disc in slot 5. 
You can take stuff from your inventory and into your hands. So for example if I wanted my gun out I would have to press “1” on my keyboard. To holster the gun I would have to press “1” again. Same is true for the other slots. 
Just keep using it and you will get used to how it works. 

How to type “:”

To check if you can type “:” just get ingame and press ENTER and type “:”, and if it works, then no problem. Just scroll past this part. If it doesn’t, then you can follow my instructions to fix it. 
The reason you need to type “:”, is to do computer stuff. So yeah, you will understand why later on. 
Anyways, first ting you want to do is to change keyboard layout to English. To do so, just click on the language thing in the right corner of your screen,Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Then select the “ENG US”. If you don’t have that, then click on “Language preferences” and get the ENG US thing 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
After you are done with that, select it and then get back to Sub Rosa. 
Now that you are in Sub Rosa, to the following: Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Press “ENTER” to open chat. Then hold “SHIFT” and then press “ΓΈ” and you should be able to make “:”. If it doesn’t work, then just try different keys. Hold “SHIFT” and just press every key on your keyboard. Hopefully for you it will work somehow. 

Map part 1 – Basics

This is the map 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
There is 6 companies to work in. 
Goldmen = Yellow tie / Phone number 1111 
Pentacom = White tie / Phone number 5555 
Nexaco = Red tie / Phone number 4444 
OXS = Black tie / Phone number 3333 
Prodocon = Green tie / Phone number 6666 
Monsota = Blue tie / Phone number 2222 
There are different amount of rings around the corps 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
In this picture you can see that Prodocon (green) has 1 ring around it. Goldmen (yellow) has 3 rings around it and Monsota, Pentacom, Nexaco and OXS has 2 rings around them. 
1 Ring(s) = No one works there 
2 Ring(s) = Someone works there 
3 Ring(s) = You work there 

Map part 2 – How it works

As you can see, there is some names written on the map 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
The map is basicly just a cordinate system 
Abrash Ave 
Bunten Ave 
Carmack Ave 
David Ave 
Eugene Ave 
Flinn Ave 
Garriott Ave 
Holland Ave 
Those are all vertical 
First Street 
Second Street 
Third Street 
Fourth Street 
Fifth Street 
Sixth Street 
Seventh Street 
Eight Street 
Ninth Street 
These are all horizontal 
So as you can see I am currently at 6F. That where Sixth Street and Flinn Ave crosses each other 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 

Map part 3 – Locations

Sub Rosa - Basic Guide - Map part 3 - Locations 
As you can see, there are some orange square like boxes on the map. They are all shops. 
Left from Monsota (blue) there is 2 orange boxes 
Over Nexaco (red) there is 2 orange boxes 
Right from Goldmen (yellow) and left from Pentacom (white) there are 2 orange boxes 
The smalles orange boxes are the gun stores, and the bigger ones are car stores. 
You just press TAB while you are inside the building and then buy what you want and can afford. 
There is also 1 orange box at 5D, that one is an arcade. You can play Snake.exe and Pong. You can also buy Borgs
The one remaining orange box at 5E is an gun store. 
The 3 green dollar signs on the map is banks. You go there with money to deposit some money into your bank, or you go there to withdraw some money from your bank. You can see the amount of money you have by looking at the top left of your screen. 
To deposit, you go in there, hold money in your right hand, and then press TAB. Then click “deposit” and the money you had in your right hand is now in your bank account. 
To withdraw you go in press TAB and then just click the “withdraw 1000” or whatever. 
It’s also 2 blue squared clothing shops, one is located under where is says “David Ave”. And the other shop is located over OXS (black). 

Map part 4 – Locations for discs/files

Here is the map once again 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
As you can see, there are 9 blue squares on the map with a little gray square on the side of it. 
They are called “Laboratories”/”labs”. 
It’s locations is: 
1 = 2D and 3D 
2 = 2E 
3 = 3E 
4 = 3F and 4F 
5 = 3H and 4H 
6 = 8B 
7 = 7C and 8C 
8 = 8F 
9 = 7G and 8G 
In these building there are 4 floors, the first floor is the place you have to go to collect intel discs, its a blue disc that will be located on the inside to the left. easy to spot. 
The first floor does not contain any computers. 
Second, Third and Fourth floor all contain 4 computers each. There are stair on the both sides of the building. 
Some people experience a bug that makes them unable to see the stairs, I can’t help you with that one 


You can find random cars all over the place. Just get in the driver seat and start driving. Hold right click and move mouse around to change gear. Do NOT use auto, like ever. Never use it. 
Some cars are bought, that means that only the one with the key can drive it normally. If you buy a car, you will get the key in your inventory. If your inventory is full. It will be dropped at the ground under the car that you just bought. Just keep your key in your inventory and drive. (same are true for helicopters) 
If your car gets turned on is head, either get someone to crash into it with their own car to flip it back, or get another car and flip it back your self. If that car was keyed, you can get to a car shop, and sell the car by holding the car key in your right hand and then pressing TAB and then Sell Car and then Sell car. Then buy a new car. 

