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Spellbreak – Mouse compatible Gauntlets 1 - steamlists.com

#1 Wind, #2 Wind, #3 Wind, #4 u get the idea ~_~

Anyway, this game is plagued by bots, aimbots, hackers, smurfs (whoops no matchmaking xD)

Controllers get high aim assist & large hitboxes, while Mouse gets nothing & will not hit jack didly squat.

Want to play flashy ice & lightning? not on Mouse u don’t xD whizz right past their face, Mouse hitbox terrible.

You can hit with Wind, so how much damage it does? tickle damage xD
they will feel very refreshed by the oxygen (gee thanks \o)

What else can Wind do? u can bounce around like a moron; try it. It’s fun. & while yer bouncing, try hit them with a nuke (where u get a nuke? I don’t ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ know ¯\_(=/)_/¯)

Maybe miss their face with a boulder while you refresh them with your oxygen ~_~
(aah, FeelsGood thanks \o)


Ambidexterous (Spirit): Gain Level 1 Skill of Offhand Gauntlet’s Class, Offhand Spell Mana Cost: -5/10/15/25%

It would be best if you had this, coz u do, yes.

Focused Mana (Mind): Spell Damage +15/18/20/30% when 80% or more mana (stack with Wind Lv3 for an offhand nuke?)

or Tracking (Mind): You/Team see an outline of targets (through walls) you damage for 3/3.5/4/6s, now your team can see who you tickle ~_~

Wind Lv2: Fly off your/team’s tornados

Wind Lv3: In Air Spell Damage +20%

Wind Lv4: In Air Cooldown Speed +100% (1 second?)

Edit: won solo toxic/wind, foresight, ambidex, hiding/range, but I want flashy ice/lightning tho…
End notes (Edit): sens at x21, y30, mz36. hud scale:70, player/squad info:145, crosshair 200 ._.

Written by Montiblanc

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