Streets of Rage 4 – How to Fight Bosses Guide

Streets of Rage 4 – How to Fight Bosses Guide 1 -
Streets of Rage 4 – How to Fight Bosses Guide 1 -
Having played Boss Rush extensively to the point of getting over 100K without infinites consistently I believe I can share some minor but nontheless useful tips on how to approach different bosses. Here goes nothing.


Straight to the point

[Diva] – when her health is 70% or below to prevent her from blackening the screen and going into the second phase you can time you jump kick directed at her when she’s about to get up and then jab right after landing to stun her. Works 100% but requires some getting used to the timings as they are somewhat tight.

[Commissioner] – corner him and when he’s about to get up you might want to lean to the wall and his unteleraphed wake up punch (should it happen) will go through you.

[Nora] – corner that idiot. When she’s cornered should you be in the air on her wake up frames she will 90% of the time NOT do a thing and stand still.

[Estel 4] – she has some huge invincibility window on her wake up, however, you can still manage to keep her close to the wall and catch her right after she gets up to deal as much DMG as possible. This strategy works like a charm on Estel 6 though since her wake up invincibility is almost non-existent. In fact, it works so well you can skip phase-2 very easily without even paying attention to the Commissioner.

[Barbon] – good luck and I mean it. Easily the most random AI in v5. He’s not hard but his random canceling into double attacks is very hard to read and avoid at times. Plus, he’s probably the only boss that abuses the Y-axis a bit too much. The safest launcher is an SP attack, especially when he’s approaching you on the X-axis.

[Shiva] – one thing that everybody knows but always forgets – NEVER CORNER SHIVA. Technically it’s doable but he will spam his SP at you 99% of the time should you attempt to fight him in the corner. The best strategy is to simply wait for him to get close enough for you to attack. Just be ready to Y-dogde a bit before attacking him since Shiva’s attacks can go diagonally up or down.

[Estel 6] – corner and catch right after her wake up. Works 100%.

[Beyo and Riho] – one of the easiest boss fights in the entire game. Just be careful and don’t forget that you have 2 girls to deal with.

[Max] – a tough guy with a lot of HP. Just stand close and attack him all the time in Phase-1. SP through his charge attacks to maximize DMG. In phase-2 you can use neutral jump kick to avoid his attacks or just SP through them if you are brave enough and have a lot of HP at your disposal. He can throw some random non-telegraphed attacks at you once in a blue moon but it’s rare. It should be noted though that ‘once in a moon’ may become a frequent occurnce in 2P.

[DJ K-WASHI] – he’s a pushover in general, however, his goons might present some problems if you’re going for a long chain. Use a star to finish him off faster.

[Mr.Y] – right after you are done with K-WASHI turn your back to the wall you’re close to. There’s a very high chance Mr.Y will appear behind you. Turn back to him and land a punch before his initial walking cycle ends and he’s all yours. The easiest boss in the entire game.

[Ms.Y] – unlike with Barbon almost everything she does is NOT random. Well, expect for her walking patterns which can get very annyoing pretty quickly. Jump kick around the screen to avoid her X-axis quick slash. In phase-2 be ready for her Z-slash: stand on her side but either higher or lower than her but on the sameish X coordinate. Her first attack will be a random slash in the opposite direction and the other will be directed right at you. Be ready to jump over the attack and then immediately jab to continue the chain.

[Mr.Y and Mr.X] – the best strategy that comes to my mind is just to try and catch both of them on the X-axis and deal as much DMG to both of them as possible. Easier said than done but hey, at least it works. Phase-2 – back attack the crab or use a mace should you have it. And that’s about it.

These basic strategies helped me to get this:
Streets of Rage 4 - How to Fight Bosses Guide

P.S Don’t hesitate to leave your tips and tricks in the comment section.

Written by Teie

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