STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ – Optimized builds & Gameplay Tips

STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ – Optimized builds & Gameplay Tips 2 -
STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ – Optimized builds & Gameplay Tips 2 -

The guide aims to provide the player with optimized builds that they haven’t yet tried.

Noob-friendly build (LS)

Although this section aims to be spoiler-free, some mild spoilers can be seen in the gear section.Generally speaking, there are two (conventional) somewhat distinct ways to play – “fighter” and “caster”. Fighter can be both light and dark sided, while caster really wants to go light side for 3 reasons: circlet of saresh, Qel-Droma/SF robes and lightside mastery. Moreover, caster probably wants to have as many force powers as they can get meaning saving levels in the early game which is rather unpleasant and I wouldn’t recommend doing that to a newer player. Keeping the above in mind, I strongly suggest the fighter build which I consider to be the most suitable for newer players. Going for LS is also canonical.
Starting class – scout. Scout is chosen for its skills, and preferred to scoundrel because of higher number of feats and repair being a class skill. Jedi class – guardian.
Attributes: 16-10-10-14-14-12. Normally skills are irrelevant, but a newer player would usually go with two other jedis in their party who don’t have basically any skills. Moreover, repair is relevant plot-wise. Dark sided characters don’t have access to as much +WIS gear as light-sided, so they might instead choose to forego investing in WIS and CHA (and use immunity: mind affecting to compensate for low will if needed) and get more DEX and/or CON, eg 16-14-14-10-10-12. Level up attributes go 4 STR, 1 WIS for LS and 4 STR, 1 CON/WIS for DS.
Skills: assuming you went for 10 INT, you have 12 points at the generation and 3 per level, while you’re non-jedi, and 1 per level afterwards. Your goal is to reach 17 (maximum needed for the plot) asap while maintaining decent persuasion. Putting 4 points into repair at the start and then 1 point at each level up ensures that you can get the necessary repairs done at level 10 (13 repair+3 from belt (on dantooine for 3k)+1 from valor) at which point you can choose to stop investing in repair. For persuasion, it is recommended to maintain ratio of (persuasion/(level+5)) > 0.75 to have 75% chance of success on even the most difficult persuasion checks (some will still be impossible at any persuasion level). With 14 starting CHA and force valor (that adds 1 and at max rank 2 to your persuasion) you need base persuasion to maintain >0.75 at the max level, which should be achievable as early as level 15, if you become a jedi at 7 (and had max persuasion of 10 at the time) and put ranks in repair first. Depending on your starting CHA, you may fluctuate around the ratio, but if you only stopped putting points into persuasion to get the repairs asap, you will never fall below 0.5 thus always having enough to have at least somewhat of a chance at success even on the most difficult persuasion checks. The rest of the points can go anywhere you wish. The only skill that have any combat usefulness is treat injury.
Master 2-weap – mandatory for its massive attack boost; (3)
Master combat skill – since Bastila is likely to max flurry and Juhani is likely to max power attack, I suggest going for critical strike to be able to see all the animations. Note here however, that if you’re planning to have double-bladed lightsaber then critical strike is less recommended; instead go for one of two other options (and give Juhani crit if you need to see all the animations); (3)
Lightsaber: focus and specialization – general offensive boost; (2)
The rest of the feats are not mandatory. Recommendations are: implant level 3, toughness.
Number of feats you get in total depends on the level you become a jedi. The most likely levels are either 7 or 8 giving either 12 or 11 feats respectively, however as a scout you get implant levels for free at 1, 4 and 8, meaning that effectively if you decide to max out implant tree (you probably should) your character gets 14 feats, if you become jedi on either level 7 or 8.
Few important notes about feats: first, you should stick with just one weapon in the early game even while maxing 2-weap fighting until you at least get to level 5 (where you should put your second point into 2-weap fighting), because the attack penalty is rather massive and would make you miss often. Second, critical strike (and power attack, but to a lesser extent) gets significantly better with rank. It means that you probably want to avoid using it in harder fights until you have it maxed (level 10 or 11, depending on your split).
Also, if you really want to, you can go for one single-bladed sabre. The game is absolutely beatable even on the hardest difficulty with it. In case you do, switch 2-weapon fighting for Dueling.
In total you will have either 13 or 14 powers. Master speed and master valor are the only two mandatory power trees. Cure (NOT heal, just cure) is recommended for LS, life drain tree for DS. If you went DS route with lower WIS and CHA, your force DC will be rather pathetic meaning enemies will often resist the effects of your force powers, meaning you’d be better off just buffing yourself, eg improved energy resistance; affliction and plague have fixed DC (and latter cannot be resisted), so you can pick them. Feel free to pick up force lightning, can’t imagine DS route without it. Dominate mind is another possible DS choice (forcing someone to do something is rarely, if ever, a LS route). On the LS, you’re likely to have noticeably higher force DC, so you can pick stasis field and stun droid and have them succeed rather often. Force wave, improved energy resistance are other good options. Ironically you can go for DS powers as LS jedi and have more success than your DS counterpart, be mindful that the cost increases by up to 75% for the opposing alignment’s powers.
Avoid: throw lightsaber (useless, since its relatively low damage and leaves you vulnerable; you also can close distance using force jump); heal (barely improves cure, not worth the point); force aura (armor is capped at 10 from armor+powers, and good robes (5) and knight speed (4) almost reach the cap of DEF, while your saves should be decent enough except for maybe will, which can be countered by immunity: mind affecting instead); force resistance (saves+immunity should be enough).
Implant: +3/5 DEX from Kashyyyk/Yavin or +hp regen from Korriban
Head: +5 WIS for LS from Kashyyyk; +2 DEX from Manaan/Immunity: crit (Tatooine/Kashyyyk)/mind affecting (Manaan/Yavin/Korriban academy)
Hands: best +STR you got (+1 Taris, +2 Dantooine Mandalorian, +4 Manaan Hulas, +5 Korriban late-game shop)
Belt: +2 STR Dantooine
Body: best robes you can find (Qel-Droma for LS (Korriban)) swapping to SF robes late-late in the game.
Weapon: whether you go for 2 sabers (2S) or a single double-bladed saber (DB) is entirely up to you. Their combat power is very close (the “worst” combination being double-bladed saber + critical strike, but even that is very much enough to comfortably beat the game). Also, double-bladed saber is significantly (~20k) cheaper, so if you can’t afford both late game crystals, then you probably should go double-bladed.
Crystal combinations: Opila/Sigil/Phond early; MotF: Solari>Sigil/Phond, HotG: Upari>Sigil/Phond/Pearl late.
Note that Solari is restricted to the light-side, unless you’re using it with MotF (or HotG).

