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This guide will outline the character creation process. If smithing has not been unlocked yet, it will begin in DLC2.


Once you beat the game for the first time, Chaos mode and DLC will become available to you. Utilize all the game mechanics you have learned previously while optimizing your playstyle with affinities, stats, and gear – which may initially seem intimidating due to so much information to process. It won’t be easy making decisions quickly nor understand how effects work together harmoniously. But with practice comes success!

This guide will provide the fundamentals of building and the effects you can choose from.


Equipment 101

You can fuse armor pieces in DLC2 – Wanderer of the Rift. You will undoubtedly come across Ultima/Evocation effects on gear if you’ve made it this far. There are also yellow effects called chaos effects. These effects work by indicating that the number is the maximum value of the effect after it has been upgraded.

You can, for example, smith 2.3% duration on your gear. The chaos effect is 1.5, which is 3.45%. An ultima/evocation I effect has a 1.8x that of 4.14%. Each level of effect is, therefore 0.3 times the original smithing value.

Rank V is three times the smithing price

Rank X is 4.5 for the smithing value

Ranked effects can only be activated if your combined Ultima and Evocation affinities exceed the thresholds. These can be viewed in the Battle setting screen. You may need to change the version of your affinity on your equipment. This can be done by fusing but it will cost you.

Two-handed weapons have 1.5 times more smithing value than single-handed weapons

STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN - Guide to Building Mechanics - Equipment 101 - DD28E92

Each piece of equipment contains 3 slots for normal use and 2 slots for special use. The two special slots at the top cannot be smithed into, but the three normal slots can have smithed effect.

In the above example Damage Dealt: Interception is the special slot. Onslaught is the improved effect. The Evocation level for all equipment is >Rank VII. The Ultima level is lower so the first effect is active.

“Improved Effect – Lancet” is a special slot that can only be found on dropped loot. However, Strength + 5 can be smithed with any level 500 gear. Ranked effects (Chaos and Ultima / Evocation), cannot be smithed but can be fused into normal slots. The special slots can be used to modify specific command abilities and class abilities. Nearly all classes have something like “Jump Damage Dealt” or “Jump Cost Reduction”. This applies to both Hyper Jump and Boost Jump subclass abilities. If the ability has a duration you will see buff duration effects. This effect is almost common for command abilities. There will be an effect that reduces the charge time for abilities with a charge time like Magic Sigil, Focus or Zantestuken.

Accessories only have one special slot. This is for either gilgamesh accessory effects (“Mantra”) from black belt accessory or an enemy ability.

Weapons have a third special slot, which is reserved for weapon abilities. This effect does not have ranks, so you can put your favorite combo ability here.


Next, we will discuss summon blessings. Each summon affinity you place on your equipment will increase your base stats based on the summon’s percentage.

STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN - Guide to Building Mechanics - Blessings - 4E6106A

Even if the primary summon is not used, this happens. If you want the Shiva blessing ability, you can use one piece of equipment and then fit the rest with Odin. Breaker, for example, is a STR-based class. Odin gives the highest multiplication to ST, so every 100 percent invested in Odin will give 9 STR. Two-handed weapons give 1.5 times the bonus for every affinity invested, while shields provide 0.5. A maxed-out summon affinity of 6493% is possible if you have 999% or more in each slot. This is equivalent to 576 STR from blessings, but you won’t find this equipment until you have rift floors greater than 200+.

Conversely, the Tyrant has poor scaling and will only give 3 STR per 100. Fenrir and Ramuh, which provide decent INT scaling, are better choices. The Tyrant class also has mage-like base stats.

The summon sheet is the best way to determine which stats will benefit your class most. The best summons are:

Fenrir – AGI

Odin – STR

Ramuh – INT

Titan – HP

Alexander – STA

LCK – Carbuncle

Other summons are rarely used, except in special cases or where you require dual stats. Shiva, for example, provides slightly less AGI than Fenrir but more SPI

Sub Jobs

There are many options for a second job. However, a sub-job is essential for more difficult content. These are the three best sub-jobs:




Focusing at level 4 by Monk (using Master sub-jobs) gives 100% increased damage and break damage. This multiplies with “Improved Effect: Focus” and is applicable to everything

Hunter’s analyze produces a powerful strike-like effect that scales with the percentage. This is 1% for each stack multiplied with “Improved effect: Analyze”. This applies only to physical damage. However, if stacked with “Enemy Strength: Damage Dealt”, it does a lot more.

If invested in, both Hunter and Monk can do more than 3x as much damage. However, Hunter’s ability to provide an enhanced effect of over 200% can be more. Look here if you need more damage for your job.

