STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ – Optimization Guide + Build & Items Information

STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ – Optimization Guide + Build & Items Information 1 -
STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ – Optimization Guide + Build & Items Information 1 -

This is a min/maxers guide to get the most of your character and party members in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. It contains an optimized party composition, detailed build order and items guide.

Introduction and Ideal Party Composition

Knights of the Old Republic is a masterpeice of Western RPGs and a game I’ve continued to come back to over and over again since it’s release. I believe I’ve discovered the optimal party composition which maximizes damage, crowd control and support abilites. The ideal party consists of:
1) Strength based Scoundrel with Melee Weapons and Light armor
2) Dexterity based Jedi with Ranged Weapons and No Armor
3) Wisdom based Jedi with Lightsaber and Medium Armor
One thing that I’ve discovered in this game is that Force Powers can be cleanly divided between powers which benefit from a high Wisdom and Charisma score and may be cast in Armor, and those with do not benefit from Wisdom and Charisma and may not be cast in armor. There is only one exception to this for a light side Jedi. Stasis Field cannot be used while wearing armor, however Stasis is allowed. To optimize the party, you need two Jedi to split the Force Powers between them. Your armored Jedi acts similarly to a Cleric in traditional RPGs, he is responsible for healing the party and using Stun Droid and Stasis to disable enemies. The unarmored Jedi uses Force Valour to buff the entire party and uses Force Speed to maximize her attack per rounds with her ranged weapons to provide DPS. The Scoundrel is pure DPS, and works with the Armored Jedi to get sneak attacks on disabled enemies.
Your Player Character can fill any one of these roles, but he’s best suited in the armored Jedi position, as otherwise you’ll need to spend the precious few feats of the NPC jedi on armor proficiencies, while the PC can gain these for free from his base class at character creation.

Support Jedi

STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ - Optimization Guide + Build & Items Information - Support Jedi - DE233EC
Our Player Character works best as our Armored Jedi/Support Character, due to his unique ability to have two classes. We use our base class as a source of armor, feats and hit points while our Jedi class allows us to focus on our force powers. I recommend going with the Scout as the base class for several reasons. Firstly, due to Force Valour, we’ll be able to reliably get our dexterity to 14 without spending any points in Dexterity, so we just need medium armor proficiency and not heavy armor. Secondly, when you consider that Scout has 3 free implant feats, you get the same ammount of feats as you would as a Soldier. The only thing we lose as a Scout instead of a Soilder is 2 Hitpoints per level, a slightly lower attack score, and heavy armor and heavy weapons proficiencies. As a scout we gain better saving throws for Reflex and Will which is extremely helpful in the later parts of the game. Once you become a Jedi, select Jedi Consular for his passive bonus to Difficulty Classes and +3 to Charisma with Light Side Mastery. In combat this Character is responsible for disabling the enemy and healing the party, while your companions focus on damage.
Upon Character Selection, choose the following stats:
9 STR, 8 DEX, 8 CON, 8 INT, 17 WIS, 18 CHA
Put all points into Wisdom as you level up
Skills: put all points into Repair during the Scout Levels and save the remaining skill points until you become a Jedi. Once you become a Jedi put all your skill points into Persuade
Feats: Focus on Defensive feats, use Dueling, Toughness and Conditioning to increase your Defense, Hit Points and Saving throws. For your 10th feat I recommend taking Improved Flurry for extra damage in the final boss fight
Force Powers: Select Force Powers that take advantage of your high Wisdom and Charisma score and are not restricted by armor. This includes Heal, Destroy Droid, Stasis and Force Wave. In the late game, you’ll also want to select Force Valor and Force Breach, these last two powers are restricted by armor but are necessary for the final fight with Malak.
Items include:
Weapon: Saber with Mantle of the Force, Jenruax and Upari
Armor: Heavy Exoskelton
Implant: Cardio Power System
Head: Circlet of Saresh
Hands: Sith Power Gauntlets
Belt: Nerve Amplifier Belt

Ranged Jedi

STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ - Optimization Guide + Build & Items Information - Ranged Jedi - 1AAB1D1
Our Ranged Jedi fills the gap in Force Powers left by our armored Jedi. She uses Force Valour to increase the stats of the whole party while also using Force Speed to increase her own ranged DPS. I recommend equipping Bastila with Dual Blasters and putting her in this role for the majority of the game, and then replacing her with Juhani and Heavy weapons in the late game. The Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster is the best ranged weapon in the game, but other heavy weapons are generally not as strong as two blasters and you can’t get the Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster until very late in the game.
Focus your attributes on Dexterity, as this is your primary means of defense and offense.
For skills: Put points into Computer Use for Bastila, but for Juhani use Stealth and Awareness
Feats: Two Weapon Fighting then Rapid Shot for Bastila and Heavy Weapon Proficiency for Juhani, then Implants, then Rapid Shot
Force Powers: Your main Force Powers will be Force Valour and Force Speed. Afterwards take Force Armor, Energy Resistance and Force Resistance. Plague is a good Force Powers to take with your final slots as it has a DC of 100 and works regardless of your characters Wisdom and Charisma Score
Weapon: Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster
Armor: Qel-Droma Robes
Implant: Advanced Alacrity Implant
Head: Heavy Targetting Optics
Hands: Advvanced Stablizer Gloves
Belt: Baragwin Stealth Unit