Getting started

Before going into the rest of the guide, an important thing to mention is how one would acquire the gear necessary to complete a build. Most of the items are available from certain vendors while some are found out in the world. Here’s the list of significant cash sources:
• 2k from vulkar base hangar
• 7.5k from manaan swoops
• 18.72k from tatooine swoops (sell the currency on Yavin for extra profit)
• 7.5k from Suvam Tan (on Yavin) by winning in pazaak 10 times (which also provides 20% discount in his store – a must!)
Also worth noting that after leaving Taris the Yavin station is your best destination to sell items, since it gives you 65% of the item value compared to 25% elsewhere.
Main shops:
Yavin station – available once you leave Dantooine. Restocks, so check back;
Dantooine – shop near the landing zone (Crattis Yurkal);
Kashyyyk – Czerka Landing Port;
Tattooine – Czerka Office and Docking Bay (Mic’Tunan’Jus Orgu);
Manaan – East Central (Tyvark’s Shop);
Korriban – several sources, in Dreshdae: Mika Dorin, Czerka store, B’ree
The rest of the builds will assume your familiarity with the game.

Blaster master (leaning LS, but can be DS)

Class: Scoundrel for sneak attack or Soldier for high innate attack and more feats; Consular – for better force DC and better alignment bonus (if LS) or Guardian – for higher attack and better alignment bonus (if DS).
Feats: two-weapon fighting, max rapid shot, implants, weapon spec (11 total; all of this can only be taken by soldier-consular)
Powers: Speed, Stasis, Valor (these 3 are core and non-replaceable, except for substituting stasis for insanity which comes earlier, but is dark sided, and is countered by immunity: mind affecting); Heal, Destroy droid, Breach/Improved energy resistance/Force whirlwind (only for the last boss really) – 15 total; can be acquired by level 12 consular.
Attributes: 8-18-8-10-14-14.
Skills: Persuasion -> Treat injury. Can add stealth/awareness/security if scoundrel.
Implant: +1 DEX Taris -> +3 DEX Kashyyyk -> +5 DEX Yavin
Head: +2 DEX Manaan (early game) -> Weap Focus+Spec Manaan (can use right away) /+5 WIS (LS) Kashyyyk
Hands: +3 DEX Yavin
Body: Best jedi robes -> Qel-Droma (Korriban, LS) -> SF robes
Belt: +3 DEX Yavin
Weapon: Carth-Bendak-Cassus (Korriban)-Calo-Saul blasters
Total cash required for the build then is 7.5+22+6+8+8.5+10+10=72k some of which can be reduced by acquiring pazaak discount on Yavin or not swapping the implant/head and waiting/buying the other one straight away (not recommended).
Class split 8-12 for scoundrel-consular; 5-6/15-14 for soldier-consular; 5/8-15/12 for scoundrel-guardian (DS). With 8-12 scoundrel-consular split, you can acquire 9 feats for two-weap, rapid shot and implants, 15 powers and have a respectable force DC of 42/45 late game. Alternatively, you can forego level 3 implants ignoring the +5 DEX in favor of getting more jedi levels and splitting at 6 (losing a level of sneak attack, a feat, but gaining 3 powers) or at 7 (losing a feat, but gaining 2 powers). Since basically all the good implants are level 3, it’s impractical to get level 2 implants, instead level 2 toughness is recommended (which goes nicely with improved energy resistance for some tankiness, for example). Yet another alternative is to split at level 5 without sacrificing any feats, but sacrificing a level of sneak attack (which you’d get at level 7) and scoundrel’s luck (at level 6); this way you get 4 more powers compared to splitting at 8. Note that the earlier you split, the harder your early game is.
Late game you will have enough attack to almost always hit the last boss who has 38 DEF:
15 (base at level 20) + 16 (DEX*) + 5 (weapon attack mod) + 1 (weapon focus) +3 (echani stim) -1 (rapid shot) -2 (dual wielding) = 37 ATK from range, which translates to 95% (maximum) accuracy, attack is boosted further by +10 if the enemy is in close proximity, meaning that at that point the boss won’t even be able to deflect anymore. This can even further be boosted by equipping a balanced blaster (Bendak’s), which would eliminate the -2 penalty from the main hand (and thus from all the additional attacks acquired through feats or powers), but is at a dmg loss and isn’t necessary.
*DEX: 18 (initial) + 4 (level up) + (5+3+3) (from items) + 5 (Master valor) + 4 (stim) = 42 ((42-10)/2= +16 DEX mod)
The build can also have a respectable force DC:
5 (base) + 20 (max level) + 7/10 (WIS with/out Saresh) + 6 (CHA) + 4 (force focus at consular 12) = 42/45, which would allow for a very decent stasis success percentage to activate sneak attacks (goes down to 40/43 if no LS mastery).