Numbers when you are in a corp

Sub Rosa - Basic Guide - Numbers when you are in a corp 
The number at the top left is the amount of money you have in your bank. 
The number in the top left from middle is the amount of money that the cooperation have. 
The third number the one top right from middle and says how big the budget is. If the budget is 100k or more, then the company will earn maximum from discs. 

Corporate rating / Budget

The only time your Corporate rating Is important is when you are the manager in a company. Because its the managers Corporate rating that is the company’s Budget 
It should preferable be 100k or more. The reason for that is that when the budget is 100k or more the company will earn the most amount of money possible from files. 
To get more Corporate rating, you have to be the manager or employee at an company. And the company has to have money in it when the manager leaves the company. When that happens the money will turn into Corporate Rating for everyone that was in the company. 
Lets say you are the manager and the only one in a company. If you have 10k in the corp. And you leave. You will get 1k Corporate rating. So the ratio is 1-10. 
If you on the other hand have negative 10k in your corp when you leave. You will lose 2000 Corporate rating. So the ratio is 1-5 when you have minus. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 

Day cycles/time

Sub Rosa - Basic Guide - Day cycles/time 
The number at the top right is the time. So in this picture is 08:49, one day cycle starts 08:00 and ends at 07.00. 
When the day resets, all Borgs, briefcases and discs are thanos snapped out of existence. The company phones will come back to their table in each corp. All the computers will restart. The money in the corp will be put into the employees and managers budgets (or the manager will lose budget if its negative). All non keyed cars will be reset. Keyed cars may not disappear. 
Probably some other things as well that I cant remember at the moment (its 04:27 in the morning as I am writing this). 

Player ID and Wanted level

Sub Rosa - Basic Guide - Player ID and Wanted level 
There is some text in the upper left of the white background when you press C. 
First you have your name 
then your ID 
And after that is your Corp rating. 
Under there is the Company you are working for and the money it has, (if any at all) and then to the right of that is the Budget of the company. The budget of the company should preferably be 100k or more. 
Your ID and the number you see other people have says something about when they joined the game. I got 319 so I am fairly new. 
From old to newest 
I think that is the correct order. 
You can also see some red text that say “Wanted Level:44”. You get Wanted level by shooting other people. If you don’t have criminal rating your name will be white. If its anything over 0 it will be yellow or red. If you reach 300, you will most likely get “crimbanned”. 


Sub Rosa - Basic Guide - Borgs 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
If you hold 1 item in each hands while you buy Borgs you can get them in your inventory. You have to have empty space for them though. Very epic. 


You can do emotes in this game. To do so, press ENTER to open chat, and then type: /e “emote” and then press ENTER 
Here are some of them: 
/e hug 
/e crossed 
/e point 
/e salute 
/e suicide 
/e cheer 
/e salute 
/e surrender 
/e think 

How to obtain the money – Part 1

So, to get money, the first step is to work for any of the company’s 
Goldmen (yellow) 
Monsota (blue) 
OXS International (black) 
Nexaco (red) 
Pentacom (white) 
Prodocon (green) 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
To apply/apply for manager you have to get inside one of them and press TAB and then click the “Apply” or “Apply for manager”. 
If the door is closed, go backwards into it and then look a bit down, you can now apply without entering the building. 
So, lets say you become manager and that you are the only one in the company. 
You open/close the door by left clicking on the sides of the door. Any side will work. You can only do that if you work at that specific company. 

How to obtain the money – Part 2

Now, look at the time (up in the right corner). if its like over 04:00 then its a bit late to do work, but maybe you still can get a file. Go to one of the computers inside the corp. 
Left click on it (you must have your right hand free to do so) 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Now you must type “MISSION” and then press ENTER 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
It will say “CONNECTING” 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
You will now have a screen that look something like this 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
You use your arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down in the computer 
In this picture you can see that there are some numers 1-7 that say “unknown”. That are all the files that can be uploaded that day. The reason its all unknown is because no company’s have gotten any of them. So they all say “open”. 
If some say “closed” that means that some other company has already uploaded the file and you can no longer upload that specific file. 
If any of them say “TRADE” your should click on it and see which company that has the file and how much its worth. Then you call that company, you then try to make a deal with that other company. 
The “UPLOAD FILE” section is where you will enter to upload your files to then get money or a trade with someone. 
You can also see that is says “INTEL FAXED”, that means that you have gotten a paper on your desc with 1 or 2 locations. 
It can also say “REQUEST INTEL” When it does that just press ENTER on it and it should change to “INTEL REQUESTED”. And eventually you may get more Intel on your desc. 

