Stronghold Crusader HD – Arabian Unit Guide

Stronghold Crusader HD – Arabian Unit Guide 1 -
Stronghold Crusader HD – Arabian Unit Guide 1 -

Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Stronghold Crusader HD – Arabian Unit Follow this guide step by step.

Arabian Archer

Do not purchase this bow until you have a good amount of money. But you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to but here are the pros and cons:


Better armed than the English archer.

It is more dangerous than an English archer.


It has a shorter range than an English archer.

Costs a TON MORE money than an English archer.


Slavery is cheap, fast and can cause a rival economy to fall apart. It’s hard to not love them. Here are the pros and cons:


Recruitment is not expensive.

Fast and nice.


Their armor is fragile, so one shot from a weak archer will kill them.

Awful units if you choose to use them to attack an enemy unit, including spearmen.

Horse Archers

Horse archers are one of the best equipment available when you know how to use them and are able to afford them. Here are some pros and cons.


Extremely fast

Shoot while moving them.

Great to pick archers out of towers.


Extremely expensive

Have terrible armor.


A cheap, reliable, short-ranged unit. Here are pros and cons


It is cheap to hire.

Are very fast.

Will shoot extremely quickly.


Short ranged.

They are extremely weak.

It’s a nightmare if you have archers to select your towers.

Arabian Swordsman

No. Just no. Horrible. Just horrible. Here are pros and cons.


You can hurry them.


Very expensive.

Not so well armored and armed as an English swordsman

Very slow

Do not cause as much harm as an English swordsman.

A waste of money.


A good, sneaky unit. One of my favorites. Here are the pros and cons.


Invisible to enemy.

Will open your enemies gatehouse.

Do a decent amount of damage.

The armor is fairly good.

A good buy considering the amount of work they do.

It is possible to sneak past walls.

Ideal for the rush.

Goes kinda fast.


Ineffective if your enemy has a moat.


No, no, no, no, NO. Wasting money is a huge waste. Here are pros and pros and.


There are none.


Very expensive.

If you want to light pitch ditch just purchase an archer and a brazer on the tower.

It is a waste of money to use them as a means to set your enemy’s house on fire.

Arabian Fire Ballista

A good, long ranged piece of Siege equipment. Here are pros and cons.


Very long ranged.

It is a good idea to pick out.


Very expensive


Overall, there are some positive and negative aspects. They can be fun to use, but they can be devastating to the enemy economy. I hope this guide is useful. Please leave a comment below If you have any suggestions. Have fun and beware of the porcine.

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