Star Trek Online – Beginners Guide + Gameplay Tutorial + Informations

Star Trek Online – Beginners Guide + Gameplay Tutorial + Informations 1 -
Star Trek Online – Beginners Guide + Gameplay Tutorial + Informations 1 -
There’s lots of guides around with lots of conflicting information, and many that provide little information of worth. Who has time to trawl through them to find help? I do, so you don’t have to. These are mostly introductory, there’s nothing completionist included atm, however if that’s something people would like compiling then I can get that included too.


Basics –


At the time of writing there’s a phoenix box giveaway, so I thought it best to include /u/ThonOfAndoria’s list of what you should be picking up from it. Don’t worry about not getting epic tokens, they’re rare, frankly the upgrades alone are a plenty worthwhile booby prize. This one may need updating, if it’s horrifically old then let me know and I’ll badger Thon. –


The sto Wiki is a fantastic source of information that will likely answer many questions. Being player maintained, it will always benefit from another editor helping out.


This /r/sto thread contains a great many solutions to puzzles throughout the game. These can be frustrating even to veteran players going back and levelling alts after a break. Bare in mind many of these will also be on their missions wiki page if you can’t find what you’re looking for.



/u/Sizer7141’s guide to directed energy weapons can at first seem a little hostile – but that hostility is aimed at those who arrogantly disregard Sizer’s font of knowledge. Directed Energy Weapons (or DEW) covers the various flavours of beams and cannons. As the guide states, the general building advice given here is applicable to the majority of DEW builds.


Another build from Sizer, this one focusing on space magic, that is, science builds, also known as EPG (exotic particle generator) builds. These don’t deal damage from the weapons primarily, rather their consoles and bridge officer abilities.


Time for a new author. This one is from /u/Rangerrenze. This guide covers everything you need to know about building to deal kinetic damage. These builds mostly rely on torpedoes, something many do simply for the aesthetic – be aware unless you’re doing this right, torps are generally under-powered – but done correctly, well, a torpboat has the DPS record at the time of writing.


a guide from /u/Fddeeelmmmnnmmt. This guide is less about the specific gear your BOFFs (bridge officers) should be carrying, but more about how to make them effectively support you the player during ground content. You should not be relying on your BOFFs to deal significant damage.


“but ADM” I hear, “however will I afford this stuff”. Look no further, as Sizer has you covered once again. Admiralty can be a great source of energy credits and dilithium. More characters on your account will increase profits each day, however will take more of your time. Always be wary of whether the amount your are earning is worth your time, or if you’d rather inject some cash into the game. It can be a fine line.

To be continued…

if you know any more guides as packed with information as these, or feel like there’s critical information missing? Please don’t be afraid to let me know! Either here or – (I’m 𝔄𝔇𝔐 π”±π”’π”±π”žπ”«π”²π”°#7756 over there). There’s also the –, myself and many (if not all) of the authors are on both of these community run sto discord servers, and will be happy to answer any questions sent our way.

(Please do not attempt to DM myself or any of the authors without prior permission)

Written by Adm. Tetanus

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Star Trek Online – Beginners Guide + Gameplay Tutorial + Informations; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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