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Stardew Valley – Complete Information – Wiki Guide 1 -
Stardew Valley – Complete Information – Wiki Guide 1 -

this guide will teach you everything in Stardew Valley!!!
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How to start a world

Creating Worlds:
It seems obvious that you got to create a world/game file to start playing. However, there are a couple of pointers that will help you in doing this. A great aspect about Stardew Valley is that the game is single-player and multiplayer. You are able to play with up to three other friends in a world. Setting up a single-player world is easy, just click new on the starting menu and your good to go; however, it is a bit different for creating multiplayer worlds. If you are going to create and host a world for your friends, you must click the co-op menu instead of going to new. Once you are in the co-op menu you then go to host, which is located at the top left-hand corner. From there you will see a box that says host new farm. Once you click that you will start the creation of a multiplayer world. Joining a multiplayer world is simple, just click on your friend’s world that appears in the co-op menu or you may have to obtain a game code from them that you enter to gain access to the world. Once you are finished creating or joining a world, it is time to create your character.
Creating Your Character:
The best part about RPGs is that you are able to customize a character. In many other video games, there is a pre-made selection of characters for you to choose from. Choosing from a selection can be nice, but it is a great experience to create your own character. After you create your world you are brought to the character builder. There you get to name your character and farm. You also get to list a favorite thing you like and choose a favorite cat or dog from a given selection. From there, you then get to customize how your character looks. There is a variety of different clothing and hairstyles with a wide range of colors to choose from. If your not too sure how you want your character to look you can always use the randomizing tool and go from there. Once you are satisfied with your character, then you must choose the type of farm you will explore.
Selecting Your Farm Type:
On the right-hand side of the character builder, you get seven choices of different types of lands to farm on. Each farm is different and comes with its own advantages and sometimes disadvantages along with it.
Standard Farm
Your first choice of farmland is the Standard Farm. This farmland has a large amount of open space for you to be able to design and grow on your farm. This option is great for beginners just getting started with the game.
Riverland Farm
This farmland is quite opposite of the standard farm. Your farm is spread across different islands that are surrounded by riverbanks. Fish are more common on this farmland, making it an easy spot for both farming and fishing.
Forest Farm
The Forest Farm is exactly what it sounds like. The woods surround your farm, resulting in limited farming space. However, with the forest at your doorstep, you can obtain resources at ease.
Hill Top Farm
Within this farmland, there is a winding river and rocky terrain. This can make it difficult to design your farm, but it has an advantage. On the farmland, there is a mineral deposit that provides opportunities to mine for different ores and minerals.
Wilderness Farm
Like the Standard Farm, there is a wide space to design your farm; however, there is a catch. At night time, monsters come out at your farm. This can be great to obtain more monster drops, but they can be a nuisance when trying to farm in the evening and at night.
Four Corners Farm
This farmland is divided into four distinct areas by cliffs. The four different areas have aspects of the other farmlands. The top left takes elements from the Forest Farm. The top right is the typical Standard Farm. The bottom left contains a pond where players can catch fish, like the Riverland Farm. The bottom right contains a small quarry like the Hilltop Farm. This farmland overall is great for multiplayer worlds.
Beach Farm
Last but not least is the Beach Farm. This farm is great for foraging and fishing and has a great amount of space. One unique feature of this farm is that at times supply creates will wash up on shore with items. However, the downside of this farmland is that sprinklers do not work because of the sandy soil. This can make farming take twice as long because you must water your crops by hand.
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How to fish part 1

How to Fish:
If you are new to the game, fishing can be a tad bit confusing, but once you know the mechanics it’s easy to get used to. First, you are going to need a fishing pool. You can buy a basic fishing pole from Willy the fishermen (Ill talk about other types of fishing rods later on). Once you have a rod you can start catching fish. When you are at a body of water first you want to left-click (or press x if your playing on a console). Once you left-click your character will cast out into the water. Once you see the word hit appear above your character then left-click again to hook a fish. Then you will be prompted with a meter on either side of your screen. The meter consisted of a vertical bar with a fish icon and a green brick also known as the fishing bar) and on the right-hand side, there is a progress bar. Your goal is to keep the fish icon within the fishing bar. To do this you need to hold and or left click to move the green brick as the fish icon moves up and down. If you are successful at doing this the process bar will go up and turn to green. However, if you fail the keep the fish icon within the bar, the process meter will go to red and you will lose the fish.