Force powers focus (LS)

Class: at the start – irrelevant, so pick whatever you want or whatever makes the early game easier (Soldier), because early game is hell. As a Jedi, consular is the only option.
Attributes: 8-10-10-8-16(18)-18(16) – both CHA and WIS take equal parts in force DC. Moreover, through items and force you can get even bonus to CHA (8) and odd to WIS (15), therefore all leveling attribute points go into WIS for a total bonus of 20. You can do a different distribution, except for WIS and CHA, if you want (it’s just 4 points). In the end of the game this build will achieve force DC of 50.
Feats: irrelevant, so pick whatever you want or whatever makes the early game easier. For example, dueling, toughness
Powers: master valor, force whirlwind (yes, only level 2) for the last boss; otherwise – whatever you want, but be mindful that this is a LS build, so DS powers cost more. This means you might want to save as many levels as possible early to get as many FP and powers as possible, especially because the juicy ones are on the dark side and you will want people to suffer after you suffered through the early game!
Master valor, cure, stasis field/insanity, force whirlwind, force breach, death field, force storm, plague, kill.
Total powers: 3+1+3+2+2+2+3+3+3=22 (required split 3-17).
When deciding what to cut start with plague/kill as both are single target and plague is only really useful for boss targets because it takes long to ramp up and is single target; meanwhile kill is really an overkill, but should be fun to use. Both are available at level 12. Cutting one of the two allows for a 5-15 split. If you still want to cut something, choose between cure and death field, there really is no big need to have both.
Possible additions: speed (just for faster movement) instead of cure/death field, destroy droid instead of plague or kill (can really get rid of both), improved energy resistance (instead of death field).
Skills: irrelevant (8 INT LOL), can get persuasion/treat injury.
Implant: irrelevant, and you also might be unable to use any good ones, depending on your choices in the starting class and level saving. Some good ones are +3/5 DEX (for DEF), +2 HP Regen (Level 3); or whatever you can get at lower level.
Head: Circlet of Saresh (Kashyyyk, LS) – absolutely must have asap, since it gives +5 WIS (the most an item can).
Hands: irrelevant, but you can get +3 DEX, +BBD gloves right after leaving dantooine at Yavin and you probably should.
Body: Best jedi robes -> Qel-Droma (Korriban, LS) – get this asap, since it gives +WIS -> SF robes
Belt: irrelevant – stealth generator to survive; save the belts that you can swap depending on the fight/your lowest save (Fort +3 from mandalorian in dantooine; Ref +3 in Korriban valley, +2 from Selven/Taris sith boss); immunity: mind affecting belt from tatooine; Strength enhancer from dantooine (mostly for +2 all saves); late game either +3 DEX from Yavin or +2 DEX and +4 saves from Korriban
Weapon: Lightsaber with mantle of force, rubat (crystal cave) and damind (dark jedi on tatooine or kashyyyk, Kel Algwin on Korriban) for FP regeneration. Depending on your feat choices you may insert these into a two-bladed saber or equip another saber with HotG and BBD (deflection) combo (eg, jenruax, solari).
Other: Brejik’s armband and lots of consumables, especially adhesive nades.
Total cash required: the build only really requires mantle of the force for 25k, however other accessories are obviously welcome and can add 7.5-29.5 for implant; 8.5 for hands; 8.5-18.5 for belt.
While this build aims to have maximum possible DC, you could sacrifice few points to make a more well-rounded character. Since with very high DC your enemies are likely to be incapacitated in some form, you can even go for offense with your lightsabers. For example, starting with X-X-X-X-16-14 will lower your DC by three points throughout the game, but will allow for a much smoother early game. Sample: 14-12-10-10-16-14. With such distribution you can go for +STR gear (+5 gloves, +2 belt) and 2-weap fighting feat tuning one saber for FP regen and the other for damage coupled with master speed, you’d be quite a menace.
Why this build? For offensive force powers DC is calculated as 5+level+WIS mod+CHA mod+force focus (consular). Using this build achieves the most possible DC (50)*, thus it is exceedingly impossible to withstand your force powers. During the final boss fight you can guarantee 100% chance to succeed with force whirlwind (this incapacitating ability uses reflex to save, and while boss’ lowest save is will, he is immune to mind affecting, and thus cannot be incapacitated that way) if you first use adhesive grenade to lower boss’ DEX a bit (which also lowers their reflex save). Also good if you hate life.
WIS: 16 (start) + 5 (leveling) + 5 (SF robes (LS)) + 5 (Saresh (LS)) + 5 (Master Valor) = 36 (or (36-10)/2= +13 WIS)
CHA: 18 (start) + 3 (LS mastery as consular) + 5 (Master Valor) = 26 (or (26-10)/2= +8 CHA)
Total DC: 5 (base) + 20 (max level) + 13 (WIS mod) + 8 (CHA mod) + 4 (force focus at consular level 12) = 50.

