STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life – How to play beginners guide

STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life – How to play beginners guide 1 -
STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life – How to play beginners guide 1 -

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Put down roots on your new farm in the peaceful town of Forgotten Valley. Bring life to the land by cultivating crops and raising animals, find love among the town’s friendly folk, and make lasting memories with your very own family.

Tips and Tricks

You can give more than one present per day, so long that the gifts are distinct (e.g. an Apple Milk and an Apple are acceptable, however, a Goat Milk and an Apple or Cow Milk will not work).

Use the Map to locate your most loved villager.

The girls can participate in six events (intro plus 5 heart-related events) in comparison to the boys, who have 5 (intro plus 4 events). The 9-hearts event which is the girls’ go-steady event, could hinder you from attending other romantic events. This was the case with the JP launch version, which was only available to Molly. Bug patches could have changed this to include Nami, Cecilia, and Lumina. You don’t have to get married an individual just because you’ve seen their 9-hearts celebration. You can wait until the winter 10, and then choose your favorite candidate, provided they have at least six hearts of affection and a minimum of 70 friendships.

The 9-heart celebration with the girls is optional and is not necessary to make a marriage proposal successful.

To receive an unrestricted Seed Maker, you must strengthen your relationship with Daryl.

Keep all the Happy Lamps on your farm. You’ll require them later on when you’re ready to unlock all mutations but do not have the time to wait for the seasons to plant new seeds.

Vinnie is the only villager I’ve met with a declining friendship. You can speak to Vinnie (on the same day) repeatedly to rekindle any lost friendships. The plant will allow you the possibility of mixing hybrids.

The three events that Nina is a part of the first chapter are as the following:

Nina’s Fighting Spirit 1, Exit Gustafa’s house, Autumn/Winter Only not the third or eighth day, 9am-5pm in the sun.

Nina’s Fighting Spirit 2: Exit Gordy’s house only during Autumn/Winter and not on the 3rd or 8th, from 9am to 5pm.

Nina’s challenge: Exit from the cafe only during winter Not on the 1st or 2nd or the 3rd or 8th. 9am-5pm. Sunny weather.

The fishing pole at Van’s is 500 G

Other upgrades to tools are based on both the duration and the usage criteria. The copper watering pan is featured in Van’s Shop following Summer 8 in chapter 1. If you used your standard tools (watering pan, sickle, and harrow) at least 500 times.

On the first and sixth days of every month, tasks are posted on the message boards. Certain tasks award regular rewards, while others reward important items like the Alarm Clock. Complete 100 tasks on the board to unlock an achievement in the game.

The upgrade to the large field can be purchased through your farm ledger. It is priced at 60000 G and is released after you’ve had at least one animal breed.

There is no need to breed cows in order to produce milk.

The milk can be collected twice every day, with a 12-hour interval between each collection. The cows produce three bottles in autumn and spring and two in winter and summer.

Goats make milk every day, but they only do it once.

If you do breed goats and cattle the milk production is known as Mama Milk for three days following birth. Normal milk increases by two days following the birth. Then, normal milk decreases to +2 for 20 days after birth.

After 8 to 12 days, the baby cows turn into milk-producing adults. The only exception is when the cows are male. It’s not the milk you want.

Sheep earn a lot of money. Sheep produce wool every five days, and can be sold for 3000 G 4,500 G, or the equivalent of 6000 G.

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