Starfield – What Does Jettison Mean?

Starfield – What Does Jettison Mean? 1 -
Starfield – What Does Jettison Mean? 1 -

Starfield – What Does Jettison Mean?

In the exciting game of Starfield, when you’re piloting your spacecraft, you pick up loads of stuff from planets, space hubs, and other cool places. You can use these goodies for crafting or swap them for game credits. But there’s this one thing called ‘Jettison’ that might make you scratch your head.

Want to know what ‘Jettison’ means in Starfield? You’re in the right place! Here’s a simple guide to help you out.

How Jettison Works in Starfield

So, when you ‘Jettison’ something in Starfield, it’s like throwing it out of your ship into the endless space. You can do this when you’re checking out your Cargo Hold or floating in space. And guess what? There’s no cap on how much you can toss out.

Be it tiny keepsakes or big gear, you can jettison anything. But don’t worry, if something’s key for a quest, you won’t lose it. The game’s got your back!

Why Would You Jettison?

It might sound strange to throw stuff away, but sometimes, it’s a smart move. Like, if you’re nearing a space checkpoint with banned stuff on your ship, tossing them out can keep you safe. But, if you think it’s worth something, maybe try sneaking it past. Just remember, sneaking needs special ship gear, which you might not have yet.

A Fun Little Mix-Up
Some players on Reddit got ‘Jettison’ mixed up with ‘Jemison,’ a planet’s name in Starfield where there’s this place called the Lodge. They thought jettisoning sent their stuff there. Oops! Instead, they chucked their things into space without knowing.

Where Do Jettisoned Items Go?

Bad news. If you jettison something in Starfield, it’s lost forever. But here’s a ray of hope. Starfield auto-saves a lot. So, if you goofed and threw away something by mistake, just load an earlier save. You can set up this save option from the game’s pause menu.

Now that you get the whole jettison thing in Starfield, you can fly around space like a pro! Just be careful with what you toss, and always think twice.

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