Space Engineers – List of All NPC Trade Stations & Locations

Space Engineers – List of All NPC Trade Stations & Locations 1 -
Space Engineers – List of All NPC Trade Stations & Locations 1 -

A list of all NPC Trade Stations I have located thus far in Keen NA #2


Copy the entire gps into your clipboard from “GPS” to the final “:” following the color code.
All stations are in a gravity well unless the station name beings with a “_” (underscore for space)

NPC Stations

Mars Route
Get your a*s to MARS! Find that obelisk, melt the ice, and terraform the planet.
GPS:X Mars – IMDE Tradepost:1089080.21130114:117226.267349011:1653986.93043331:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars – TFCG:1063878.64:140534.13:1681933.21:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars – SAMN Station:983211.44:166858.32:1642945.02:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars – SCMG Station:1036639.85:80479.87:1667912.66:#FF75C9F1:
Europa Route
The unbroken, frigid landscape can play tricks with your eyes. Sensors freeze over and thermal variations create mirages. I thought I saw a shielded base out here. Smugglers and such; one cane hope.
GPS:E – MECO Trading Post:909855.480909462:19421.5876154354:1609962.99948377:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:E – SAHI Trading Post:917535.134787844:16602.3255705509:1606858.48366414:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:E – SODR Trading Outpost:911995.992211556:24756.1733171106:1615889.74702323:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:E – _MECO Trading Station:907321.646888704:20260.0427200797:1624604.25790304:#FF75C9F1:
Earth-like Route
There is no strange fungus down there. Just some leavings of an old corporation. I do feel awfully tired though. I just want to lie down for a bit somewhere warm.
GPS:Earth – _TFCG Outpost:35544.2870241636:-49844.1263127472:-83135.0409680294:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Earth – IMDE Station:55466.45:-6163.84:-25154.68:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Earth – RLPR Station:46951.39:18857.64:-34095.84:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Earth – UDMG Station:-51296.98:32758.39:11410.13:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Earth – SAMN Station:9638.13:53043.07:-28946.24:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Earth – _DVHS Station:-22426.85:31325.12:-95785.58:#FF75C9F1:
Luna Route
I have never seen such hostilities has I have here. No not the vacuum of space; the corporate waring over resources. It does make for a nice light show from Tours Station.
GPS:Luna – SOAT Trading Outpost:4405.98966193383:138117.670783114:-110797.81901591:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Luna – _IGMC Trade Outpost:25499.2993751946:144778.601030449:-112138.915206226:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Luna – DVCG Trading Outpost:25353.3160604718:139337.247163265:-113213.412439268:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Luna – UDAL Trading Outpost:23807.9677234801:138634.523989093:-119152.498044542:#FF75C9F1:
Alien Planet Route
GPS:AP – ENHI Station:72645.3:132889.57:5749522.95:#FF75D8F1:
GPS:AP – UDMG Station:184873.82:138668.7:5703871.15:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:AP – _SAHI Station:107847.72:173161.09:5638109.2:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:AP – SODR Station:133143.02:156036.48:5675331.78:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:AP – _IMDE Station:69821.55:169455.64:5655388.47:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:AP – DVHS Station:115085.79:115569.41:5674117.51:#FF75C9F1:
Titan Route
Its an ugly planet; a bug planet! It ruins the amazing views of this peaceful moon.
GPS:Titan – _UDAL Trading Outpost:35986.3708754611:230952.09535319:5784779.80044231:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Titan – UDAL Tradepost:33125.8511915212:227430.572900801:5787711.37387901:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Titan – _DVHS:31685.8708433388:237863.977828771:5795144.87355997:#FF75C9F1:
Triton Route
I think I prefer to deal with pirates. They are a lot more reasonable than rogue AI and most of the time they wont kill you. They do want to collect from you in the future after all.
GPS:Triton – _SAHI Station:-351115.6:-2406425.17:349710.63:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Triton – MECO Station:-312521.79:-2408683.18:366648.49:#FF75C9F1:
Have you ever plotted a jump beyond the red line before? Its not like dusting crops, kid. Without precise calculations, we could wind up flying through a star or right into a supernova and that’d end your trip real quick, wouldn’t it?
GPS:_DVCG Outpost way out there:-2513728.14488171:7243927.06186053:-616063.647694641:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_DVHS Station way out there:20678560.2:4051372.13:-14982780.78:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_ENHI Station way out there:4453857.07:-6910586.48:-1788764.42:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_IGMC Station way out there:25508478.36:13183642.79:4923062.7:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_IGMC Station way out there 2:-16704745.47:5746008.89:20354370.28:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_IGMC Station way out there 3:-20070244.81:2056409.28:18867689.93:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_IGMC Station way out there 4:8637413.83:-19968702.97:-14525719.77:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_IMDE – Station way out there:-4393974.88:20002285.63:-6659540.07:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_MECO Outpost way out there:-20715164.0035393:-12948239.2138008:-15956992.2955896:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_MECO Station way out there 2:-18028259.5:20662171.2:-3812729.2:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_MECO Station way out there 3:2549255.4:18872412.71:14545121.34:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_MECO Station way out there 4:29199605.08:-2543938.19:-4757093.02:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_MECO Station way out there 5:19944921.45:12160368.71:-10852356.72:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_MECO Station way out there 6:-312521.79:-2408683.18:366648.49:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_RLPR Station way out there:-1441540.18:-4942130.7:5580088.22:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_SCMG Station way out there:1313433.78:-116541.04:-7084258.06:#FF8DF175:
GPS:_TFCG Outpost way out there:-1314336.1508964:-3864881.4048916:-4359450.21703414:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_UDAL – Station way out there:9436131.49:-11173347.89:-23410441.31:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_UDAL – Station way out there 2:-873183.98:-12496959.55:17748175.94:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_UDAL Station way out there 3:8906501.29:-2807883.93:-19294404.94:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_UDAL Station way out there 4:-20282582.31:13376577.38:-9097280.85:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:_UDAL Station way out there 5:13568655.08:12842404.03:-19429739.16:#FF75C9F1:

Written by bobofthewind

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Space Engineers – List of All NPC Trade Stations & Locations; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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