Starfield – How to Customize Ship + Lock Picking and Docking

Starfield – How to Customize Ship + Lock Picking and Docking 1 -
Starfield – How to Customize Ship + Lock Picking and Docking 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Starfield – How to Customize Ship + Lock Picking and Docking Following this guide step by step.

This section covers two aspects not well explained in the game: Lock picking and how to customize a ship. The note also includes information about docking and leaving your ship while in flight.

How to Lockpicking

Starfield, like all the new Bethesda engine versions, uses a new lockpicking mechanism. The new lockpicking mechanic is, in my opinion, better and more skill-based than previous games. It does require you to think ahead before you pick.

As shown below, locks have 4 key positions:

Starfield - How to Customize Ship + Lock Picking and Docking - Lockpicking - 842FD41

To pick a lock successfully, the pins of each cylinder must be aligned with the pin holes. Slotting a digipick fills the pin holes and only digipicks that perfectly align with the empty pins are allowed to be used. The outer cylinder will disappear only after all pin positions are filled with slotted digipicks. The inner cylinder can only be worked on after that. There is no deadline, so take as much time as you need to solve it.

Use the standard movement key to rotate and select the cylinders. Do the following before you slot any digipicks:

  1. Quicksave is an excellent technique to save your work if you make a mistake.
  2. Align/rotate the two digipicks cylinders on the outer cylinder (do not slot yet!) As a result, the digipicks selected fill all pin positions.
  3. Before inserting any digipics, align the pins of the inner ring. At this stage, you may need to switch the digipicks for the outer ring. This is why we waited until now to slot the digipics.
  4. Check that all pin placements are aligned and do not conflict with the other digipick positions specified.
  5. The two digipicks will be placed on the outer ring. When you use the second pick, the outer cylinder disappears and you may operate on the inner ring.
  6. Because you have already aligned both inner ring cylinders, this step will be rapid. Insert the final two digipicks.
    Amass XP and loot.


Modifying your ship

Snap Locations are truly impressive but unfortunately, the developers did not do a good job explaining how to use them. Snap locations are what make the game similar to Kerbal Space Program; in that regard the ship designer works on a two-dimensional plane using mouse, keyboard, and Z position controls, respectively (although I had difficulty figuring out the Z position at first; another tip for using the interface would be paying attention to what was displayed; sometimes instructions can be confusing.) The mouse controls all positions while the Z position is controlled with keys on the keyboard (for mouse controls x,y, and Z while the keyboard controls Z position while Z position).

As your journey begins, you will visit Jemison a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri (in reality, scientists only recently confirmed planets around Proxima Centauri; Alpha Centauri also contains planets). Here, you can modify your ship by talking to the person near your pad; in addition, there is also a terminal where goods can be sold before passing another security checkpoint (yes I know his eyes are closed here; it was quite dark!)). Finally you will come to an additional security checkpoint before passing into another security checkpoint: (although his eyes were closed intentionally- in this instance!)):

Starfield - How to Customize Ship + Lock Picking and Docking - Modding your ship - 0D785F4

You’ll pass him on your way down the ramp into New Atlantis. He will give you general information and allow you to modify your ship or buy new ones. You can fast-travel to any site you visited on the map when you return to Alpha Centauri. Once you’ve landed, fast-travel to your ship and then exit the terminal to get back to the landing area quickly.

Now, the build screen:

Starfield - How to Customize Ship + Lock Picking and Docking - Modding your ship - CE4D2A7

This ship has already undergone modifications. Although it contains six staff positions, it only has room for four passengers. This is why I am limited to a crew of four. A notification regarding your current ship design can be found in the lower right corner. It currently shows “Normal,” indicating that the ship is in good shape. As you move pieces about and manipulate your ship, this will shift from “Normal” to “Error” (and then back to “Normal” after your design is perfect). You can check your build by pressing the “C” key (or whatever your screen instructs you to do), which will bring up a list of any warnings/errors.

To maneuver the ship, grab any section of it. When you double-click a part, the attached components/parts are selected. By pressing G, you can now add parts to your model.

Starfield - How to Customize Ship + Lock Picking and Docking - Modding your ship - CFB000C

The horizontal line under the part name shows that the part is available in numerous versions. The Nova 2×1 I chose has ten versions, each with a unique function (I have a few of these, including one with four crew stations, two hab sites, and the captain’s cabin). There are numerous parts classifications. Some of them can be rotated. (Engines may only be rotated 180 degrees, whereas other side attachments can be rotated 90 degrees).

To modify the Z-plane in which the selected part is located, use the keys (R/F for me). You may always undo the previous action you performed (the key to do so is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen, along with other vital bindings available for the current window). You can save your ship if you have enough design credit and no mistakes, or you can lose it if you leave the designer.

By using the Q key, you can also access your ship’s inventory. When you arrive at a station/planet, you can also sell directly from your ship’s cargo–again, read the notes on the screen. When on board, you can also access your ship’s inventory by pressing the Q key. When at a station/planet, you can directly sell from your ship’s cargo–again, follow the notes on the screen. If you use storage containers on your boat, everything loose and in the containers will be tossed into the cargo.



Docking with stations and leaving the pilot seat in space

The same button is used to dock with a station and to exit the pilot’s chair.

Thank you for reading the Starfield – How to Customize Ship + Lock Picking and Docking, and we sincerely hope that you found them to be of use. We encourage you to report any mistakes or ideas for enhancements in the section below, and we will fix them as quickly as possible. Today, I send you my very best wishes. The author and creator of Nightwalker inspired this post. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you enjoyed the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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