How to obtain the money – Part 3

Here is your desc with Intel on it 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Pick up the Intel and check what it says 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
This time it says that Intel disc 01 is on Second Street and Eugene Ave. So 2E INTEL01.CDE 
Go to that location 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
When you are there it should look something like this 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Enter and get the blue Intel disc, it should be on the left after you have entered the front door. be careful though, because you may encounter NPC’s, and they will try their best to kill you. So gun then down before they do the same to you. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Now, pick up the disc and either go up stairs to Decrypt at that Lab, or you can take it with you to your base to Decrypt it there. 

How to obtain the money – Part 4 (Decrypting)

You should now have a computer in front of you and a blue Intel disc in your possession. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
So just have the Intel disc in your hand and left click on the computer and it should enter just fine. 
Then left click on the computer to use it. 
The first ting you want to do is to enter the floppy disc. To do o you just type “A:” like this 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Then press ENTER 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
You can now see that the text on the computer changed to “A:\>” instead of “C:\>” 
C means that you are typing in the computer and 
A means that you are typing in the floppy disc. 
Now type “DIR” it stands for directory and it shows you the files on the floppy disc or on the computer 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Then type “DECRYPT INTEL##.CDE” In my case its “01”, In your case it may be something else. Then press ENTER 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Now you will have a screen that looks something like this. Except its not filled out yet. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
This is kinda how it will look. it wont be the same but kinda like this. 
What you are looking for is a location and a file name. In this case its project DRESS. And its located at Seventh Street and Carmack Ave. So in short: 7C DRESS 
Now go to that location. 

How to obtain the money – Part 4.5 (Decrypting)

I will show you an example for how to decrypt Intel 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
This is how it may look when you first get to the decrypting screen. You can look at the bottom of the screen and it says how many times a letter is in this puzzle. The most used letter in the English alphabet is E so since R is the most common one in this one. R is most likely E. So press R and then follow it up by pressing E 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
This methode does not always work, but its good to keep in mind the first time you decrypt to get you started. 
What I do, is that I look for a place in the file where it says something like “LGDJJG”, in this case it was “SETRRE”. When you find that one, the two R’s in this case is E, and the word os “STREET, so fill in the rest of that word. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
The word after “STREET” is always “AND” so fill that one in as well. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
And now you can just guess rest of the words by the information that you already have. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
If you still are stuck, press ENTER, it will now say “AUTO DECRYPTING” in the top left. It will eventually give you 1 letter. 

How to obtain the money – Part 5 copying files

So take your disc with you and travel to that location. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Now go to every computer and type “DIR” and press ENTER. 
Do that until you find the file you are looking for 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
When you find it, take your floppy disc inside of the computer and type the following: 
“COPY #####.DOC A:”.So the ###’s is just the filename that you have. I had DRESS so I typed: 
Then press ENTER and wait for the computer to copy the file onto the disc that you have. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Now get back to your company with the disc that contains the file. 

How to obtain the money – Part 6 Uploading files

So you are now at your base. Go to one of the computers and take the disc with the file inside of it. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Like that 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Now type “A:” and press ENTER 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Then type “COPY ####.DOC C:” where ####’s is the filename. In my case its DRESS 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
It will then copy the file from the disc and onto the computer 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Now type “MISSION” and press ENTER 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Then press the “UPLOAD FILE” section and select your file 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
It will then say 1 of 3 things 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
In my case it just says MISSION SUCCESS and the amount of money I gained. (This is the best scenario) 
It can also say TRADE and then some companies. You have to call them and hopefully they want to make a deal with you. (second best outcome) 
Third scenario, It can say CLOSED, that means that someone else has already cashed in the project and you did all that work for nothing. 

How to obtain the money – Part 7

Now you got some money in your company. If you want that in your bank, just press TAB and then “WITHDRAW 1000” Until you have withdrawn the amount you wanted. (You need to be manager to be able to do this) 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
Then travel to one of the banks and deposit the money there. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 

Thats it

So hopefully you found this useful as a player that don’t know what to do. 
Obviously this guide is not perfect so I probably said stuff wrong and forgot to mention things. And I know its not good structured. But its something. 
It would be nice to get feedback from both new and experienced players to see what I could improve in this guide. 
Sub Rosa - Basic Guide 
And last tip if you are a new player, uninstall the game and refound it before its too late. 

Written by Cactus42

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Sub Rosa – Basic Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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