Stardew Valley – Fector’s Challenge Gameplay

Stardew Valley – Fector’s Challenge Gameplay 1 -
Stardew Valley – Fector’s Challenge Gameplay 1 -

This is a simple trick to help Fector achieve the most difficult achievement) (without difficulty.
As of 9/17/22

The Trick

The trick is in the
Original guide – []
got patched. There is still a way. However, it is a little more annoying (, but not as much as).
Recommended (, but not required)
Either a prarie-king arcade system or Keys to the Town
The hardest part about achieving this achievement is the fact that you have to restart your entire run every time you die. This trick allows you to create "checkpoints" that you can return to after you die.
You may have seen the "Continue Journey” button after exiting from a previous run. This feature will return you to where you were at the beginning of the farthest stage. This feature was used in the previous guide to "reset" your level if you die. You will soon see that reseting will not give you back the lives you've lost.
Your journey's progress, like most things, is only saved when you sleep. Let's say you beat 1-1. Now you want to hit escape. This will take you out of this game. Go to sleep and make your way to the farm. Your progress on the journey has been saved. You can now begin the journey the next day. Let's say that you die on 1-2. You can exit to title without sleeping and re-enter the save file. Your death in prarie King was not saved because you exited the program without sleeping. You can countinue between 1-2, but still be deathless. To ensure you have a "checkpoint" every time you beat a stage that is still deathless, sleep at night. It is not necessary to wait until noon to get the saloon open. Keys to the Town or prarie King arcade system are recommended.
There you have it. This should be done as quickly as possible to avoid any potential problems. Good luck!
Anyone who is unsure, please comment.


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