Starship Troopers: Extermination – Bastion Gameplay Guide

Starship Troopers: Extermination – Bastion Gameplay Guide 1 -
Starship Troopers: Extermination – Bastion Gameplay Guide 1 -

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A comprehensive introduction to the Bastion class’s , as well as how to make the most of Siege Mode, the SAW, and the utility and grenade choices accessible to Bastions.

Siege Mode

Understand when and why to use Siege Mode is crucial to victory. Evaluate each engagement; your Emancipator can handle up to 3-4 drones and 1-2 warriors without issue, while large groups of warriors or encounters with Gunners should be handled using Siege Mode; your shield makes you almost impervious to drone slaps while providing more protection than before against warrior slaps, so hold firm and return fire!


Your primary weapon is the SAW, while your secondary weapon is the Emancipator. Have the Emancipator ready and loaded while you’re travelling from one location to another. A single hit will either stun a warrior or kill a drone. Pick off the drones, stun warriors with one hit while you back away, then reload before taking down the warriors one at a time in tiny packs. It can take 6-8 rounds to finish a warrior off depending on distance, so get in the habit of getting that stun, reloading while you make space, and then finishing them off with a fresh clip from a safer distance.

SAW Tips and Tricks

The SAW bucks like a mule outside of Siege Mode. You can tighten the spread and dampen the recoil by aiming down sights, but this slows your movement speed.

ADS on SAW is handy for situations where you need mobile firepower more than accuracy, like base defense. Just ensure you have enough targets nearby that the larger cone of fire won’t result in wasted rounds.

You can also tighten the spread while in Siege Mode, for a very tight cone of fire that helps you snipe distant gunners accurately. You’ll see this visually as the rounded square around your reticle tightens up.


Utility options are poor at first, but both the Shock Beacon and the Scan Beacon can do a lot of work. You can plant these while you’re in Siege Mode, so you can safely jam them into the middle of a bad situation.

The Shock Beacon stuns everything reliably, even Tiger Elites, which are the most dangerous bug when you’re in Seige – they’ll one-shot you right through the shield. Putting a triangle around your shield can stun foes long enough to finish them off.

Putting a Scan Beacon down at your feet works even better, in a horde – it doubles your damage and makes that SAW finally feel like a machine gun, mowing down hordes of easily-acquired targets.

The remaining options aren’t great.

Proximity Bug Mines do moderate damage to the first thing that steps on them, but you only get three and they go off when a single drone gets close.

Thermo Charges have niche uses in base defense, but you have to stand still on the ground where you want to plant them and then trigger each charge manually. Good damage and probably the best of the leftovers, but if you want to explode things manually get a rocket launcher.

The Nuclear Det Pack sounds awesome until you realize it takes several seconds to plant, thirty seconds to arm, and has a small explosive radius. I assume it does good damage; I don’t know, I’ve never been able to hit anything with it.

The Heal Beacon only affects an area about the size of a bunker, and heals are mostly irrelevant since you’re either dead in 2-3 hits or taking no damage by staying out of melee range. Bastion probably makes the best use of this out of all the classes, and you could argue that it lets you tank more hits in Siege Mode, but a scan beacon could end the fight faster and prevent those hits – and you get three scan beacons instead of a single heal beacon.


The grenade options are limited. Hi-Ex is meant to be a high-damage sticky, but it’s cumbersome and has a small AOE. Cluster Grenades appear to perform the same function as the normal frag, dealing middling area damage. Chem Grenades create a yellow gas zone that is said to harm any arachnids that travel through it, but I’ve only seen it kill the rare drone. Shock Grenades stun instantly, but unlike the fantastic shock beacons, they don’t last long, and a single stun with a prolonged setup/recovery isn’t ideal – you stun yourself for roughly the same amount of time as you stun your target simply by using the grenade. Choose what works best for you.


Ammunition upgrades are almost a requirement of the SAW; though only two 150-round magazines come standard; Magazine Bandolier offers another, making 450 the total amount versus 600 for ARs and carbines.

At first, consider Mag Bandolier; once you hit 20, Extended Magazines becomes far superior and provides your Emancipator with 12 round mags as a bonus. By stacking both perk slots to their max capacity (625 rounds total), this could even become excessive if running ammo dispensers is part of your strategy.

Hardened Ceramic Plates provide remarkable damage reduction – you can live almost indefinitely among drones and warriors in Siege Mode while out of it gunners may destroy you in seconds – giving you time to flee cover when gunfire erupts outside the mode. This perk gives you a fighting chance against gunners outside Siege Mode.

The remaining perks are subpar; Synthetic Underarmor will do little to protect you from tigers or melee bugs when used properly with Siege Mode, and neither Powered-Up Build Tool nor Improved Grenade Cooldown offer much assistance on a Bastion due to limited grenade options.

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