Heavy armor, no lightsabers (DS)

Class: Soldier-Guardian, we’re going to rumble, so we’re gonna need feats. Level 7 or 8 split gives 14 feats, and we’re gonna use them all. This build aims to be Dark sided.
Attributes: 18-X-X-X-X-X. I suggest spending points in DEX and CON and ignoring the rest for a few reasons: skills are mostly irrelevant, your poorest save (Will) will be covered by having immunity: mind affecting at your disposal, persuasion is less important for DS character (role play wise), because there’s usually no need to persuade for there to be a “Kill’em” option. Sample: 18-14-14-X-X-X; 18-14-12-8-10-10. Alternatively, you could spec some into WIS and CHA, so some of the force powers you do take feel a bit more potent given the right gear, in which case 18-10-10-8-14-12 is the way. Since the most STR you can add (w/o level ups) using this build is +16, you can either start with 18 STR and use the last level up point elsewhere, or you could start with 17 STR and repurpose 3 free attribute points elsewhere. To be completely honest going for 18 STR really isn’t necessary and is gimping your early game noticeably. Instead feel free to go 16 STR and spend the freed 6 points to your heart’s desire, eg 16-15-14-10-10-10.
Feats: 2-weap, flurry, weapon spec, implants and toughness. Order: melee focus, flurry, 2-weap, flurry, 2 weap (this is where you can equip your second weapon), weapon spec, implant, 2-weap, flurry, implant, implant, toughness. Since the build assumes no speed power, flurry HEAVILY outperforms other special attacks and thus particularly recommended.
Powers: Improved energy resistance, force wave, destroy droid, cure, affliction/stasis (both up to level 2, NOT 3)/insanity/dominate mind. In case you picked up some WIS and CHA, you can also get Kill. Obviously since we’re going to be wearing armor and not going to have lightsabers, some powers become completely useless. Most unfortunate are the losses of master speed and master valor. If you get all three of force wave, stasis and insanity, you will be able to attack each of the opponents’ saves (reflex, fortitude and will respectively), meaning that even though your force DC is likely to be abysmal, you could still find opponents’ weak spot and incapacitate them. Of course you could get master speed and/or valor and take off your armor, use them and then don it back, but I advise against it. Not even because it’s “cheating”, it’s just too much hustle, which would likely burn you out.
Implant: wear whatever you want until you get the third implant level (+1 DEX, +1 CON or immunities from level 2), and once you get level 3 get regen implant from Korriban.
Head: Saresh (LS)/Stabilizer mask Manaan > Sith mask Korriban (academy).
Hands: best +STR you got (+1 Taris, +2 Dantooine Mandalorian, +4 Manaan Hulas, +5 Korriban late-game shop).
Belt: +2 STR CNS enhancer Dantooine
Body: republic mod armor/echani armor (Taris, immune mind affecting/good stats) -> davik armor -> calo nord armor -> heavy exoskeleton (Yavin, after the 3rd star map).
Weapon: prototype vibroblade (solo), at level 5 either add mission’s blade (both fully upgraded) or take echani ritual band (sold in Taris emporium) until you can upgrade them both -> Yusanis’ Brand once you leave Dantooine (sold on Tatooine) and keep it until you get both of Bacca’s ceremonial sword and Baragwin assault blade (from Kashyyyk plotline and Yavin after the third star map. Finally get the second Baragwin blade after the fifth map.
Total cash comes down to: 8.5+22.5+8.5+20+8+9+9=85.5k
Pivot: this build can be easily turned into a simple dark-side guardian by wearing robes instead of armor, getting lightsaber spec instead of toughness 3 (and using sith mask over stabilizer mask) and getting yourself lightsaber(s). Also taking master speed and master valor is recommended in this case. Be prepared to spend a bunch on the sabers come late game though.

