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Spellbreak – How to improve 1 - steamlists.com
Spellbreak – How to improve 1 - steamlists.com
This guide will show you the power hidden within you and cast a new light for your glowing and exciting future on the AAA+ game that is known as spellbreak


The right way to approach the game


how to improve yourself at spellbreak

Firstly, for you to grow into a better player at spellbreak, you will need to create new healthy habits to improve your gaming experience and fix your real-life problems (such as depression, anxiety, divorcement, etc.)

The first thing a new Spellbreak player should do is know the basics of elements. There are 6 elements/classes.
Now knowing that might be very overflowing for some beginner player. I suggest that the first step you take as a new player is to forget about the 5 other classes/elements and focus on lighting, which will be the primary thing you will experience getting killed by and later on falling in love with. Once you spend some time on the game, the idea of misusage will come to mind due to exploring different elements, which might appear fun at first. Still, when you figure out that the only way of playing the game is using lighting, nothing else will become more valuable.

I suggest that you change your background to a more motivational choice. Because technology has improved thru the years, I was able to access and create some backgrounds using Microsoft paint. The backgrounds are free of use and are only expected to be used by hard-driven gamers of this age.

Spellbreak - How to improve at

Spellbreak - How to improve at




There are different rarities in the game, such as:
The only rarity you are looking for is legendary, which is presented by the color orange. However good it might sound to have a legendary gauntlet, don’t pick a random legendary drop. If you had a choice between a common lighting gauntlet and a legendary stone gauntlet or any other gauntlet, you are obligated to take the lighting gauntlet without a dought in your capabilities as a lighting user. The game developers tried to mislead the player base into thinking a more limited/rarer item you have on you, the better, WRONG.
The only item you must have your sight on when you drop from heaven and until you land is a LIGHTING GAUNTLET.
But before that, you will join a waiting lobby where every person there will engage you without any thought of emotional damage done to you before the match.


So you successfully landed on the ground and are excited for a brand new experience that you cannot get anywhere else than spellbreak.
I recommend a more enjoyable experience and control in the game to buy a monitor that can show you a larger field of view in the game.
My suggesting offer to you is this: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-49-Inch-Curved-Monitor-LC49HG90DMNXZA/dp/B072C7TNC5
Not only will a wider monitor provide you with a bigger field of view, but it will also enhance your vision on focusing and obtaining a lighting gauntlet.

Another item you need is a “gaming” mouse, or for a more advanced playstyle, a controller.

But in my knowledge, the best way to max out your DPS is to visit the in-game settings and disable every ability button, or if you wish, change it to the left mouse button, which I highly advise you to do.




When you reached the top 3/5, stop, you will notice that the circle will rapidly shrink until you are boxed together with other players.
Until the player count reaches 3, I advise you to wait calmly that the others kill themself. When left in a 1v1v1 scenario, the players will often attempt to take out a lower HP pool player, which is a spread lie. If you notice two players teaming up against you, the reason being is that they aren’t playing lighting. Being a lighting player is troublesome when faced against caveman people (STONE GAUNTLET PLAYERS) and people whose ability to play League of legends was cut out (TOXIC GAUNTLET PLAYERS). These people will undoubtedly try to attack and kill you. You will most likely fall into a crisis during this event, like two lions pursuing a gazelle, your scenario will demotivate you, and at this point, you will recognize that lighting has the advantages of both these elements and turn that fear into strength, which will make you succeed into winning your first battle royale.

Thank you

I hope this guide was used for its educational purposes, and you enjoyed reading it.

I might do additional guides of different gauntlets, but to do that, I have to achieve a state of mind that is different from a lighting gauntlet user. I have to learn the game and its objective on what truly matters in life.

Good luck with your improvement at the game,

have a nice day



This is all about Spellbreak – How to improve; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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