Starfield – Where to Find the Key to the Coveted VIP Wing

Starfield – Where to Find the Key to the Coveted VIP Wing 1 -
Starfield – Where to Find the Key to the Coveted VIP Wing 1 -

Starfield – Where to Find the Key to the Coveted VIP Wing

Imagine you’re on the Surgical Strike mission, and you’re representing the Freestar Collective crew in Starfield. What is your main goal? Spot Maya Cruz’s hideout at The Clinic staryard. But it’s not just about finding her. You’ve also got to slide into the VIP section of the hospital. And to do that? You’ve got to snag the VIP Wing Keycard, and guess who has it? Yup, Titus Cassidy.

Ways to Bag that VIP Wing Card – Surgical Strike (Starfield)

So, there are a trio of methods to get your hands on that card:

  1. Flash your Medicine skill to win over Titus Cassidy.
  2. Try a heart-to-heart with Titus and see if he’ll hand it over.
  3. Go full stealth mode and yoink the VIP Wing Keycard from Cassidy’s hush-hush office vault.

How That Medicine Skill Can Make Things Easier

Got the Medicine skill up your sleeve? Brilliant! Show it off, and you’ll have a fresh chat choice (hint: peep at the first pic). Just tap that option, and bam! Titus will pass you the VIP Wing Keycard, no drama. If you’re missing this skill, think about grabbing it on the skill tree (P). Besides getting the key, it’s a solid boost to your healing power.

Charm Your Way Through Titus Cassidy

Think you’ve got the gift of the gab? Give persuading Dr. Cassidy a shot. But it’s not going to be a walk in the park. You’ve got to hit the right notes, maybe drop hints that you’re all about saving lives and catching the baddies. A quick tip: Save your progress before diving into the chat. If things go sideways, you can always hit the rewind. If not, you might miss your shot at persuading him.

Going Undercover: Snatch the Keycard from Cassidy’s Vault

If sneaky’s your middle name, how about swiping the card right from Cassidy’s lair? Just follow the on-screen hint, and it’ll lead you to his chamber. There, behind the desk, is a sealed vault—time to show off your lock skills (E) with the Digipick.

Are you stuck on the lock? Peek at the snaps for a quick guide. Crack it open, nab the VIP Wing Keycard, and you’re all set. But a heads up – the VIP section might have a few sneaky traps like turrets or mines.

Clue Hunt: Navigating Surgical Strike in Starfield

Moving on, you’ve got to play detective next. If you’re eyeballing the PC in the patient’s room, let’s skip the guesswork. The clue’s a no-show there. Instead, make a beeline for the table by the bed. Snag the ‘Urgent Read Immediately Slate’, and you’re good to go for this part.

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