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In this guide, I’ll tell you what Spellbreake is, what game modes exist, character classes, in-game items, orbs, and add-ons!
After reading this guide, you will understand the principle of this game!


Game Modes


SpellBreak has four game modes! Let’s go through them! (You can see all the modes below)

1. Training – this mode appears according to the rules at the very beginning of the game, but any player who does not understand the gameplay can immediately re-pass the training. The training can be completed an unlimited number of times. In this mode, you will learn: the essence of the game, gameplay, classes, items, and co-op. 
2. Training – This mode was designed to hone the skill in SpellBreak, but many players use it just to have fun. In this mode, there are: several bots (to improve the aim), unlimited items (all runes of different rarities and all gloves of different rarities), five or six spheres (we’ll talk about the spheres a little later). The only disadvantage of this mode is that you can’t play co-op. 
3. Clash is a battle of teams, where nine players fight against nine and the winner is the one whose team has earned the most points. Points are awarded for defeating a player. The game is played in a limited amount of time. 
4. Battle royale is a classic battle royale where the winner is the one who takes the first place. There are 42 players in the battle Royale, the game can load from 2 to 5 minutes. In this mode, there are three more sub-modes, let’s go through them again: 

  • Solo – dop-mode is designed for single-player battle royale. You fall into any location, collect things, runes, items(which can restore your health) and fight against other players with other magics (magics will go on later).
  • Duo – the name will make it clear that there is no longer one player fighting against forty-two players, but two players fighting against forty-two players. In this add-on mode, there are twenty-one teams in each team there are mages who can have the same element as you, and can have a different element. The main task is to hold out until the top one!
  • Squad – according to the rules in the battle royale in this additional mode, there should be a maximum of four players, but in SpellBreak this is not the case. Only in SpellBreak, this mode consists of three players. The main purpose of this DOP mode is the same as that of other DOP modes. That is, to take the first place among forty-two players!


  • Modes: Spellbreak - All about it 
  • Additional modes: Spellbreak - All about it 


Character Classes


The game has six character classes. It Is: A Storm, A Northerner, Conductor, Viatel, The Pyromancer, A Toxicologist. Each class has its own ability that cannot be used by a completely different class. Each class has 4 power levels. In this tab, I will tell you only about the first one, you can find out about all three yourself. Let’s go through the class in more detail:

1. Tempest – a class that is very mobile in the air. One hit to the floor and the player already seems to fly, but this class deals the least damage among all classes to the enemy. Hits this class with 5-8 damage. Together with it, you need to take a glove of a Pyromancer or Toxicologist, as they are more suitable for impact. Skambinau the power of the Storm and the strength of the Pyromancer, you can get a fire tornado, and if you combine the power of the Storm with the power of the Toxicologist can get toxic tornado, if the Conductor mainostaa tornado! I do not advise you to take the glove of Sereryanin and Winnower as they will not help in case of danger. Rune is better to take either teleportation (as you can easily catch up with the enemy, who tries to escape from You) or flight(it will help stop you or move away from the storm), in an extreme case, I advise you to take a feather(feather is not quick, but high. It is a feather that can save you from death in some moments) 
Spellbreak - All about it 
2. Northerner – the class that deals the most damage. The Northerner deals 80 damage to either the head or the body! He is very fast thanks to his ability! His main weapon is a bow. Bow-which sees the opponents (the opponent is highlighted in red until you remove the bow). If he launches his arrow, then there will be an ice path under the arrow, along which you will move 100% faster than usual. But this class is quite difficult because you will have to constantly aim and be on the move if you are noticed. With a Northerner, it is better to use the Fan’s glove. Since you will need to give more domaga on the ground. And using the power of the Northerner, you can freeze the enemy and throw a Fan ball at him. It is better to take the invisibility rune(since this rune will give you more advantage over the enemy or if you have little health with this rune you will heal) 
Spellbreak - All about it 
3. Explorer – a class that can quickly shoot by holding the attack button. It has a very high rune efficiency when shooting fast. Its main power is the accumulation of damage, if you hold the attack button, then with each shot, the damage will accumulate until the mana runs out. The maximum damage accumulation is five. Very good class. The Conductor is well combined with the Toxicologist because the power of the Toxicologist and the Conductor turns out to be a poison-lightning ball. Or goes well with a Northerner as if to combine strength Northerner with the power Conductor will molnenosnym-lebana path and opponents will not be able to go(it would help if You want to escape from the enemy), but here the point is that the path Northerner is his personal power, but how can we be? Then the add-ons that we will talk about in another section will help! It is better for the Guide to use the flight rune, the dash rune, or the teleportation rune! The main thing is mobility! After all, the storm, the players are all fast, but to catch up with them or escape from the storm, these runes will help you! 
Spellbreak - All about it 
4. Fan – a class that deals damage on the ground. The Fan cannot be in the air and beat in the air (unlike the Fan, all other classes can do this). But the Fan’s attack deals damage over a huge area. His main strength is + 20 armor, but if the health is less than five, then the armor is added to five more. The Fan combines perfectly with the Pyromancer, as if the power of the Pyromancer with the Blow of the Fan is a fire stone that will deal more damage + set the enemy on fire! I advise you to take the rune of the jerk or shadow step for the Fan, so that it is more difficult for the enemy to defeat you. The damage of the Fan is thirty to forty health, thus enemies with a hundred health can be defeated in three strikes. And this is very cool! 
Spellbreak - All about it 
5. Pyromancer – a class that is well balanced by zone management. The power of the Pyromancer is the burning of enemies(in other words, as soon as the Pyromancer hits the enemy, the enemy burns) Pyromancer is a class that deals average damage to the enemy(i.e. 30 damage). If the Pyromancer hits the ground, the ground will catch fire and the Pyromancer will be able to take damage to himself if he stands on his piece of Tierra del Fuego. It becomes more difficult for opponents when they come across a player who plays professionally for a Pyromancer. Pyromancer is combined with many classes, for example: 

  • With the Storm, he can use the power of the Pyromancer and the power of the Storm to make a fire tornado!
  • With the Fan, thus the power of the Pyromancer and the blow of the Fan, there will be a fire stone!
  • With the Toxicologist, if the Pyromancer throws a force, and then the Toxicologist hits, there will be a green wall of flame!

Spellbreak - All about it 
6. Toxicologist – a very unusual class, and unusual in that it is combined with almost all classes. His personal ability is poison. 
– Poison? 
– Yes, exactly poison! 
– How does it work? 
– Very simple! 
You throw a blow to the enemy and pools of poison form at the place of the blow, which poison and slow down the enemy! This is not a Northerner to slow down the enemy! But it is still able to slow down and poison the enemy at the same time! And even more so, this class is suitable for almost any class! 
"Why anyone?" 
– Let me explain everything to you 
Classes that match and combine attacks: 

  • Storm, with the power of the Toxicologist and with the power of the Storm, a poisonous tornado is formed!
  • Conductor, with the power of the Toxicologist and the strike/attack of the Conductor, a poison-lightning sphere appears!
  • Pyromancer, with the help of the power of the Pyromancer and the blow of the Toxicologist, you can get a green flame!

Spellbreak - All about it 

Choose your class wisely!

I hope you enjoyed it! 

Items in the game


There are a lot of items in SpellBreak.

