Space Crew – 100% Achievements Guide

Space Crew – 100% Achievements Guide 21 -
Space Crew – 100% Achievements Guide 21 -
This will help you get all achievements. If you’re willing to save scum, you can get them all in one campaign and avoid having to start from scratch (both crew and ship) multiple times. Otherwise, you’ll either need a second campaign or be willing to start from scratch multiple times. Most of these simply require you to play the game BAU. This guide contains some spoilers which are marked accordingly. If you don’t want to spoil your surprise, finish the game first.


That must hurt // We’re gonna fight // We’re gonna win // Nerves of steel

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - That must hurt // We're gonna fight // We're gonna win // Nerves of steel 
They’re pretty much the same achievement with multiple tiers: 25, 50, 100, 250 enemy ships destroyed. You’ll most likely unlock these before the end of the first part by simply playing the game. 
You don’t have to do this in one mission or one sitting, it’s cumulative throughout the entire campaign. 

First Handshake? // Resistance is… not futile?

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - First Handshake? // Resistance is... not futile? 
These two are the same achievement with two tiers: kill 10/50 boarding enemies. During battles you’ll get boarded from time to time (unless you focus/evade boarding ships). Once you see boarding ships let them approach your ship and you’ll get boarded; they come in groups of 2 or 3, more or less “armoured” (nothing to worry about, two armed crew members will be able to deal with a 3 invader group). After that, simply rush them with your crew: you can punch them, use the sidearm (will become available as you progress) of laser rifles. Rifles is the fastest, safest method to get rid of them. 
You can also kill them by purging the bay – keep in mind that if you do that (i.e. depressurize the bay and leave them floating in space) they won’t count towards getting the achievement! You need to kill them in combat! 
You don’t have to do this in one mission or one sitting, it’s cumulative throughout the entire campaign. 

Fire warden // Fire fighter

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Fire warden // Fire fighter 
More of the same achievement, different tiers. You have to extinguish 25/50 fires. There are 2 ways to extinguish fire: using a fire extinguisher or venting out oxygen by purging sections of the ship. 
To get the achievement you have to put them out using an extinguisher! 
From time to time things will blow up and start burning, just send a crew member to put fires out. If you want to grind this efficiently, don’t fix the wiring (which causes the fires). It won’t affect your combat ability/ship safety(as long as crew members don’t get engulfed in flames) and you’ll have a constant source of fires. 
You’ll get more than 50 fires throughout the entire campaign so you don’t need to rush/grind it. You don’t have to do this in one mission or one sitting, it’s cumulative throughout the entire campaign. 

Nature abhors a vacuum

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Nature abhors a vacuum 
You need to extinguish 50 fires without using an extinguisher. You MUST do this by venting oxygen and the best choice is to purge the cargo bay. Don’t fix the wires in the cargo bay in order to get a constant source of fires. Let them multiply :> and purge the bay (security station) once you get 7-8 (or more) to do this faster. I think it’s possible to get up to 50 in just one mission by doing this (if you’re in a long mission more than 4 jumps, fast route/safe route and take them both) however, it’s not mandatory. You have the entire campaign to do this. 

Engineering expert

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Engineering expert 
Every time you see a wrench icon above a system station, it’s fixable. Just send someone to fix it. Do that 100 times and you’re done. Unless you’re a Space Crew God or smth. you’ll fix way more than 100 things. 
Systems consist of: Reactor, O2, Shields, Gravity generator. 
You don’t have to do this in one mission or one sitting, it’s cumulative throughout the entire campaign. 

Payback time // I feel safer already! // Kill’em all

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Payback time // I feel safer already! // Kill'em all 
Throughout the campaign you’ll encounter champions (a.k.a. elite units). When they attack, you pretty much get swarmed which makes it a bit difficult to fully focus them, even if you call in reinforcements. Most of the time you’ll get them to 20%-ish HP and they’ll retreat. 
The best strategy is to wait for the “Kill X champion” missions. Champions are guaranteed to stay in the battle until they (or you) die. If you’re not patient enough, try to play easy/low risk missions as you won’t get as swarmed and using reinforcements to provide a target for the regular units will give you a better chance to kill the champion. Make sure to use the attack stance (commander) and boost + focus for the gunners. Man ALL guns and get mk3 weapons. 

