Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Setup Server + Commands

Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Setup Server + Commands 1 -
Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Setup Server + Commands 1 -

This guide will help both players as well as server hosts set up and use Independent Contractors mod. This guide contains descriptions of commands, how you can get started, and features.


Independent Contractors is a script that provides players with a variety of features to enhance their Stormworks Career and Classic Career experience.
These features include:

  • Personal Money
  • Lending & Debt
  • Player-to-player payments
  • Admin Commands Enhanced
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Vehicle and Spawn Protection
  • Island Purchasing & Permissions
  • And more!

Link to the addon – []



  • Simply select the addon and start the map.
  • You should type "?savegame?" into chat frequently. It will display a message that it is not saving because it is not a dedicated server. However, it IS saving the variables necessary for this addon. Before saving the menu, make sure you use "?savegame". The "?savegame?" command is what saves money, vehicle, and island data.

Dedicated Server

  • Your server should subscribe to Independent Contractors on Workshop.
  • Add the playlist to the servers missions> playlist. There are many tutorials available online if you don't know how to do it. Search "Add custom playlists Stormworks dedicated server".
  • You can change the save game name of your server to match the file name of Independent Contractor. This is necessary for the server's auto-save and save functions to work properly.

A set of parameters are located at the top of the script. These parameters can be modified to suit your needs. You have the option of adjusting the hospital bill cost, debt interest or starting cash. To improve compatibility, you can add additional island tiles or modified island tiles to the script. You can edit these settings for your personal or server use, but you must not re-upload the script.


You can join a server with $50,000 (configurable and) debt. These funds can be used to purchase vehicles or pay players. The cost of a vehicle is returned to your personal account when it is benched.
You need more money? To get more money, use "?loan ()" You will be charged interest for every 0.025% (configurable) of your current debt. To pay it back, use "?payloan amount)" A maximum loan amount of $200,000 (-configurable) is allowed. You cannot spawn vehicles if you have more than $250,000 (configurable) of debt. A loan cannot earn interest beyond $300,000. (configurable)
The "b" key may be disabled. If you are the owner of the vehicle, you can use "?bench?" to return it. This system was put in place to stop other players from working on your vehicles. I recommend saving your changes after each change or working in singleplayer if you have to work on your vehicle often. If you accidentally change something and spawn it without saving, an administrator may unlock it for your use by using "?unlock". This will allow you again to use the bkey on it. The b key will add money to the shared account and not your personal account. It is important to "?claim (amount,)" it back.
Currently, fuel or coal gantries cannot be purchased from the shared account. To add money to your shared account, use "?deposit ()". I am looking at ways to integrate this into my personal account system.
The money goes into the shared account whenever you sell fuel/coal or complete a mission.
You will not be able to receive the money if the shared account is $0! This is due to the vanilla money system's workaround. Once the money has been transferred to the shared account, you can use "?claim ()" in order to transfer the money to your personal account.
If your vehicle cannot be spawned and the money at the bottom right is not in the positives, enter "?deposit 1" to get it back into the billions. This is again a consequence for vanilla money and is a safeguard against players getting free fuel/coal because $1 billion is in the bank account.
All below are in Real Estate Mode. Unless disabled by the server settings, it is on by default.
How do you make a fortune? You might consider buying an island. First, add the island cost into the shared account using "??eposit (amount?17Y". Next, purchase the island by using "?claimisland". The teleport point for the Island is located wherever you use the command. This island is yours now. There is no way to teleport or spawn/bench vehicles there. You can add these permissions to other players by using "?setteleport",?setspawn, and "setbench". You need someone to manage the island. To add a co-owner, use "?setcoowner". This allows the player to teleport and spawn, as well as bench. They can also take and revoke permissions granted to them by other players. Fear not, co-owners can't change the permissions of the owner and cannot unclaim an island.
You need to get home. To instantly teleport home, use "?teleport island))" or the "?tp island ()" commands. To find out the name of the island's name, type "?access" into your browser. The name will usually be similar to the one on the map. For example, "Camodo" and "CoastguardTT".
Are your island visitors becoming a nuisance to you? To remove permissions, you can use "??setteleport",?setspawn",?setbench and??setcoowner again. You need to find out who has permissions. To find out the names and permissions for all islands you have access, use "?access". To find out who has permissions to an island you co-own or own, use "?islandaccess ()".


Standard Commands:
?help: Provides a list all commands.
?bank: Displays a popup that shows your current bank, debt, and shared bank.
?deposit (amount) Deposits money from your personal bank account to the shared account
?claim (amount): Claims money from your shared bank account to a personal account
?pay (Player ID) () amount) – Transfers money from your personal account into another player's account.
?loan (amount): Adds money to your personal bank account. Paying a small percentage of interest each day in-game can make it difficult to be careful. A high level of debt can prevent you from spawning new vehicles until it is below the threshold.
?payloan (amount): Pays back money on your loan.
?bench: Despawns and returns the nearest vehicle (to you). This command is only available on islands you own or have bench access.
?recover: Despawns and returns a percentage of the nearest vehicle (, if it is not owned by you). This command can be used anywhere.
?buyfuel (diesel/jetfuel) (amount) – Buys fuel for the vehicle you are currently sitting in. Warning: Sometimes, this command does not work. It is only compatible with vehicles that have a small/medium or large tank. It is not compatible with dynamic tanks.
?savegame Saves the game, and all variables in this script. This can be used in place of "?save".
Island Commands:
?teleport (island name) Teleports you on an island you own or have teleport access.
?tp (island name): Same as above, but with less typing
?access: Displays the islands to which you have teleport/spawn/bench entry.
?islandaccess (island name): Displays who has teleport/spawn/bench acces to the island. You can only view this if you have ownership/co-ownership to the island. To find the name of the island, type "?access" into the search box.
?claimisland: Claims an Island. This will make you the owner and set the teleport point at the location you are standing while you use this command. This command will only work if an island is purchased and is not the starting one.
?unclaimisland: Unclaims the island where you stand. This can only be done by the owner.
?setcoowner () () Island name) – Adds another player to the co-owner. This allows them to teleport/spawn/bench and allows them to grant and revoke access to other players. They cannot modify the permissions of the owner, or unclaim an island.
?setteleport () (Island name) – Allows the player to teleport to the island by activating the toggle.
?setspawn (player ID) ((name) – Allows the specified player to spawn vehicles on the specified island.
?setbench () player ID ((name) – Toggles permission to the player to place vehicles on the island.
Admin Commands:
?addbank () (amount – Adds money into the player's personal account.
?setbank () player ID ((amount) – Sets the money for the player's personal account.
?addsharedbank (amount): Adds money to the shared account.
?adddebt () player ID () amount) – Adds to the player's personal account.
?setdebt ((amount) player ID) – Sets the player's personal debt.
?bring (player id) Teleports the specified players to you
?goto (player id) Teleports to the specified player
?lock Locks the nearest vehicle.
?unlock unlocks the nearest vehicle.
?resetisland Unclaims the Island You Are Standing On, and Rejects All Permissions
Coming Next Update:
?addresearch (amount) Adds the specified number of research points.
?setresearch (amount): Sets research points to the specified quantity.


Written by GCodeman

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Setup Server + Commands; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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