Ninja is useful because of its Utsusemi ability. This allows you to dodge 3 attacks and provide a shield for 2 scrolls. This ability is useful for builds that are easy to reach damage cap, such as the breaker. It can also end fights quickly and at a distance.

It is a good idea for all sub-jobs to have all your command abilities on this job. This will allow you more room for your main job’s damage abilities. Lunatic, Mighty Strikes and Barrage are all popular options for physical builds. Lancet is an excellent choice to recover MP. Summon Tachi does decent damage and Invisible is a good choice for recovering MP. Lunatic and Barrage are my favorite command abilities. They provide more DPS and benefits all classes.

Hunter and Monk can maximize the effect of their abilities by placing it in a specific slot on each piece. Furthermore, for the remaining 7 unique slots, reduce MP cost by at least 1 for each command ability and add “Improved Effect: Barrage” wherever possible. These combinations may be mixed and matched until you achieve an ideal balance between MP management and DPS production.

Add in Lightbringer Duration, Buff Duration, and Soul Burst MP to get normal effects

A good build for affinities is an “Infinite LightBringer”, which allows you to cast lightbringer as many as you like for approximately 10 MP per pop. This is what you need:

250% Evoker

400% Void Knight

600% Cyclic Warrior

600% Summoner

Primary Blessing of Leviathan

Master Points in MP Limit

Master Points in Soul Burst – MP

This works by making every Lightbringer activation or soul burst act a soul shield. Your master points are multiplied by the max MP that Leviathan and Evoker affinities provide. Void Knight lowers the cost for command abilities, including Light Bringer. Summoner 600% will double Leviathan’s effects, but it’s more useful if it’s 400%. Each Light Bringer or soul shield activation increases your buffs duration by 10%. It’s faster and cheaper to spam Light bringer repeatedly if you want your 99 analyze stacks and 4 focus stacks to last. You can also increase your soul shield stats by using an ability (Bahamut blessing or breaker 600%, for example). It will increase your stack by 1. You can place Thief 400% on a sub job to get the Luck increase. If either of your main jobs uses Bahamut blessing, the stack for both increases. You can spam LightBringer to boost your stats for your main job. The LCK increase from Thief 400% will only be granted to the sub-job.

Main Job

Your main job is important, but it’s also important to do some other things. You can either aim to kill enemies with HP damage, or break damage. Depending on whether you are dealing elemental or pure physical damage, HP damage is determined using STR or IN. If you are a Breaker, you should focus on STR and possibly some AGI.

AGI will only impact 2 things. Break damage on Critical Hits, and the number and power of Barrage. If you are looking for a breaker build, you will need more AGI. However, it will also guarantee critical hits like the Tyrant 400% and Samurai 600%. The Hunter 600% will deal extra damage to weakening characters. Non-critical break damage scales with damage. You can therefore break things with STR or INT builds, even if you don’t invest in AGI.

There are three options for damage to special slots in equipment:

  • Damage Dealt: Class Capability
  • Damage Dealt: Weapon Combo Ability
  • Both

Why choose one over the other? If you’re relying on Breaker’s Zantetsuken for damage, you don’t have to invest in STR. Tyrant does not have an action ability that does damage. Therefore, you would want to invest in both “Improved Effect: Enchant” and “Damage Dealt, Knuckles Combo Ability”, as these will multiply.

If possible, add a few MP cost reductions to achieve a 100% reduction (effectively, 50%) This applies to nearly all builds. Some classes get multiplied by combo abilities like Summoner or Paladin, while others prefer to use their class abilities such as Sage or Dragoon. You can also use the basic jobs ability to appear on equipment. If you have the space, you can still use “Damage Dealt; Spinning Slash” or “Damage Dealt. Greatsword Combo Abilities” for your Dark Knight and Soul Eater effects.

Normal equipment effects require stats and damage passives. STR characters need STR +20, or as high as possible on every piece. Magic characters need INT, etc. If you can increase the Barrage damage of STR classes like Breaker, AGI is beneficial. Some classes require two stats, such as Tyrant who needs INT and some AGI. If he uses a combo ability like Spinning Slash or Spirit For Photon Blast, he will also need INT.

These are the most common normal effects. You can choose the one that gives you the greatest bonus. Note that Enemy Weakness Damage Dealt can be multiplicative with other damage capabilities. All other damage dealt passives seem to be additive: I.E. “During LightBringer Damage Dealt” or “Near Death Damage Dealt?”