Fishing Rods:
Training Rod:
Within the game, there are four different fishing rods. The most basic fishing rod is the training rod. The rod only cost 25 gold, but you cannot use bait or tackle with this rod. It’s a great rod to start out with when first learning how to fish.
Bamboo Rod:
The next tier of fishing rods is the bamboo rod. The bamboo rod is similar to the trainer rod because you still can’t use bait or tackle with it. However, with this rod, you are able to catch a little bit more of a variety of fish. This rod cost 500 gold.
Fiberglass Rod:
The third fishing rod available to you is the fiberglass rod. This rod is definitely an upgrade from the other two because you can use bait with this fishing rod. The cost of the rod is 1,800 gold, but you cannot purchase it until you are at skill level 2 of fishing
Iridium Rod:
The last rod that is available to you in-game is the iridium rod. This rod is the best in the game for multiple reasons. With this rod, you can virtually catch any fish in the game and you are able to use both baits and tackle with the rod. To get this rod you need to be at skill level 6 and pay 7,500 gold for it.
Crab Pots:
Using crab pots is a different way to “fish” within the game. You can buy them for 50 gold each or craft them with 40 wood and 3 iron bars. To use these pots all you have to do is place them into a body of water and put bait into them by clicking the pot with bait in your hand. You don’t catch normal fish in these pots, instead, you get things like a clam, cockle, crab, crayfish, lobster, mussel, oyster, periwinkle, shrimp, and snails.
Tackle and Bait:
Within the game, there are three different types of bait that you can use to help you catch fish. First, we have just normal bait. You can create this bait by crafting it with bug meat or you can buy it for 5 gold apiece. Next, there is wild bait. This bait is unique and you need to acquire the recipe for it from Linus. The great thing about this type of bait is that you have the chance to catch two fish at once. The last type of bait is magic bait. This bait allows you to catch fish from any season, time, or weather, from whichever type of water you cast into. To get this you need to buy this bait or the recipe from a character named Mr.Qi. You must go to his Walnut Room on Ginger Island to be able to buy it.
There is a variety of different tackle that you are able to choose from in the game. First, I am going to discuss how to put a tackle on your rods. Once you have got tackle, you want to go into your inventory and go to your fishing rod (remember that you must have the iridium rod to have tackle). Once you are at your fishing rod you will see two empty boxes. One of these boxes is where you can put tackle and the other is for bait. All you have to do is drag your tackle or bait into the assigned boxes and you are good to go. It’s also important to note that after time your tackle does break so you will have to buy new ones every once in a while. Now I will discuss the different types of tackle available.
The shape of this tackle makes it spin around in the water. It also slightly increases the bite-rate when fishing. You can purchase one for 500 gold or craft it with 2 iron bars.
This spinner has a metal tab and colorful streamers to create an enticing spectacle for fish. It increases the bite-rate when fishing more than a normal spinner. You can buy one for 1,000 gold or craft it with 2 iron bars and 1 thing of cloth.
This bobber causes fish to escape slower when you aren’t reeling them in. The process bar decreases 66% slower! You can buy this bobber for 500 gold or craft it with 1 copper bar and 10 things of sap.
This bobber slightly increases the size of your fishing bar (or the green bar). You can buy this bobber for 750 gold or craft it with 10 wood, 5 hardwood, and 10 things of slime.
This bobber adds weight to your “fishing bar”, preventing it from bouncing along the bottom making it easier to catch fish that move a lot. You can buy this bobber for 200 gold, but you cannot craft it
This tackle makes it so fish don’t escape while collecting treasures. It also slightly increases the chance to find treasures (33% chance of treasure). You can buy this tackle for 750g or craft it with 2 gold bars.
The barbed hook Makes your catch more secure, causing the fishing bar to cling to your catch. It works best on slow, weakfish. You can buy it for 1,000 gold or craft it with 1 copper, iron, and gold bar.
This lure is special because it can only be found by breaking crates in either the quarry mine, skull cavern, or the volcano dungeon. The lure increases your chances of catching rare fishes.
