Space Engineers – Large Ship Designing

Space Engineers – Large Ship Designing 1 -
Space Engineers – Large Ship Designing 1 -
This guide will explain how to design your ship idea and put it into Space Engineers


1 – Ideas

Firstly, before you go into SE and start building, you have to think about what you are going to make in SE and what purpose it has for your fleet(if you make one). I have a guide that helps you classify the ship that you will make.


2 – World Setup & Building Basic Shape

Building Time!!! Now if you designed your ship, you can start getting the required stuff for example mods and load them into the world, I personally like to use mods with all of my builds because they help me get the true power of Star Wars.

Now to Setup the world, I personally don’t like to turn on the Block Limits, because they don’t really make me happy, so if you want to, turn them off in the advanced World Settings, if you want your build to be modded, then find the mods that will be used to upgrade your ship.

Building the Basic Shape is quite easy, just make the structure with no detail, that part will come up later.


3 – Skeleton & Internal Systems

The next step that you have to do, is to create the framework of the ship A.K.A; Skeleton. this can be a bit tricky if you decide to build something like a Imperial II Class Star Destroyer, all you have to do is build it up and down and leave some space for the internal systems and the interior.


4 – Exterior Detail and Interior Design

This second last step will show you how to detail the interior & exterior.

I personally, am not great at detailing, but i will give you some tips with a few blocks. if you want to make something like a vent, you could use something such as a blast door block to make it look like a vent of some kind.


5 – Weapons and Shielding

if you decide to build an Exploration ship or a Warship, you need some sort of offensive & Defensive systems to help to defend yourself, you can use a lot of mods that add cool weapons that might suit you.

but i won’t show all of them, you can make batteries(groups of cannons/turrets) by grouping them together on the hull and in the control panel, and use this mod to control that battery(all cannons in that group).

you can use several different shielding mods also to protect it when in combat.


The ship Author Almanot can be found here:


This is all about Space Engineers – Large Ship Designing; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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