Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Western War Lore Official Guide

Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Western War Lore Official Guide 5 -
Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Western War Lore Official Guide 5 -

Welcome to Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Western War Lore Official Guide

This is the official lore of the Western War for those who wish to read it and find out what’s happening in this fictional world.
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The Countries of the Western War

Constitutional Monarchy of Oceania:

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(*)Government: Constitution-Based Monarchy
(*)Language Used: English
(*)Resources/Eco: Agriculture, Manufacturing
(*)Population: 75 Million
(*)Demonym: Oceanian
(*)Generalized Military Term: Royal Guard of Oceania
(*)Army: Royal Armed Guard
(*)Navy: Royal Naval Guard
(*)Airforce Royal Air Guard
Country Inspiration: United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom


Republic of Mercia:

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(*)Government:Constitutional Republic
(*)Language Used:Italian
(*)Resources/Eco: Oil, Forest, Mediterranean Agriculture, Natural Gas, Weapons Factories
(*)Population: 36 Million
(*)Demonym: Mercian
(*)Generalized Military Term: Armed Forces of the Mercian Republic
(*)Army: Army of the Mercian Republic
(*)Navy: Navy of the Mercian Republic
(*)Air Force Air Force of the Mercian Republic
Country Inspiration: Italy, Mediterranean Countries, Spain


People’s Union of Ihzair:

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(*)Government: One-Party Union
(*)Language Used: Turkish
(*)Resources/Eco: Coal, Iron, Agriculture, Mining
(*)Population: 105 Million
(*)Demonym: Ihzairi
(*)Generalized Military Term: Ihzairi People’s Military
(*)Army: Ihzairi People’s Army
(*)Navy: Ihzairi People’s Navy
(*)Air Force Ihzairi People’s Air Force
Country Inspiration: Some Ottoman Empire, Modern Turkey, and Soviet Union


Kingdom of the Diamond Coast:

Stormworks: Build and Rescue - Western War Lore Official Guide - The Countries of the Western War: - F92A9CF

(*)Government: Monarchy
(*)Language Used: Afrikaans
(*)Resources/Eco: Diamonds, Gems, Natural Gas, Limited Farming, Fishing
(*)Population: 38 Million
(*)Demonym: Diamond Coastal
(*)Generalized Military Term: Royal Military of the Diamond Coast
(*)Army: Royal Army of the Diamond Coast
(*)Navy: Royal Navy of the Diamond Coast
(*)Air Force Royal Air Force of the Diamond Coast
Country Inspiration: South Africa, Gold Coast, Nigeria, Tunisia


The World of the Western War



The Pre-War Period

The Rise of Ihzair
A large and once-mighty empire, known simply as the "Great Empire" by the countries of the world, once controlled most of the Old Continent. This empire gradually declined as unfit rulers came in and ethnic violence started until it suffered from numerous civil wars started by breakaway states.

One of these breakaway states was the region of the Ihzairi Coast. Using its manpower, resources, and determined military leaders, it fought hard against the "Great Empire's" reclamation forces, further weakening the empire.

Eventually, the empire fully collapsed, leaving a bunch of disorganized states scattered around. The Ihzairi coast went on and began taking the surrounding states with its superior military. It looked as if the "Great Empire" would come back yet again, this time under the Ihzairi flag.

This was the Ihzairi plan. The leader of the new country had claimed that he was visited by the gods of the "Great Empire" with a request: deliver the people of the "Great Empire" from the oppression and instability of the old empire they had placed their faith in, even if it meant carving a path of destruction across the continent, which is exactly what happened.

The Ihzairi Coast was huge, and reaching the coasts of both sides of the continent. Its progress was only stopped by the Kingdom of the Diamond Coast, one of the old allies of the "Great Empire" and the controller of the entire northern coast of the Old Continent. This, the countries of the world hoped, would fight Ihzair. The opposite happened, and the Ihzairi Coast and the Diamond Coast allied each other, with the kingdom backing everything the Ihzairi Coast did.

With its conquest of the Old Continent over, the Ihzairi Coast re-organized itself as the People's Union of Ihzair. The false religion, propaganda, and charismatic dictator of Ihzair gave great stability.


Oceanian Annexation of the "Eastern Lands"
The weak "Great Empire" was starting to lose a hold on the resource-rich "Eastern Lands", a region of medium-small islands a way off the coast of the western end of the continent. The Constitutional Monarchy of Oceania, with little natural resources aside from fertile soil, took a chance and sent a massive fleet and army over. They seized the islands, renamed it the "Western Territories", and gave the population a choice: be loyal to the Crown or be sent back to the "Great Empire".

The Oceanian economy exploded, and the country grew in strength, reaching the status of a superpower.

As word reached Oceania about the Ihzairi zealously seeking to reclaim all of the lands lost by the "Great Empire" in the name of their gods and leader, they hoped the Western Territories would fly under the radar. This didn't happen, and Ihzair demanded the territories be given to them.

Oceania didn't give a thought to Ihzairi demands and worked on internal affairs, keeping their "Superpower" title in check.


Where the Story Starts (The Start of War).

The day had come for Ihzair to take what was theirs. A massive formation of bombers made their way across the Eastern Strait with the mission to bomb the Oceanian boats, ports, and bases to oblivion.

Oceanian anti-air gunners were shocked when massive formations of aircraft soared overhead, only to hear the thundering explosions all around them afterwards. The defenders gave it their all, using every gun and every aircraft, including the "just-in-case" A-23-A4s - []  to take down the fighters and bombers above them.

When the attack was over, much of the Oceanian navy and army, which hadn't been upgraded since their invasion of the Western Territories, was mostly reduced to ashes with the loss of a few dozen Ihzairi aircraft.

Ignoring the presence of the supposedly tiny and weak Oceanian air force, the Ihzairi navy swept through the waters in their boats, hunting for enemy ships that escaped port after the bombings. They were met with the surprisingly-well-armed Oceanian aircraft defending the territories, which hammered the Ihzairi navy.

These aircraft fought sortie-after-sortie, trying to buy time for reinforcements to come. Thanks to their efforts, reinforcements did make it, destroying all hopes of a quick war. As both militaries rapidly modernized and expanded, it became clear that a full-blown war had started.

This is where the story starts:


The Republic of Mercia vs. The Kingdom of Diamond Coast

The Conflict Grows
Separated from each other by the Gulf of Mercia, The Kingdom of the Diamond Coast and the Republic of Mercia stayed out of the conflict for the first year.

This wouldn't last long, however, as the People's Union of Ihzair's military leaders wondered where Oceania was getting their munitions and aviation fuel from.

It was soon found out that Mercia was shipping munitions and oil through the sea to their newfound ally, and getting good money as well as military and political backing.

Mercia soon found themselves in a terrible situation as Diamond Coastal aircraft and ships began bombing their coastal cities. Oceania wasn't willing to lose their oil and bullet supplier, however, and backed Mercia. The Diamond Coast then joined the fight against Oceania, and Mercia joined the fight against Ihzair.

Now four countries were fully involved in the fighting, with a fifth, The United Kingdom of the Northland, soon to enter.


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