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Spellcaster University – How to Potions 2 - steamlists.com
Spellcaster University – How to Potions 2 - steamlists.com

A quick, simple way to figure out what potions are what (provided you have the reagents).


The basic idea of potions is not hard: you got 6(7) ingredients you mix together, and the right combo gets you the potion you want. There’s 10 types of potions and 20 combinations, and each campaign/game you make randomizes which combo goes to which potion.
Does this mean some potions may be easier to make than others? probably! I dunno, as that’s a nuance I’m not worried about right now. Once you know how to find them, you’ll be able to figure out yourself if that’s true (cause you never will if you don’t know how)!
To make potions you need 3 different ingredients (or two ingredients and a sleeper vial, which is a special ingredient). The order of these ingredients DO NOT MATTER, only that you have the right ones.
The game does care about order, at least as far as showing you the recipe!
You shall notice (as I reveal the trick) that the game displays the recipes in a very specific order: horn, root, cheese, alcohol, feather, bottle (for sake of ease I shall just call it ‘blue’ since everything is in a bottle).
No matter what ingredients are thrown in, the recipe will always follow this order for the display, meaning the horn will always be at the left and the blue will always be at the right.

Finding Recipes

So, now that we have established this very important detail, the method of finding all your recipes is easy: process of elimination.
Every recipe has 3 ingredients. What the sleeper vial does is choose one of the four remaining choices and picks one randomly when added in. It will never be the other two ingredients. Sadly it never reveals a recipe, but if you already know what you want and the other options are equally desirable, it can save you some ingredients depending.
So the simplest way to find your recipes is to follow this pattern, shifting the last ingredient one step right:
>Step 1<
Once you hit the end, shift the second ingredient one step right, and start your third ingredient to the right of that.
>Step 2<
repeat the idea of Step 2 again, going horn:-:-:alcohol and repeat. Each time you shift the ingredients, the number of times you’ll change the last ingredient will shrink. Eventually, you’ll hit horn:-:-:feather:blue, and we’ll proceed to the next step.
>Step 3<
and you repeat the exact same logic as step 1 and step 2, and like with step 2, the process will be shorter.
Because no ingredient is ever duplicated and their order does not matter, you will never need to go ‘root:cheese:horn’ because that was already done when you went ‘horn:root:cheese.’ Eventually you’ll finish the 20th recipe with ‘alcohol:feather:blue.’ and know every recipe possible!

Final Notes

The reason I did not make out the entire combination list is twofold: it’s a very easy list once you get the idea down, and this game requires a bit of braining, so by making you repeat the patterns to yourself, It (hopefully) helps reinforce it into your mind so you can do it naturally instead of looking this up repeatedly.
Logistical wonders! How Wizardy!
Also, as more than likely you won’t actually have these ingredients in the same logistical order, knowing how the pattern works allows you to shift through to find the other recipes with enough practice that you don’t have to scour the entire list: If you want to know if you found all of a particular group, all you need to do is go ‘Okay, i have these two ingredientsā€”there should be four of them with each of the remaining ingredients.’ and start counting pairs…
What? What do I mean there’s four of them? It’s true! 6 (common) ingredients, no duplicates, no order required, means there’s only four possible choices. That’s why the sleeper vial works! It only feels complicated because there’s a lot of ‘groups’ involved, and the pattern method is a different direction of thinking. The ‘Four choices method’ is just a quick, easy way to check your recipe book for an immediate hole while the pattern method helps you to find them through a process of elimination. It’s actually made MUCH easier thanks to the fact the game forces the ingredients in the order it does, otherwise it would be a lot more tedious.
So I hope this was all helpful, and I hope they make sense, and I hope you’ll forgive me for throwing that last tidbit in at the end. If my logic has failed somehow, lemme know! I know the pattern method works regardless (as I tested it directly), but I also used the Four Choice method once I got used to the ingredient order and it seems solid.
Try not to drink too much glory at once; overdosing may cause a case of glamorous flatulence.

Written by Andramal

This is all about Spellcaster University – How to Potions; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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