During LightBringer: Damage Dealt

Near Death: Damages

Enemy Weakness – Damage Dealt

Break Damage Dealt

Max HP: Damage Taken

Near Death: Damage Taken

Tank builds that rely on Runic Protection and Sentinel command abilities to take the damage are well served by damage-taken passives. Near Death, passives work 100% if you have Dark Knight 400%. This makes it one of the best affinities for HP damage builds.

The main job master points

Always max out all relevant stats. If you’re a magic user, it’s INT. For a break build, it’s AGI. You can put points into affinity if you need a class affinity for your build. You can increase your class’s base stats up to 1500% if you wish. Classes such as Breaker and Sage get 9 points for their highest stat (STR, IN, AGI) which is 100% above 800%. Many classes, such as Blue Mage, have poor stat scaling and can use the master points elsewhere.

Next, for Section 2 passives, pick up Near Death: Damage Dealt if using Dark Knight 400% or During LightBringer: Damage Dealt if using LightBringer. You can invest in Break builds or the break version LightBringer passive. This is where you will find the majority of your damaged passives. You should note that a few Rank VII effects are as powerful as those you invest here. It adds up. If you use Analyze or Mighty Stikes, max out “Enemy Wightness: Damage Dealt”. It’s very powerful if you maximize weakness damage.

Section 3:

Parry: MP Recovery is a must-have if you use Samurai 600%. Parry: Damage Dealt can also be useful. Soul Burst is a useful feature for classes that can soul burst all enemies, such as Breaker. This will allow you to defeat enemies and fuel your next attack.

The last Section has no passive damage, but some classes may need the “Status Anilment Accumulation” effect or other effects. These effects will be used more often by your sub-job.

Main Job Affinities:

These effects can vary depending on the job, but they are all more beneficial than others.

Dark Knight 400%

Near Death status is constant. Also, Near Death: Damage Dealt of 15% has been added. Some passives increase damage by 15% if an enemy targets you. Berserker 250% will give you permanent protection/shell to survive. This is the best way to increase your damage instantly!

Breaker 600%; Black Mage 600%; Assassin 600%

After 20 soul shields to STR and INT, respectively, this stack provides +30 stacks. It is beneficial in the early stages of the rift, where +10 stats can have huge increases

Black Mage 400%

Allows you to use your magic attacks to increase max MP. This is useful for max MP trials, or when casting spells like Holy or Meteor that reduce max MP. These abilities can be combined with MP reduction passives to spam them up to a certain extent

Samurai 600%

This ability can be beneficial in managing MP, critical hits, increasing damage, and other useful abilities. The 600 effect will activate any parry effects associated with combo abilities in combinations not unlocked in your class tree. This ability only works if activated before your attack connects with the enemy or if you use the senshin stance with Katana. Your MP will regenerate if you place master points into “Parry MP”. Due to a 400% effect, any subsequent attack you make after parrying will be critically hit! Chain canceling an attack chain gives you a 5-second 50% increase in damage and critical hit; chain canceling a combo link also gives an additional 50% damage boost. These effects are useless without combo links (e.g., ninja or sage equipped with gun), however.

Knight 400%

Knightbringer halves your Lightbringer duration but makes you invincible. This is a valuable tool for staying alive, and most classes will need it as it can last quite a while. To make it last longer, use Lightbringer Duration or Buff Duration. It can also be enhanced with defensive properties or passives that reduce damage. The break bar will decrease for each hit you take during activation. This is dependent on the strength of your attack and defense.

Paladin 400%

Immunity to debuffs This is useful for max trials. This will prevent you from becoming paralyzed, poisoned or petrified. If not, you can increase your resistance to status ailment.

Summoner 120%

Allows chain cancelling to regenerate max MP. This is useful for jobs that offer no-cost abilities, such as ninja shuriken or tyrant’s enluna.

Summoner 250%

Sustainable MP costs are reduced by 20% Spinning Slash, for example, will result in less MP being expended per second. This applies to Paladin, Liberator, and all other actions that drain MP

Summoner 600%

Doubles the potency of active summoning blessings. Bahamut stacks of +20 feel like +40 to each stat. The Odin and Ramuh buffs are more effective quickly. Alexander debuffs twice the amount, Ifrit deals 60% damage instead of 30% when activated. It is useful for all jobs, but not everyone can benefit.

Dragoon 250%

Automately break enemies by defeating them using action abilities. Useful to trigger soul burst on normal enemies to recharge MP or Lightbringer using Berserker 600

Dragoon 400%

15% faster attacks during light bringer. The very powerful effect stacks well with lunati

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