Spellbreak - All about it 
In order not to stretch the format, we will divide it into the main items in the game and not the main ones. 
The main ones will be gloves and runes! And the artifacts will not be the main ones[/h1] 
The main ones are gloves and runes! Let’s go through it separately: 

  • Gloves are a thing that is on the non-main hand! There are as many of them as there are classes. Simply put, there are six of them. Each glove on the non-main hand has a power almost the same as the classes on the main hand! 
    Spellbreak - All about it 
    But the gloves themselves on the non-main hand are called quite differently! 
    For example: 

    • The main gauntlet of the Storm is the non – main gauntlet of the wind!
    • The Northerner’s primary glove is the non – primary Ice Glove!
    • The Conductor’s primary glove is a non – primary lightning glove!
    • The main glove of the Winnower is the non – main glove of the stone!
    • The Pyromancer’s Primary glove is a non – primary fire glove!
    • The Toxicologist’s primary glove is a non – primary poison glove!

    Перчатки бывают разных редкостей от обычной до легендарной. Чем лучше перчатка, тем сильнее она будет наносить урон! 
    Выбирайте такую перчатку, которая подходит под Ваш класс, если не знаете, то можете прочитать: "Классы персонажей"!


  • Rune is an item that improves the mechanics of the game! Each rune has its own rarity! The higher the rarity of the rune, the longer it works. There are different runes! Each rune is endowed with its own personal power and it can not be copied or rearranged to another rune! 
    Let’s go through each rune in detail: 

    • Shadow Step – a rune that combines two runes: invisibility and dash! But only for two or three seconds! But this is enough to deceive the enemy and hide somewhere, and then attack behind his back! 
      Spellbreak - All about it 
    • Teleportation – a rune that can move in a few seconds to another place, but away from the enemy(if he also does not have a teleportation rune). In some moments, it even saves. TIP: DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME! (IN THE HORSE IT WILL BE USELESS AND YOU CAN KILL YOURSELF!) 
      Spellbreak - All about it 
    • The Time Lord is a rune that literally and literally winds time back! If someone did not understand, then I will tell you in more detail. Using this rune, you will have a few seconds to fight with the enemy, but if he did damage to you and you have the rune enabled, time will simply rewind you will have as much health/protection as it was at the very beginning of the battle, and the enemy will remain and will not change health/protection. 
      Spellbreak - All about it 
    • Wolfblood is a rune that can see opponents regardless of their terrain, but the rune is temporary and works for a few seconds after which, it reloads (like all runes). This rune can not see all players, but only those who are near you. 
      Spellbreak - All about it 
    • Flight is the rune that moves the fastest! Even faster than teleportation. With the help of the Flight rune, you can catch up with any enemy or escape from him. And also the flight can be used as a Feather! That is, just fly up, but you will be higher than using a Feather, which is great when smoking becomes a very small circle. Flying will save you everywhere! 
      Spellbreak - All about it 
    • Spring – rune, with which you can make small and fast jumps. This rune can help at the end of the game, as there you need to act quickly and thoughtfully. The jump is made in a few miles -seconds of this time in SpellBreak is enough to think about what you will do next. The cooldown is four seconds. 
      Spellbreak - All about it 
    • A feather is one of the most beautiful, fun and necessary runes. The feather throws you a long distance from the ground. Smooth takeoff and smooth landing, but if you hit at least once, the effect will disappear and you will fall to the bottom, but as I wrote earlier, no damage is done when falling. 
      Spellbreak - All about it 
    • Jerk – a rune that is used at the end of a match or in the middle of a battle. A dash is like a Shadow Step, but without invisibility. The jerk is very good when you fight with the Fan! 
      Spellbreak - All about it 
    • Invisibility – a rune that can be found at the beginning and used until the end of the match Invisibility is never useless, but I advise you to use it only for those classes that I have specified in the "Character Classes". With this rune, you can literally deceive the enemy. For example: 
      • Go one way, use the Invisibility rune, and go the other way!

      The invisibility Rune Helps even in the most dangerous places! 
      Spellbreak - All about it 

Non-essential items are boots, a belt, and an amulet 
Spellbreak - All about it 
Every non-core item has exactly the same rarity as the main items! 

