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A bit slow PC, or even a beefy one and game still lags? Here I’ve compiled quick ways to make your gaming experience in Starbound more bearable without totally killing your experience.


I presume you’ve stumbled upon this guide seeking resolution to performance problems in Starbound?
Here I’ll be posting couple of ways to optimize this outrageously optimized game, and make your gaming experience stable.


Since Starbound is designed to run on only one CPU core, and also without using GPU for calculations at all – you’ll have to act smart. Should I use VSync, or lower my settings?
Well you can, but actually don’t – it rarely works.
Depending on how your PC suffers durning runtime I’d say that if the RAM is the problem, you could turn off the shaders using some magic or mods/turn down texture and lighting quality and settings that I don’t entirely researched the effects of, but – if your PC runs waaay tougher stuff, then we can use the smart way that won’t really cost you anything and one I use which worked.
First of all. Turn off your game before messing with it.
Go into Steam, Starbound settings (‘Properties’) by using your Right Mouse Button > Set the setting ‘Run in Steam overlay’ to false and… Make sure the setting is applied and turn on your game.
Tadaaa – the game should run MUUUCH smoother.
How you’ll respond to your friend’s messages on steam though?
Simple, minimize/change window and no problem.

Finish line

I hope this guide helped, if you encountered any more fixes – feel free to msg me about it or use the comment section to contact with me. I’ll make sure to give you credit for helping if I use fix given from you.

Have a nice day and make sure to explore the galaxy with good-enough fps! ;D

Written by Subowicz

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Starbound – Optimization Fix; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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