Starfield – How to Reset Vendor Credits

Starfield – How to Reset Vendor Credits 1 -
Starfield – How to Reset Vendor Credits 1 -

Starfield – How to Reset Vendor Credits

So, you’re exploring the universe in Starfield, right? And as you’re zooming from planet to planet, you’ll need credits to buy cool stuff. But sometimes, the vendors you meet might run out of money or items. No worries! We’ve got a step-by-step on how to make those vendors ready for business again.

Why Vendors Matter in Starfield

Think of vendors as your space shopkeepers. They’ve got items and credits you need for your adventures. But like shops on Earth, they can run out of things. That’s okay! We’ve got a trick to bring them back to full stock.

How to Get Vendors Ready for Business

1. Spend All Their Money
Try selling stuff until the vendor’s credits in Starfield are all gone. Just remember, not every vendor buys everything. Like, TerraBrew? They don’t want your weapons.

2. Hang Tight for 24 Hours
Now, here’s a cool thing: vendors freshen up their shops every 24 Local Hours. But remember that days in Starfield can be longer or shorter depending on where you are.

3. Find a Comfy Seat
This helps speed up the wait. Spot a chair? Sit down. Then press the B Button, adjust the timer for 24 local hours, and press B again. It’s like a time jump! Or you can have a nice, long nap.

4. Check Back With the Vendor
Once you’ve waited, go back to the vendor. Magic! Their items and credits are back. Now, you can keep selling or buying. And with space in your ship at a premium, this trick is super handy, especially if you’re after the rare Maelstroms.

With these steps, trading in Starfield becomes a breeze. Vendors are your buddies in this big universe. With them restocked, you’re all set to keep exploring and trading. Happy travels, and may you always have credits to spend!

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