Level 2 solo Taris on Hard. The build.


Scoundrel-Consular; 2/18. All starting classes get feats on level 1 and 2, therefore the choice comes down to this:

  • Soldier: +1 ATK, 20 hp at level 2, abysmal skill points;
  • Scout: Implant level 1 for free; 16 hp at level 2; average skill points;
  • Scoundrel: +2 DEF, Sneak attack level 1 for free; 12 hp at level 2; most skill points, class skill stealth.

You can beat the game with any one of the three, but for the future gameplay it’s either scout of scoundrel. It really doesn’t make sense to me to go anything other than Consular once you have so many levels saved. While usually sneak attack I means basically nothing, during this solo run you’ll be regularly (way more often than in a usual playthrough) opening fights from stealth (and disengaging to abuse it later), so for this particular build it’s a very good feat to have.


10/12-12/10-10-14-16-14. If you want to min-max your combat abilities early, you can go 12-14-10-10-16-14. If you don’t mind sacrificing some force DC, you can even go 12/14-14/12-10-14-14-14. Having 14 DEX will allow you to hit 22 or 23 defense without stims rather early saving quite a bit of time reloading after unfortunate enemy rolls.
Feats: Dueling-Implant/Toughness/Melee focus. You may decide to forego dueling, especially if you went 14 DEX, and go for dual-wielding (which does nothing for you early game, but once you survive it will be more useful), especially since dueling doesn’t affect bowcasters (and your main ranged weapon is going to be Zaalbar’s bowcaster). Implant level 1 will let you hit +2 DEX from items if you decide to fight Kandon in the vulkar base (for +1 dex implant). Another +1 comes from Brejik’s gloves. Toughness gives you 2 hp, which seems laughable, but in realty will make you survive noticeably more. Toughness is also not a bad feat for later. Finally you can go for melee focus for +1 attack in melee. It’s terrible (useless once you equip a lightsaber) for later in the game (unless you decide to wield Baragwin Assault Blade(s)), but noticeably improves your melee capabilities. A caveat however is that you’re likely going to be fighting only weaker enemies in melee, so it’s a sort of “win more” feat. Still it’ll save you some time.


For once, skills are not irrelevant, quite the opposite! Build assumes Scoundrel, so adjust accordingly keeping certain things mentioned below in mind.
0-4-4-4-4-0-0-0 (save points for CU and RE once you’re consular) or 2-4-4-4-4-2-0-0 for cheaper droid repair and computer access in the early game (recommended). You also must put a point into demolition to be able to set mines. Whoever steps on your mines will get a nasty shock. Another must have is stealth. While 5 stealth you’ll have at level 2 won’t make you invisible with 100% certainty, it will provide you with a chance to sneak by basically anyone realistic (unrealistic includes sith base droid with 100 awareness), so you’ll avoid what you can. Note here that this build has 0 points in security, meaning you’ll have to hit the doors which can take a while especially early on. Feel free to put a point in security instead of computer use. If you went for 10 INT, you can try X-1-4-X-4-X-X-X, but be advised that this will mean only 1 skill point/level once you become jedi and thus likely either no proper persuasion ratio or no HK repair. Treat injury is useless, unless you decided to go soldier, because you will basically full heal with a single medpac anyway (14 or 16 hp healed depending on your starting WIS).

General tips:


  • You can save a lot of credits and some time if you decide to soften the “solo run” challenge to “solo combat” challenge and use companions as skill bots. Most useful will be Missions with her high demolition. At level 2 you cannot realistically have more than 5 (+2 INT) + 1 (item) = 8 demo. This is not enough to recover a minor mine on “difficult”. Mission can level up freely and get 10 demo to recover mines for you. It can save you some time and up to 3.5k credits. She can also surpass you in comp. use and repair to save you some spikes and parts along the way. Another helper is T3-M4, particularly in comp. use and repair, though he comes rather late. He can help a bit on the sith base and if you wanted, you could take him with you to repair some droid you left unrepaired before for some extra EXP. Another shoutout goes to Carth very early in the game for his 1 point in security. Could also use Bastilla (once you get her) for her force speed, if you wanted.
  • Consumables are extremely important. While most of them are infinite on Taris, energy shields are not, and you can only buy one from Larrim (in the very starting apartment area), rest are looted. While you can buy infinite amount of frag and sonic nades, you will save time and credits by using those you loot sparingly, preferably to aoe 3+ targets or for bosses. Also, do not waste any parts or computer spikes randomly; they are quite expensive and are needed at particular spots.
  • You can full heal by going back to your hideout through the map menu – save on medpacks. It can also save time while travelling.
  • Upgrade your weapons and armor asap. Got a new upgrade? Teleport to hideout and put it in, then teleport back.
  • You can use one defensive consumable item per round “for free” if you open your inventory while in combat and use it from there (no need to stop attacking). Some might consider it an “abuse”, and you can beat the planet without it, but you will have to reload after dying significantly more. Your choice.
  • When you are in melee against an enemy that uses a ranged weapon, you both have +10 ATK against each other. Can be used together with energy shield to significantly increase your hit chance while staying healthy yourself. While many enemies will switch to a melee weapon once you close in on them, you can then run away enough for them to switch to ranged weapon again. Can repeat until they die.
  • Many enemies will stop attacking/chasing you, if you turn the corner (kind of “forgetting” about you) where they lose line of sight on you. You can use this in several ways:

