Starfield – Top Crew Members

Starfield – Top Crew Members 1 -
Starfield – Top Crew Members 1 -

Starfield – Top Crew Members

If you’re venturing into the universe of Starfield, you’ll bump into loads of interesting characters. Many of them can join your spaceship crew, while you’ll need to complete special missions for others. Though you might want to fly solo, having some helpful buddies can make your space journey a lot more fun.

So, let’s dive into finding the best of the best crew members in Starfield. We’ll guide you, step-by-step, to create a crew that’s just right for your space missions.

Meet the Many Faces of Starfield

Starfield has characters of all kinds, and each brings something special to your team. Remember, the perfect crew member for one person might not be for another. It’s all about what you need—looking for a combat ace? Or someone great at taking care of outposts? From my long hours in the game, here are two stars who shine the brightest.

Two All-rounders: Sam Coe & Sarah Morgan

For players who want a bit of everything, Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan are the dream team. They’re talented in piloting, fighting, plants, and rocks! Yes, you heard right.

Sam Coe – The Do-it-All Guy
Sam’s your guy for many tasks: from flying to fighting, managing cargo, and even geology. His top skills? Piloting, using rifles, managing cargo, and some geology.

Sarah Morgan – The Space and Ground Pro
Sarah’s great if you’re jumping around in space. She’s skilled in flying in space, using lasers, leading, and a bit of plant knowledge. Yep, plants in space!

Ready for a Fight: Marika Boros

If ground combat’s your thing, then you’ll love Marika Boros. She’s a master of weapons and always ready to jump into action.

Marika Boros – Your Battle Buddy
Marika’s your best pick when things get tough. She’s a pro with different weapons and even offers a sweet deal if you’re a good negotiator.

Your Ship’s Best Friend: Barrett

For keeping your ship in tip-top shape, there’s no one better than Barrett. He knows ships inside out and will have your back in any space battle.

Outpost Whizzes: Lin & Heller

When it’s about outposts, Lin and Heller are the duo you need. They’re great with Argos mining and can help your outpost run smoothly.

There’s More to Explore in Starfield

These were just a few of the cool crew members in Starfield. As you zip around space, you’ll find even more awesome folks to join your team. With a super crew, you’ll be all set to conquer the stars!

Find All Starfield Crew Members Here:

  1. Adoring Fan: Join them with the Hero Worshipped trait. They’ve got some cool unique powers.
  2. Amelia Earhart: Meet her on the lovely planet of Charybdis.
  3. Andreja: Finish the super cool Into the Unknown quest, and she’s ready to join.
  4. Heller: Do the Back to Vectera quest, and Heller’s on board!
  5. Marika Boros: Find her at The Viewport spaceport and see her amazing skills.
  6. Matteo Khatri: Visit The Lodge in New Atlantis to meet Matteo and his special skills.
  7. Mickey Caviar: Find him in Starfield Neon City’s Astral Lounge. He’s quite the character!
  8. Moara Otero: After the The Old Neighborhood mission, Moara’s ready to join from Cydonia.
  9. Noel: Meet them at The Lodge in New Atlantis. They’ve got some neat tricks up their sleeve!
  10. Omari Hassan: Look for him in the lively Starfield Akila city. He’s a real catch!
  11. Rafael Aguerro: Do the Entangled quest at The Viewport on Jemison, and he’s yours!
  12. Rosie Tannehill: In Akila City, Rosie’s ready to join if you’ve got the credits.
  13. Sam Coe: After the The Empty Nest mission, Sam’s all yours from New Atlantis.
  14. Sarah Morgan: Finish the The Old Neighborhood quest, and Sarah’s in from New Atlantis.
  15. Supervisor Lin: She’s yours after the Back to Vectera quest.
  16. VASCO: Take on the One Small Step mission, and VASCO’s ready to boost your crew.
  17. Vlad: This ex-pirate’s ready to join you, though his location’s a secret.

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