Last but not least is the quality bobber. This tackle increases the quality of fish caught by one level (e.g. silver → gold). You can buy this bobber for 300 gold or craft it with 1 copper bar, 20 sap, and 5 solar essences (you have to obtain the crafting recipe from Willy)
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How to fish part 2

Types of Fish and Fishing Locations:
Now that I have discussed the how-tos and items that help you with fishing, we will now go into the different types of fish available and locations to fish. I will list the different location within the game where you can fish and list what fish you are able to catch at each location
The Ocean/Beach
This location is a very popular stop to do fishing within the game. The ocean is located south of Pelican Town. When fishing at this location you can catch a variety of fish like pufferfish, anchovy, tuna, sardine, red mullet, herring, eel, octopus, red snapper, squid, sea cucumber and super cucumber, tilapia, albacore, and halibut.
Overview of the Ocean/Beach
Rivers in Cindersap Forest and Pelican Town
In Stardew Valley there are two main rivers. One is in Pelican Town and the other is in the Cindersap Forest. There are also rivers in some of different the farm types. Fish that you can catch from rivers are bream, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, salmon, walleye, pike, tiger trout, lingcod, perch, catfish, woodskip, shad, chub, and carp.
Overview of the Cindersap Forest
Overview of Pelican Town
The Mountain Lake
In the mountain region, there is a large lake located by the mines. Here you can find fish similar to the one you would find in rivers. Fish you can catch from the lake are largemouth bass, rainbow trout, walleye, perch, carp, midnight carp, sturgeon, bullhead, chub, and lingcod.
Overview of the Mountain region
The Desert
When you have gain access to the desert, there are special fish you are able to catch. Fish avalible at this location are sandfish and scorpion carp.
Overview of the Desert
The Mines
In some levels of the mines, there are small ponds available to fish in. Fish that you can catch on different levels are ghostfish, ice pip, lava eel, and stonefish
The Sewers
After gaining access to the sewers that run under Pelican Town you are able to catch the unique mutant carp!
View of the Sewers
Mutant Bug Lair
This lair is accessed through the sewer when completing the Dark Tailsman Quest. There you can catch the slimejack fish.
The Mutant Bug Lair
The Night Market
Within the game, there is an event where there is a night market at the beach for 3 days (Winter day 15-17). At this market, there is a submarine available to dive deep in the ocean and try to catch exotic fish. The deep-ocean fish you can catch are midnight squid, spook fish, and blobfish.
Ginger Island
With the new island within the recent update came with new fishes also. Fishing at the ocean when on Ginger island you are able to catch blue discus, lionfish, and stingray.
Other Factors That Impact Catching Fish:
Location plays a big factor in what fish you will catch; however, there are other factors that come into play. The season, time of day, and weather conditions play a role in if you can catch a certain fish or not. For example, let’s say you want to catch a catfish. This fish is only available in the spring and fall, at the time 6am-12am, but it has to be raining to catch them. Every fish has their own special factors so it is hard to tell you all about them here. However, I have a great resource that lists all fish and where and when you can catch them. The source also tells you the selling prices of fish!
Legendary Fish
Within the game, there is also a hand full of fish know as legendary fish. These fish are caught in specific places and have high difficulty. When reeling them in, these fish are shown wearing a hat on your fishing meter. Legendary fish will not appear again on a save file after being caught once. A tip for catching these fish is to use an iridium rod and using the trap bobber or cork bobber. The link above shows you the list of legendaries and where and when to catch them.
Personally, I find fishing to be an enjoyable activity within the game when I am not working on my farm. It is also a great way to make a lot of money within the game other than selling produce you grow on your farm. If you have any questions about fishing don’t be afraid to ask!
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Helpful Weapons:
Before getting into individual weapons, I want to tell you some facts about weapons in general. Weapons are quite different from other tools not just because they are used to kill monsters. One great thing about using weapons is that they don’t use any of your energy. You also don’t upgrade weapons. most weapons can be found as monster drops, purchased from the Adventurer’s Guild, or found in chests in the mines. There are quite a few weapons in the game so I will go over the different categories of weapons (like swords, clubs, etc.) then I will give you a link to see all the weapons within the categories.
Full List of Available Weapons: – [] 
Like any game, swords are popular within Stardew Calley. Swords let you do quick attacks but have low swinging delays. They also have a secondary attack that puts you in a blocking position. This blocks the damage a monster tries to deal you and deals that damage back at them. Blocking can also knock back flying monsters.