    1. Disengage to reapply invis for a sneak attack;
    2. Lure a single enemy away (some may forget, while others will chase, because for example some were closer to you than others);
    3. Attack an enemy (with ranged weapons), while the rest of the enemies stay in place not having line of sight on you (the most obvious place where it’s applicable is Kandon fight on the vulkar base).
    4. Throw grenades at them. This will make them chase you again, but it’s still an action you’ve done “for free”

    Disengage to reapply invis for a sneak attack;
    Lure a single enemy away (some may forget, while others will chase, because for example some were closer to you than others);
    Attack an enemy (with ranged weapons), while the rest of the enemies stay in place not having line of sight on you (the most obvious place where it’s applicable is Kandon fight on the vulkar base).
    Throw grenades at them. This will make them chase you again, but it’s still an action you’ve done “for free”

  • Remember that ion weapons do additional damage to droids. Also, ion damage (such as from blasters or rifles) is double against shielded targets. What this means is that while Carth’s blaster is the best in the early game, it actually deals less damage (w/o upgrades) against a shielded target than an ion blaster you find on endar spire. Always think what’s the most damaging against your current enemy!


Level 2 solo Taris on Hard. The walkthrough.

Unless stated otherwise, you go through the whole area looting everything available.
While you’re with Trask, you cannot die – don’t use any consumables. After Trask is gone, use stealth field generator to sneak past the siths to gain extra EXP, then kill them anyway. Use computer terminal to go through. Don’t forget to loot everything.
Equip combat suit, upgrade your prototype vibroblade with vibration cell, take carth’s blaster from him and head out. Even if you went for as low as 10 DEX, as a scoundrel you’ll have 10 (base) + 2 (feat) + 4 (armor) = 16 DEF, 17 with dueling.
Visit equipment emporium and buy permacrete detonator for 50 (you should have some money from looting) and 1 or 2 ion grenades, if you can afford it; it is recommended to sell something to afford at least one. Ignore the cantina for now (but buy pazaak deck here once you visit it) and head to the upper city north apartments. Your goal here is to get the sith armor. Fortunately, the sith are very weak opponents and you can also lure them away from each other. Another thing to do is to kill Largo. You don’t get any dark side points if you exit the dialogue the first time you speak with him and then provoke him by asking him to hand you over the credits twice (“That’s too bad. Say hi to Davik’s men when they stop by”). Get the energy projector from him and upgrade your vibroblade asap. Next stop – lower city.
As soon as you exit the elevator, you’ll get in a fight. While one of the vulkars is running to you, you can enter invisibility to help you take him out alone and faster. As you go around the lower city, you’ll encounter more vulkar patrols, feel free to occasionaly use a grenade to hit 3+ of them. Also note that the sith (and his turrets) near the elevator to the undercity will assist you against the vulkars (if in range).
Visit apartments (east). Do not repair the droid. If you want to open a door, make sure there are no vulkars nearby. If there are, kill them first. Use invisibility before any encounter to get additional sneak attack damage (while it’s “just” 3.5 damage on average, a basic vulkar has only 17 hp, 24 for enforcer and 40 for gang boss, thus 3.5 is 9-20% of their hp). The goal in this complex is to do Matrik’s quest (already have the detonator for him) and grab echani fiber armor (you now have 17/18 DEF). Feel free to skip northwest room that has gang boss and an enforcer in it for now.
Not much to do in the lower city cantina for now. You can collect a little cash for the bounties if you want. You can also talk to Holdan about Dia. You need at least 4 persuasion to have a chance to persuade him at level 2 (it’s a “hard” check). Alternatively, once you get Bastilla she will force persuade him.
Stop by Beks’ base and get documents to access the lower city and then proceed to the apartmets (west).
There’s a patrol inside the complex going clockwise, you can use invisibility to let them pass if they catch up to you, however I suggest you kill the patrol and loot energy shield from them, if you don’t have one yet. Your goal here is to kill vulkar boss in the southwestern apartment and loot armor reinforcement (and use it asap on your echani armor, you now have 19/20 DEF). Ignore Selven for now. On to the undercity.
Ignore the infected for now, head to Igear and buy frag grenades. You can also buy -2/-3 cards and a scope, but you will soon find a scope anyway. Once you approach the gates stay inside and let Hendar die. Unfortunately, it’s unrealistic to save him with this build: rakghoul is a boss, it has 82 VP, 12 ATK and 11 dmg on average. Once it kills Hendar, it will run to the northeast of the gate and let you out. Note here that for Mission to approach you, you need to kill this “boss” rakghoul. Leave him for now. Also ignore the infected republican for now. Canderous is to the west of the village. Once you talk to him, there’ll be an encounter, let him handle the rakghouls, he’s invulnerable. To explore the area you have to deal with rakghouls. Generally it is done by running around them close enough to draw agro, but not close enough to get hit. Once all of the desired rakghouls are following you, run back to the village gate and enter. Rakghouls cannot follow through the gate and will instead run to the northeast, where the “boss” rakghoul is. Once you do it a few times, it may look like this – []  (click).