Battle hardened

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Battle hardened 
The idea is to have one crew member take part in 30 missions. They can be incapacitated and revived. They can even be ejected into space and retrieved. As long as they return alive you’re on track. To maximize your chances, get escape pods (or you know… save scum). 
As the commander is the least exposed to danger and least required to move, he’s probably your best bet. Get top level body armor/radiation protection/vacuum protection, either a personal shield or stealth thingamajig and be cautious on missions. If things go south, retreat and fight another day. 

Bittersweet success

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Bittersweet success 
The easiest way to get this (and to prevent ruining your campaign) is during your first mission (or at the beginning of the game) as missions are short and your crew is still inexperienced. The negative impact is negligible. 
Complete the mission and as soon as you get back to the starting point send 4-5 crew members in the cargo bay and use whoever you decided to spare to purge the bay (security station). Wait for them to die and then land your ship. 
An awful and pointless thing to do but it doesn’t rely on the “luck” of having your crew members killed in action. 

Mastery // Double mastery

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Mastery // Double mastery 
You get XP for killing stuff, analyzing/hacking stuff, retrieving stuff, secondary objectives and completing missions. The biggest XP pool is killing stuff so get to it – the more, the better. If you use the comms officer “Performance analysis” skill during battles you get an XP boost that helps you level up at a faster pace. 
In total, no deaths/ships destroyed, take both mission routes (fast/safe, go/return), kill all champions, score secondary objectives it will take you about 40 missions. Try your best to complete very/high risk missions and kill as many enemies as possible. Do your best to keep highly skilled crews alive no matter the cost; losing the ship is better than losing the crew member in question. 

Critical reaction

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Critical reaction 
The easiest way to get this is to blow up your own ship. It’s a bit drastic and can ruin your campaign (unless you do it VERY early) but it’s a sure and fast way to do it. 
Simply park your ship wherever, use the engineer station to press and hold the self destruct button. 30 seconds-ish later the ship blows up and you get the achievement. 
If you don’t want to save scum, start a new campaign, cripple your campaign or rebuild your ship use escape pods (right after you take off) for all but one crew member, go to the next area and blow up the ship. 


Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Scavenger 
This one is a bit luck based but you’ll get it at one point. In your missions you’ll encounter Phasmid beacons, code banks and other things, including cargo containers (this is randomly generated, no way to force spawn it). You’ll notice them as they have a purple beacon and acme magnet icon. Send one of your crew to the cargo bay station (magnet icon) and once the ship is properly aligned you get the option to retrieve the cargo. 

Abandon ship

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Abandon ship 
Depending on how willing to start from scratch you are, you have several options, including one that gives you a chance to get other achievements. 
If you want to do it as a stand alone achievement, right after you start a mission jettison a pod. This ensures the safe return of the crew member in question. After that, jump to the next level and activate the self destruct. Ship’s gone, crew’s dead, enjoy the achievement and the opportunity to resume the grind. If you save scum, you avoid a hassle – to each their own. This route can help you get the purge-retrieve crew member, lose a ship and any other achievement you may fit in if conditions are right and you choose to venture further than the second area. 
If you want to wait, check out “Saviour of humanity”. Unless you’re extra unlucky you’ll get it right before that achievement. 
There is also the option to get this in an organic manner, i.e. get pounded so badly that you have to use the pods as a last resort to save your crew. Doing so might require you to go back to retrieve the escape pod (a different mission as far as I understood the game hinted – never did that in my playthrough) before the achievement pops up. 

What’s a circle in three dimensions? // Do not go gentle into that goodnight

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - What's a circle in three dimensions? // Do not go gentle into that goodnight 
No idea why these are achievements but meh, I guess the devs enjoyed Interstellar. You can’t miss them. You just need to finish the first and second parts of the game. It’s up to you how many/few missions you complete during each part so you can rush it although I advise against it. You want to upgrade your crew and ship before the 3rd part of the game. 