Daggers have you may know can be seen as smaller versions of swords. These weapons also you to do fast attacks, but at a limited range. Their secondary attack causes the player to stab multiple times in quick succession.
Clubs are heavy weapons compared to swords and daggers. However, they have a wider swing range. Their secondary attack causes the player to slam the ground in front of them, causing an area-of-effect attack in a radius around the player that has strong knockback.
Within the game, there are only two obtainable slingshots. The damage for slingshots is based on what you use for ammo. Iridium ore is the best to use for ammo because it deals the greatest amount of damage (any type of fruit is the worst for ammo). To place ammo within your slingshot you select what you would like to use for ammo then right-click on the slingshot. Below is a chat on what items you can use as ammo.
Items You Can Use as Ammo for Slingshots:
iron ore
Iridium Ore
Gold Ore
Explosive Ammo
Copper Ore
All Fruits • All Vegetables • Duck Egg • Egg • Large Egg • Void Egg
Leveling Up:
As you have probably figured out, to level up within your combat skill you are going to need to go out a slay some monsters. Each type of monster gives you a different amount of experience points.
Experience Point Amounts for Each Monster:
Just like all other skills, at levels 5 and 10 you get to chose different professions within the combat skill:
level 5:
Fighter: All attacks deal 10% more damage.(+15 HP)
Scout: Critical strike chance increased by 50%.(+0 HP)
level 10:
if you pick Fighter:
Brute: Deal 15% more damage.(+0 HP)
Defender: +25 HP.
if you pick scout:
Acrobat: Cooldown on special moves cut in half.(+0 HP)
Desperado: Critical strikes are deadly.(+0 HP)

Locations Where You Can Mine and Fight Monsters

Locations Where You Can Mine and Fight Monsters:
The Mines:
Within the game, there are multiple places that you can mine at. However, the mines are the location most associated with the skill. The mines are located in the mountain region (next to the lake). Within the mine, there are 120 levels that change every time you visit. Ore type and quantity increase as the player moves deeper into the Mines. To advance within the Mines, a ladder must be revealed on each floor. The ladder will sometimes appear when rocks are broken or after an enemy is defeated. There is also an elevator within the mines that saves your progress (saves at every 5 levels you reach). Within the mines, you must be careful because you can either pass out from exhaustion or because of low health. If you happen to pass out because of exhaustion you will lose 10% of your gold (up to 1,000 gold). If you pass out because of low health you will lose that 10% of gold and various items you were carrying. You can recover lost items by contacting Marlon at the Adventures Guild. One lost item (or stack of items) can be purchased there, any time after passing out due to low health.
The Skull Cavern:
This cavern is very similar to the normal mines. The Skull Cavern is located in the northwest area of the Desert. It is initially locked and requires the Skull Key to gain access. The level system and advancing are the same as the mines but there is no level limit like the mines. There also isn’t an elevator to save your progress. If you pass out within the Skill Cavern you will face the same consequences as the mine has. The chance to find iridium ore increases steadily as you descend into the Skull Cavern. The monsters in the Cavern also have a chance to drop ore and iridium bars, as well as special items. The monsters within the cavern are also stronger than one in the mines.
The Quarry Mine:
Within the mountain region, there is also the Quarry Mine. Way on the east side there is a bridge that leads to the quarry (this bridge can be rebuilt by completing a community center/ Joja mart bundle). The cave entrance is located on the left edge of the Quarry, north of the bridge. The quarry mine resets at the end of the day, instead of when exiting it, so it cannot be repeatedly “farmed” in a single day. The Quarry Mine contains three monsters Haunted Skulls, Copper Slimes, and Iron Slimes. The mine is populated with common gray and brown rocks and Copper and Iron Nodes. At the end of this mine, there is a great reward. At the end of the cave is a statue of the Grim Reaper, and upon the first encounter, the statue holds the Golden Scythe. When the statue is right-clicked on, the scythe will be added to your toolset if your inventory. The cut radius of the scythe is larger and you have a better chance of obtaining hay from grass.