Once you looted the western part, go east by the wall to not agro your rakghoul zoo. Sith patrol is very weak, preapply energy shield, wait for them to stop approaching and make them attack then run away a little and use frag grenade. They have low hp, so you have >50% to oneshot all three. Time to deal with the zoo. If you stay as close to the village wall as possible and attack the rakghouls, they shouldn’t be able to approach you and instead run around while you use a few greandes and finish them off with Carth’s blaster. If you cannot make this work and they attack you, then throw a nade and run to the gate to drop agro; repeat until finished. Once the “boss” rakghoul is dead and you approach village gate, Mission will join you. All that’s left to do is loot the serum in the eastern part (you know how to deal with rakghouls by now) and enter the sewers from the entrance closest to the village.
First thing you should do inside is fight your way to a broken droid behind a sewer door in the east wall of the tunnel along the east boundary of the Gamorrean Compound and restore its patrolling capabilities. The droid is very strong with 112 VP, 24 DEF, 16 ATK and 5 damage. Whenever there’s a fight you cannot handle, lead the enemies towards the droid and while they try to hit him, stand as far away as possible and shoot with either Carth’s blaster or, once you get it, Zaalbar’s bowcaster. Explore the area, grab outcast journal, if you want to complete the quest and move on.
Upper sewers should be no problem. Once you reach the vulkar base, make sure your gear is upgraded (you cannot reach hideout from within the base). Explore a little until you run into a disabled sentry. Engage it in patrol mode. The sentry is invulnerable (but deals very little damage), so you can draw enemies you cannot handle towards it to tank them for you, however it shouldn’t be necessary. There is a computer console in the main hub with the armory, your goal is to overload the power conduit in the barracks to kill both lieutenants (green male twi’lek), so check the camera. If they are not in range, you’ll have to get into the barracks and try to draw them closer to the conduit. Loot the armory, the pool (walk slowly, trigger mines one by one and instantly use antidote+medpac), get the passcard and move on.
Your goal is to go down the west tunnel in the southwest corner of the garage, turning north around the corner. There are two standard doors in the east wall towards the end of the tunnel, and the garage head’s office is behind the northern door. Use the computer inside to overload swoop bike, which should kill garage head, his entourage and 4 other vulkars. Now decide whether you want to access the loading bay using computer spikes (and thus opening all security doors, 3 spikes (base) once you’re in) or by making a broken droid ram into the bay door 1+6 parts). Inside the loading bay is a very powerful droid. Before you engage it (and Kandon later) use the workbench in the room near the garage head’s office to upgrade everything you have (by now you should have all the missing upgrades for armor – underlay from vulkar armory; blade – alloy from the mined pool; bowcaster – scope from the sewers, cell from the garage head’s desk, splitter from the same sith corpse that had serum and trigger from the mined pool).

Level 2 solo Taris on Hard. The walkthrough (cont.).

Although upgraded echani armor gives 20 dmg resist to cold damage, the bay droid will still likely kill you the round after using it with his normal attack, so the goal is to never get hit by it. It has 96 VP, so theoretically 2 ion grenades (which you should have looted from vulkar armory, if you were diligent) and a frag grenade should be enough to kill it, however it has reflex save of 6, so it resist ion grenade damage on the rolls of 9 to 20 (60% of the time), so both will do full damage only 0.4*0.4=16% of the time – meaning a lot of reloads, this is why we bought an ion grenade at the emporium way back when. 1 full grenade and 2 half grenades should do the trick together with a frag greande to finish the deal. Throw the nade, turn corner, run away, throw the nade. Loot the loading bay and go to the engine room. Here you have a choice: you can ease the fight by agreeing to Kandon’s proposal to kill Gadon (you won’t actually kill Gadon as it’s basically impossible with this build). If you do this, you will be escorted outside the vulkar base. Immediately turn back and get to the engine room again. Kandon won’t be there, so you will only have to fight 2 weak bodyguards and 1 strong one, which makes the fight significantly easier, however you won’t loot the response package from him (irrelevant if you don’t have level 1 implant feat) to upgrade your DEF (together with gloves) further and sith energy shield and won’t get his EXP. Up to you to try the fight first, and if it’s too hard, ease it later.
Next is the swoop race. Once you win and the fight breaks out, let Bastilla handle Brejik, while you shoot from far away.
By now you should have quite a bit of credits. Spend it on T3 and around 35 (yes, thirty-five) minor plasma mines and 2 flash ones – 5.2k credits altogether. If you need more cash, turn in the bounties – 300 (400 with medium persuasion check) each, use Davik’s name to get T3 (DS points) – 1.5k or give the serum to Zax (DS points) – 1k. You can also fight on the dueling arena to get a lot of money (2.2-2.4k) before going to the sith base. Dueling is completely trivial compared to some of the fights you had to go through so far, just remember to use energy shields appropriately:

