Starfield – How to Find Research & Development on Sabotage Quest

Starfield – How to Find Research & Development on Sabotage Quest 1 -
Starfield – How to Find Research & Development on Sabotage Quest 1 -

Starfield – How to Find Research & Development on Sabotage Quest

Ever thought about diving into the ins and outs of Ryujin Industries? It’s quite an adventure! There are so many things going on – from regular board meetings to some sneaky actions in their own premises. If the Sabotage mission in Starfield at Infinity LTD is what’s on your mind, you’re in the right place.

First things first. This mission? It’s all about being sneaky. So, always remember to save your game. That way, if things go south, you can just pick up from where you left. I tried going all ninja, but somehow got spotted. Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe it’s the game. Who knows?

And oh, there’s a board meeting at the start. Sounds boring, but you gotta be there. Right after that, you’ll get this cool gadget called Ryujin’s Internal Neuroamp. Trust me, it’s important for what’s coming next.

What’s in This Guide?

1. How to Enter: Sneak or Walk in Like a Boss?
2. Using the Program on Lucas’ Computer
3. Getting Inside Research & Development

How to Enter: Sneak or Walk in Like a Boss?

So, here’s the deal. You want to get inside? There are two ways. You could either be all sneaky and enter through the rooftop or just set up an appointment and waltz right in. But if you choose the first option, remember, you’re technically not supposed to be there. If you go with the second, you’ll get to visit the marketing floor.

I’d say, make an appointment. It’s less stress and you can just chat your way through things. After your chat with Masako, Ularu’s your next point of contact. He’s got some stuff you’ll need.

Oh, and if you came through the main entrance, just sign in with the person at the front desk. Wait for them to go away, and then you can either mess with the heating or go straight to Lucas’ computer.

Using the Program on Lucas’ Computer

If you’re thinking of messing with the heating, take the elevator up to the rooftop. There’s a vent on your right. Your handy Neuroamp will help you take control of the guard below. Then, shut off the fan and get inside through that vent. Once you’re in, enter the code, and boom – you’ve meddled with the heating.

Want to reach Lucas’ office next? Just follow the pipes above. Make sure you’re dressed in the Operator Suit. Trust me, it helps. Once you’re near Lucas’ office, it’s time for some hacking. Get inside and find his computer. If you don’t have a Digipick, don’t stress. Check the whiteboard. Once you’ve done the computer thing, it’s off to Research and Development. You got this!

Research & Development is a tricky place. Once you’re out of Lucas’ room, take a left. Do a cool jump over the rail and land below. Look for a vent. It’ll guide you to the walkways right above the marketing lobby. And from that point, you decide how you want to reach R&D.

How to Complete the Ryujin Sabotage Mission?

Start by heading to the stairs going down. As you move, you’ll see a vent with a waypoint on it. Guards might be around, but you can sneak into the vent without too much trouble. Or, you could take a longer way, moving through the office. This path has fewer guards and some toxic gas. At the end, you’ll find another vent near a big storage box. Use your Neuroamp to deal with any guards in your path.

Keep going in the vent until you land on some rafters below. But, watch out! There are some vents releasing bad gases on your path. Find a safe path without the gas and continue on the rafters. Soon, you’ll find another vent with a waypoint.

This vent takes you to an elevator shaft. Go down to the level you want. When you come out of the vent, there will be a guard in the hallway. You’ll need to jump over him. Then use your boostpack to get on some pipes overhead. Cross to the other side of the hallway using those pipes, which will lead you to an open room. The vent in this room will get you to Faye’s computer.

Run the program on the computer and take her things from her desk. Go back the way you came, through the big room. Use the pipes at the top to get past the guards and turrets. They’ll lead you to a big red door. Behind that door is the Neuromap prototype you want. Just a heads up – the guards might see you, even if you’re hiding. This might be a mistake on my part or a problem with the game.

With the prototype, find an elevator and go to the Entrance. Then, head to SSNN and hand over the secret data to David. This data will show the truth about Infinity LTD. And the best part? No one will know it was you. After that, go back to Masako.

Now, based on what you did before, Masako might blame you for something on the news. You can say it wasn’t you or ask for 10,000 credits. She’ll agree to give you the credits. After that chat with Masako, you’ll get some rewards and finish the tough Sabotage mission in Starfield. This mission wraps up the Ryujin story, so it’s a bit hard.

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