The Volcano Dungeon:
The Volcano Dungeon Entrance
The last main location you can mine at is the Volcano Dungeon. The Volcano Dungeon is located at the north end of Ginger Island. To get to the Dungeon you must cross a river of lava. The lava river can be crossed by pouring water on it with a watering can. Mystic Stones and iridium nodes occasionally appear in the dungeon. Unlike The Mines and the Skull Cavern, leaving and re-entering the dungeon does not result in monsters spawning again on the same day. Unlike the Skull Cavern or the Mines, the Volcano Dungeon does not have ladders or instant exits on every level. There is an exit on the 10th level in the lower-left corner that takes the player back to the entrance of the tunnel and allows them to unlock the gate for future access to the forge.
Hill Top Farm:
In a past post, I have talked about the Hill Top Farm. Selecting this farmland type when creating your world you are able to do a little mining from your farm! On the farmland, there is a mineral deposit that provides opportunities to mine for different ores and minerals.
Wilderness Farm:
Just like the Hill Top Farm, I have talked about the Wilderness Farm too. At night time, monsters come out at this farm time type letting you level up within the combat skill and obtain more monster drops.


Helpful Tools:
Before you go out to start mining, it is important what tools are available to you. The most common tool for mining within the game is the pickaxe. Within the game, there are 5 different types of pickaxes
Starter Pickaxe:
When starting the game you are given a handful of tools. One of these tools is a regular pick. This pickaxe can break any rock that is located in the mines on levels 1-40. However, the pickaxe isn’t as efficient breaking different nodes that drop ores.
Copper Pickaxe:
The next tier of pickaxe is the copper pickaxe. To upgrade to this pick you will need to go to Clint (the blacksmith) and pay him 2,000 gold and give him 5 copper bars. This pickaxe can break rocks on levels 1-79 of the mines. It is also more efficient than the starter pickaxe.
Steel Pickaxe:
The next tier after copper is the steel pickaxe. To upgrade to this pickaxe 5,000 gold and 5 iron bars. This pickaxe breaks the same rocks that the copper one does, but helps us more in a couple of ways. With the steel pickaxe, you can break the pesky boulders that are scattered on your farmland. You can also use this pickaxe to break the small wall to the right when first entering the mines. By breaking this wall you will meet a new character (don’t want to spoil!)
Gold Pickaxe:
The next tier available is the gold pickaxe. To upgrade to this you will need 10,000 gold and 5 gold bars. With this pickaxe, you are able to break any rocks that are on levels 1-120 of the mines. You are also able to break meteorites.
Iridium Pickaxe:
Last but not least is the Iridium pickaxe. To obtain this last tier of pickaxes, you must have 25,000 gold and 5 iridium bars. This pickaxe can break any rocks, nodes, etc, and can break rocks in the Skull Cavern in one hit.
Other Tools:
Even though pickaxes are the main tool to use within the mining, there are some other tools that you can benefit from. Within the game, there are different types of bombs available. The cherry bomb and regular bomb can help you blast any rocks or nodes instead of using pickaxes and decrease your energy. You are also able to create staircases within the game. You can place these staircases into a mine and it leads you to the next level. These are very helpful when you are trying to find the ladder to the next level by just mining rocks or killing monsters.
Leveling Up:
As you can probably guess, breaking rocks is the main way to level up within the skill of mining. Different rock types give different numbers of experience points.Just like the other skills, you are able to choose different professions when you get to levels 5 and 10. Below are the different options available to you.
level 5:
Miner: +1 ore per vein.
Geologist: Chance for gems to appear in pairs.(50% chance per Node. Also applies to geodes spawned from breaking rocks.)
level 10:
if you pick Miner:
Blacksmith: Metal bars worth 50% more.(Applies to Copper, Iron, Gold, & Iridium Bars)
Prospector: Chance to find coal doubled.
if you pick Geologist:
Excavator: Chance to find geodes doubled.(Applies to all 4 types of geodes)
Gemologist: Gems worth 30% more.(applies to Minerals and Gems)

Celebrating in the Valley

Spring Festivals:
During the season of spring, there are a total of two festivals: The Egg Festival and the Flower Dance
The Egg Festival:
The first festival that occurs within the game is The Egg Festival. You can say that this festival represents the holiday that many celebrate, Easter. The Egg Festival takes place on the 13th day of spring. Between 9am and 2pm on that day, you can head over to Pelican Town to be able to join the festival. The main attraction of the Egg Festival is the egg hunt. You are put up against some of the villagers and your goal is to be the one who finds the most eggs. If you are playing solo, you will need to find nine eggs in 50 seconds to win. If you are in a multiplayer world, the number of eggs you need to collect to win changes. If there are two players you need six eggs, five eggs with three players, and four eggs with four players. If you do win, you will be rewarded with a straw hat. If you happen to win again in later years, you will just be rewarded 1,000 gold each time you win.
