Starfield – Hot to Fix Into The Unknown Quest Bug

Starfield – Hot to Fix Into The Unknown Quest Bug 1 -
Starfield – Hot to Fix Into The Unknown Quest Bug 1 -

Starfield – Hot to Fix Into The Unknown Quest Bug

So, you’re wandering through the vast expanse of Starfield, right? Dodging pirates and those tricky robots is part of the fun. But then, out of the blue, you hit a snag: the notorious game-breaking bugs. While waiting for an update might solve some, others, like the pesky “Into the Unknown” quest bug, have some tricks up their sleeve. Let’s dive into the simple ways to tackle it.

Got hit by the “Into the Unknown” quest bug? Here’s your fix!

I’ve been there, exploring, and suddenly, bam! The “Into the Unknown” quest bug pops up on Procyon III. It felt like I’d need to wait for a Starfield update, but guess what? There are some neat tricks to get around it. Here’s what worked wonders for me:

  1. Wait for a Starfield updateAlright, this might not be the quickest solution, but sometimes, it’s the only way. If the “Into the Unknown” bug is super stubborn, just hang tight. Meanwhile, there’s so much more to see in Starfield. Have you ever tried visiting the bustling Neon City? Or how about a thrilling adventure to Earth? The developers are on it, so a fix is on the horizon!
  2. Give fast travel a shot.Surprisingly, this simple trick can make a huge difference. If the bug’s giving you a headache, zip out of the star system and then zip right back in. Often, this little detour can make the signal landing marker pop back up. If it sounds too easy, that’s because sometimes it is!
  3. Roll back to an older save.Old is gold, right? If the above tricks don’t work, think about loading up a save from before you start the “Into the Unknown” quest. Yes, it might feel like a step back, but sometimes, it’s the quickest way forward. Before you dive into this, though, maybe give the fast travel trick a try.

Armed with these tricks, you’re all set to tackle the “Into the Unknown” bug head-on. Dive back into Starfield and let the epic adventures roll. Here’s to smooth sailing and incredible stories ahead!

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