  • Boots – an item that increases the speed of the player, the better the item, the faster it is! That is, we can say that the legendary boots will be many times faster than ordinary boots! 
    Spellbreak - All about it 
  • The belt is an item that gives you armor. The better the belt, the better the armor. That is, the legendary belt gives 100 armor, and the usual 20 armor, which means that the legendary belt is several times better. 
    Spellbreak - All about it 

    • Armor is what saves players from death and gives them protection!
  • The amulet is an item that increases the mana, thus the player can punch and fight longer than usual. 
    Spellbreak - All about it 





Spheres – blue-a transparent dome that can be activated. 
Spellbreak - All about it 
Spellbreak - All about it 
Different things can fall out of there. List of things that can fall from the spheres:
Spellbreak - All about it 
Spellbreak - All about it 
Spellbreak - All about it 
Spellbreak - All about it 
Spellbreak - All about it 

  • Epic Wind Glove
  • Epic Gauntlet of Fire
  • Epic Lightning Gauntlet
  • Epic gauntlet of poison
  • Epic Glove of Ice
  • Epic Gauntlet of Stone
  • The legendary glove of the wind
  • Легендарная перчатка огня
  • Легендарная перчатка молнии
  • The Legendary Poison Glove
  • The Legendary Glove of Ice
  • The Legendary Gauntlet of Stone
  • Artifact Scroll
  • Body Scroll
  • Scroll of spirit




Talents, or as I call them, add-ons! Talents is a great addition to SpellBreak. The supplement is divided into three parts: Purple (or the part that is responsible for mana), Orange (or the part that is responsible for the body) and Birch (the part that is responsible for the spirit)

Spellbreak - All about it 
Spellbreak - All about it 
Spellbreak - All about it 
There are six additions in each row, and an addition is given for each level of a certain class. Each talent has its own talent points, the maximum talent points is 6. That is, all talents should total 6 points, but the original talents total 5. I’ll tell you about the original talents: 

  • The first purple talent is Concentrated Mana, which allows the player to deal additional damage. if the mana is not less than 80%.
  • The first orange talent is Foresight, a very useful talent. This talent can show players every ten seconds and see the next storm waves! I use it all the time
  • The first Birch talent is a Dodger, this talent just improves your running speed by 5.

Since I told you about the talents, I should tell you about the scrolls that can improve the talents. A maximum of three times can improve each talent. The scroll improves the talent in the truest sense of the word. For example: 

  • Do you have the Foresight talent initially it sees enemies for 10 seconds and sees the next waves, but if you use the scroll, you will see enemies every 9 seconds and see the next waves, and if you find and use the scroll again, you will see enemies every 8 seconds and the next waves, eventually you will be able to see enemies every 5 seconds! 
    – Great?! 
    – Of course!


Battle pass!


The battle pass can be obtained virtually for free! There is one life hack that I will tell you today!

A battle pass is something that you can buy ((donate) in many royal battles, you have to donate for a battle pass or play for a very, very long time) 
Spellbreak - All about it 
The only way to get a free battle pass for free is just to play, but not to play for half a year, but only for 30 hours. Really! For 30 hours of completing quests, tasks, and missions, I was able to get a free battle pass! 
Spellbreak - All about it 
I haven’t found any other solutions yet, but I’m looking for something that would get a combat pass for free. Of course, it is impossible to sit, do nothing and get a battle pass for free! At least you need to work hard! But I’m on the lookout for how to get a battle pass in an hour or 25 hours! As soon as I find a way, I’ll tell you right away! 

Features and Bugs


After playing for forty hours, I saw one bug and one feature (the list of bugs and features will be updated!)

This is what the bug looks like in the Battle royale, Solo match: 
Spellbreak - All about it 
And here is a feature that can help in the battle with the enemy: 
Spellbreak - All about it 
If someone finds or found other features, bugs, then throw me in the PM. Your bugs and features will get here, and under your bugs or features will be your nickname! 

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Spellbreak – All about it; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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