Scoundrel (Pure DPS)

STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ - Optimization Guide + Build & Items Information - Scoundrel (Pure DPS) - 77FDF54
We round out our team with Mission. Mission is our main source of DPS, combined with the disabling powers of the armored Jedi, Mission can consistently provide sneak attacks and do massive ammounts of single target DPS. Mission also has the added benefit of providing much needed skills to the party. Focus on strength and equip her with dual swords and watch her cut through enemies like no Jedi ever could.
Attributes: Put all points into Strength
Feats: Do Dual Weapons first, then go into the Flurry tree
Skills: Computer Use, Demolitions, Stealth, Awareness, and Secruity. With your PC having Repair and Persuade, you should have full skill coverage between the two characters
Weapons: Two Baragwin Assault Blades
Armor: Light Exoskelton
Head: Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Mask
Hands: Dominator Gauntlets
Belt: CNS Strength Enhancer

Early Game Builds

In the early game, your PC character will be very weak, as you won’t have any force powers to take advantage of your high Wisdom and Charisma, and all your other attributes will be very low. I recommend selecting party members to best utilize the weapons that you have in the early game. Zalbaar’s Bowcaster makes a solid weapon for our PC and allows us to contribute some damage in the early game. Zalbaar makes a very good melee user while Carth works best as a ranged DPS in the early game. Once you get Bastila, use her as a tank/support and have her use her lightsaber in Melee.
Recommended Early game build:
Carth: Carth is your Ranged DPS in the early game. Keep him equipped with Dual Blasters most of the time, however when you first start to encounter Rakghouls you should equip Carth with Dual Swords so he can be your front liner until you find Zaalbar. Having a Rakgoul engage a party member with blasters equipped means they will get a massive penalty to defense and will fall easily.
Skills: All into Demolitions
Feats: Toughness Tree than Implants
Mission: Mission is your skill monkey in the first dungeon but she doesn’t really shine until later in the game. In the early game keep her back with a single blaster, but when she gets to level 5 you can take Two weapon fighting and give her a second blaster to increase her damage. When she reaches level 4, have her put a point into Strength which will help when we take her on future missions.
Attributes: into Strength (for later)
Skills: Computer Use, Demolitions, Stealth, Security
Feats: Two Weapon Fighting
Zaalbar: Zaalbar is a welcome addition when you first find him as he serves as a great melee fighter. He has Wookie toughness which provides addition vitality as well as damage reduction, plus his Strength and Constitution Scores are extremely high. Have him take two weapon fighting and equip the Prototype Vibroblade and Mission’s Vibroblade
Skills: All into Computer Use
Feats: Two Weapon Fighting
Bastila: Bastila works best as a Paladin type character. Make her take spells that buff herself or the party and use her has a front line fighter. It’s worth noting that Dexterity applies a bonus to attack roles to Jedi when using a lightsaber, so put all points into dexterity to max both attack and defense. While Computer Use is a cross class skills, all her class skills are frankly useless, so put them into Computer Use
Attributes: Dexterity
Skills: All into Computer Use (cross class)
Feats: Two Weapon Fighting
Force Powers: Focus on Aura, Valor and Burst of Speed. Take Energy Resistance at Level 7.
T3-M4: You’ll never use this guy in combat, but you switch him into your party whenever you need someone to look at a computer or droid. Put all points into anything that boost skills.
Attributes: Intelligence
Skills: Computer Use, Demolitions, Repair and Security
Feats: Caution, Gear Head
Canderous: Canderous comes with Heavy Weapon Specialization and a unique Heavy Weapon equipped. However, when you get him at the start of Davik’s Estate there is no way to upgrade his weapon, which is pretty weak to begin with. Instead, put points into Two Weapon Fighting and have him equip Dual Swords (Prototype Vibroblade and Mission’s Vibroblade). This is particularly helpful against the final fight of Taris, as Melee weapons ignore the energy shields on Calo Nord.
Skills: Demolitions
Feats: Two Weapon Fighting

Gameplay Showcase

Part 1: Endar Spire and Taris

Part 2: Dantooine and Tatooine

Part 3: Kashyyyk and Manaan

Part 4: Korriban and Endgame


Written by PhilosophusRex

This is all about STAR WARS™: Knights of the Old Republic™ – Optimization Guide + Build & Items Information; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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