Star Trek Online – Character Boxes Spreadsheet Guide

Star Trek Online – Character Boxes Spreadsheet Guide 1 -
Star Trek Online – Character Boxes Spreadsheet Guide 1 -

Save some EC, make some EC, while doing rep hourlies for Dil.


Recently, I decided to carry out an experiment to see if there was a difference between the average energy credit return on rep boxes, and if so, how much. I was being lazy about opening them, so I was amassing them quickly doing hourlies on two tier 6 characters for dil ore, and doing the dailies on some recruits chasing Tier 6 for the recruitment objectives. I decided to harness the power of my sloth. FOR SCIENCE!
I want to be clear here: the intent is to guide people who are already tier 6 who are doing hourlies for dil ore on how to maximize their EC gain from their rep hourlies. It’s a very small amount of EC, but it adds up over time.

BEHOLD! Empirical Data!

Star Trek Online - Character Boxes Spreadsheet Guide - BEHOLD! Empirical Data! - D603A87
I’m not sure how much explanation this needs. The total number of lockboxes were 209 of each rep. The “# Box Adj” is 209 less the number of elite marks I got, so I’m getting the profit per box that returns something sellable.
The reason I did this was based on the potentially false assumption that all boxes have the same probability to yield an elite mark, so given an infinite number of boxes, you should get an equal number of elite marks (boxes with an EC value of zero) from each rep’s box. 209 isn’t nearly a large enough sample size to reliably measure variance in elite marks drop rates between the boxes.
Writing this guide, I noticed a mistake; Comp boxes *always* return 10K EC, regardless whether or not they give an assessed stratagem. Each rep hourly costs 7,500 EC (regardless of rep), so it’s PROIT/B [Profit per box] should be 2,500 not 2,898.
What we can clearly see is that there are sort of three levels of rep box: >7K profit per box, 2-3K profit per box, and EC loss.


If you’re doing Tier 6 hourlies for dilithium ore, then you want to be running at least 24 per day to get your 8K dil (8,000 refined/day / 340 ore/hourly = 23.529 hourlies/day)
Ideally – to maximize EC gains – you would want to do three cycles of Terran, Undine, Gamma, Delta, Temporal, Lukari, and Iconian. That’s 21, which gets you to 7,140 dil. For the last 860, I’d probably do a Random TFO or two (because you have to get the marks somewhere anyway).
I realize we’re talking about very small amounts of EC, but it adds up over time, and if you’re already doing rep hourlies for dil ore, why not maximize your EC gains, too?

Written by PhotriusPyrelus

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Star Trek Online – Character Boxes Spreadsheet Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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