The Traditional Flower Dance:
The next festival that occurs in the spring is the Flower Dance. This occurs on the 24th day of every spring. The dance happens on the west side of the forest, and you must cross a small bridge that is just south of the Wizard’s tower to get to the dance. You can stop by there any time between 9am-2pm. The Flower Dance is a celebration of spring and the blooming of flowers/plants. As you may have guessed, the main attraction of this festival is the flower dance. Before the dance, you can ask one of the bachelors or bachelorettes to dance with you. Whoever you ask will not dance with you unless you have at least four hearts of friendship with them. You will also get at least 1 more heart with whoever you dance with.
Summer Festivals:
In the month of summer, there are only two main festivals that occur: The Luau and The Dance of the Moonlight Jellies.
The Luau:
The third festival within the game is the Luau. This festival occurs on the 11th day of summer every year. Between the time of 9am-2pm, you can join the Luau by going to the beach. The main feature of this festival is the potluck soup. All the villagers and you come together and bring items for a potluck soup that is tasted and judged by the governor. Whatever item you put into the soup does matter as it will affect the reaction of the governor. If you get a good response, your relationship with villagers will increase while if you get a bad response, your relationship level will go down with them.
The Dance of the Moonlight Jellies:
This festival takes place on the 28th day of every summer. On this day you will want to go to the beach between 10pm and 12am to be able to attend the festival. Every summer jellyfish start their migration and this festival is to celebrate the migration and see the jellyfish on their journey.
Fall Festivals:
In the season of fall, there are two main festivals that occur: The Stardew Valley Fair and Spirit’s Eve
Stardew Valley Fair:
The Stardew Valley Fair is your classic fair that has games, prizes, a contest. The fair occurs on the 16th day of every fall at it starts at 9am in Pelican Town. There are several games that you are able to play and earn star tokens. These star tokens can be used within the shop to get items (you cannot get items with gold!). The attractions/games include a fishing minigame, slingshot minigame, smashing stone, token seller, fortune teller booth, and the spinning wheel. During the fair, there is also a grange display contest. This is the time where you can show off your products from your farm. Below is a small chart telling you how many star tokens you get for whichever place you get for the display contest.
Spirit’s Eve:
The festival of Spirit’s Eve is similar to the holiday that many celebrate, Halloween. This festival takes place on the 27th day of every fall and starts at 10pm in Pelican Town. The main attraction is the haunted maze. This maze is located north right when you enter Pelican Town. Within the maze, there is a secret passage that I will not spoil, but once you reach the end of it you will get a reward. Other than the maze, there are no other contests or challenges.
Winter Festivals:
Last but not least we have three festivals that fall during the season of winter: Festival of Ice, Night Market, and The Feast of the Winter Star
Festival of Ice:
This festival occurs on the 8th day of winter every year at the Cindersap Forest between 9am and 2pm. This festival is the time where everyone comes together and celebrates the winter season. At the festival there are ice sculptures, igloos set up, and there is an ice fishing contest. In the contest, you are up against Pam, Willy, and Elliott. If you are able to catch the most fish, you will be rewarded a barbed hook, a dressed spinner, a magnet, and your own sailor’s cap. If you win any following years, you will receive 2,000 gold.
The Night Market:
The Night Market is a festival that was added within the 1.4 update. The market lasts from the 15th to the 17th day of winter every year. Store owners and merchants travel by boat to the beach port to sell the people of Stardew Valley items. Shops/vendors available during the market are the dessert trader, decoration boat, the famous painter lupini, the fishing submarine, magic shop boat, mermaid boat, shrouded figure, and the traveling cart.
The Feast of the Winter Star:
Last but not least we have the Feast of the Winter Star. This festival takes place on the 25th day of every winter and it starts at 9am at Pelican Town. This festival is very similar to the holiday of Christmas. During the festival, there is a secret gift-giving. About a week before this festival, Mayor Lewis will send you a letter telling you the villager that you are supposed to give a gift to. There is a big list of gifts that you may receive from, so I will provide a link that tells you all the possible gifts.

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