  • Duncan andGerlon are trivial, but you should use an energy shield while facing one of them and take some time to place mines near the spot where you spawned, 6 minor plasma mines in one group and 8 plasma + 1 flash mines in the other;
  • Ice should die from 5 frag grenades (or be left at 2 VP, if you’re extremely unlucky);
  • Marl should be led towards the smaller batch of mines which will at worst deal 72 damage to his 75 VP;
  • Twitch has 84 VP, so you’ll need 5-9 sonic or frag grenades for him (if you use both types, start with sonics, which can decrease target’s DEX (and thus reflex) meaning later grenades are more likely to cause full damage);
  • Bendak always starts with throwing 3 plasma grenades at you, which you have to sidestep while throwing grenades of your own in between. He has 148 VP, so 3 frag (Bendak’s has 25 sonic dmg reduction) grenades you threw while he was throwing his and the bigger batch of mines (to lead him to the mines run into melee so that he swaps his weapon and then proceed to slowly run away making sure he’s following) at worst will leave him with 22 VP. At this point, if he’s not dead you can either hope that flash mine stuns him (40% chance) or choose to use plasma grenades (3 plasma grenades even with the worst rolls will be enough) instead of the frag ones in the beginning.

Having acquired T3 head into the sith base. Bribe the receptionist and use the console to deactivate droid’s shield (crucial, otherwise plasma mines (that actually do energy damage) won’t damage the droid). You can also hack target filtering if you can spare the spikes. Note here that “Sith Troop” enemies’ grenades are likely to oneshot you. Go through the base using energy shields, grenades and stims (adrenaline alacrity, str and con as well as battle stims) where appropriate. Once you reach the elevator door, mine it before opening. The droid has 130 VP, but will deal 12 damage per round with 17 ATK, so fighting it head to head is way too medpack intensive. 11 plasma mines will definitely kill him and you can retrieve the rest. Go up using the elevator, but put more mines before you enter. Sith governor has 148 VP and uses energy shield in his first round, effectively providing 168 VP against plasma mines. If you were diligent with looting, you should have a single average frag mine, use it here together with 10 plasma mines and a flash mine. This setup will deal at worst 135 damage, leaving the boss at 33 hp. You can decide what to do: you can hope that flash mine stuns him (25% chance); you can try throwing different grenades at him while he’s activating his energy shield in the first round (and you can even get lucky with a concussion grenade here (25% chance)). Anyway do know that if he’s alive and not debilitated after the mines go off, he will likely cast life drain for 10-40 damage effectively killing you.
Having dealt with the governor proceed to finishing off all the remaining quests and exploring all the remaining areas. You can go to the undercity to cure the infected (kill the rakghouls by abusing the infected zone gate the same way you abused the main entrance gate), give Rukil the journals, give away the serum, help the dancer, take care of Dia’s bounty (and tell her the good news) and kill Selven with (leftover) mines (she has 78 vitality). After you’re done with Taris, buy 14 minor plasma mines, have around 6 ion grenades and proceed to Davik’s estate. You can also buy a battle stimulant (from Larrim) if you already used hyper-battle stim that you could find inside the vulkar’s base.
Once you’re inside explore the estate until you get to a computer console. Check the cameras and spend computer spikes if you wish. The only enemies worth mentioning are the two droids guarding the pilot. The right one can cast stun ray, but is rather harmless. The left one, however, may actively try to use advanced flamethrower, which oneshots you. You have to throw ion grenades from outside his line of sight, then, once it starts moving, run away until it stops (might have to turn a corner) and throw another grenade. Both droids have 90 vitality, so 2 ion grenades kill them, but the grenades only deal full damage 40% of the time. Once you acquire the hangar codes and get inside, put 14 mines at place before enemies do anything. After that use energy shield, adrenaline alacrity, battle stim and adrenaline stamina and run to Davik, once he puts away his ranged weapon run back towards the mines. Davik has 124 VP plus arkanian shield (40). 14 mines always deal 168 damage.
Congrats, you’re done! You’re also crazy!

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If you have a question about the game, this place has the answer. It is an incredible resource for everything KotOR related. – [] 

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