Escape velocity // Back from the black

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Escape velocity // Back from the black 
The easiest and fastest way to do this is at the beginning of any mission (even the first one) right after you take off. 
Once you do, don’t head towards the next area. As you drift away get one of your crew in a space suite and in the cargo bay then purge the cargo bay. The space suite will keep the crew member alive for a longer time. I guess it can be done without the suite but you have to move super fast. 
As they’re floating in space redirect the ship towards’em and retrieve them using the cargo bay station (magnet). EZ and carry on with your mission. 

Escape artist

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Escape artist 
This one requires a bit of patience and preparation. 
As you’ve noticed while playing, as long as the comms station is manned, you get a warning about “Incoming enemies” prior to being attacked. You’ve also noticed that before you’re able to use a beacon for jumping to another area you need to charge the engines. 
To do this as painless as possible you need to get to a beacon that allows you to jump to a new area, charge the engines and WAIT!. After a while, most of the times you’ll get the enemies alert. Once you get it simply jump to a new area and you’ll get the achievement. 
Although I haven’t tried it/I already had the achievement, one could also get this by jumping to another area even if the enemy ships have already spawned. Keep in mind that the number of enemy ships dictates the charging time (more ships = longer charging time). As your commander levels up he gets a “fast charge” skill which lowers the charge time. That should work too. 
As I’ve experienced in my playthrough, it’s easier to sync up at the beginning of the game (don’t take this for granted). Use the waiting time to heal crew members or fix the ship. 

Back from the brink

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Back from the brink 
This one is a bit iffy… You first need to get your reactor damaged enough for it to go subcritical (once you lose the 3 green bars it goes subcritical and the green reactor bar is replaced by a red “subcritical” one – once that depletes the reactor goes boom and you go dead). 
Getting it subcritical in a controlled manner is… well, good luck with that. From what I experienced it’s up to the AI to be competent enough to actually hit your reactor efficiently/consistently without your shields preventing this. 
This means that there are two possible options: 
1. Shields down and hope they don’t retreat before they pummel your reactor. To increase your chances, get in a 1v50 battle. Keep in mind that they’ll hit other things besides the reactor. While systems and engines can be repaired ad infinitum, your healing options are finite. If you get lucky and they damage the reactor send your engineer to fix it ASAP. You won’t have forever to fix it once it goes subcritical. 
2. Hope you get boarded and let the boarders smash the reactor. Sounds like a better choice however, there’s no guarantee they’ll go straight for the reactor. If they only damage other system, no problem. If they attack your crew (and they will…) there only so much punishment you can take before you have to respond. If you get lucky and they damage the reactor, get other crew members in the fight while sending your engineer to fix the reactor. You won’t have forever to fix it once it goes subcritical. 
Chances are that if you’re new to Space Crew/Bomber Crew you’ll get a subcritical reactor without even trying to. If you know what you’re doing, this will actually be the hardest achievement to get. 

A close encounter

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - A close encounter 
Finish the game first if you want to avoid spoilers. This achievement can’t be missed 
You’ll encounter a mothership at the end of the first phase; call it a boss battle, it’s a fairly easy fight, depending on your ship upgrades/crew skills. Once you defeat it you get the achievement so it can’t be missed. You’ll encounter additional motherships in other regular missions (random spawn). 


Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Spaghetiffication 
Finish the game first if you want to avoid spoilers. This achievement can be missed 
Once you start the second phase you play in a different area altogether (This can only be done in the 2nd phase of the game; don’t start the 3rd phase before you get the achievement as you’ll change areas and you’ll be forced to start a new campaign and reach the 2nd phase again). As a result, you get access to a black hole. Sooner or later you’ll get a mission that brings you right next to it – you’ll get a pop-up the first time so you’ll know when you’re close enough to attempt this. 
Keep in mind that there is no way to save the ship/crew once you’re next to it so unless you’re prepared to lose them and start from scratch, I advise you to save scum or do this on a different campaign. The fact that you get access to it in the middle of the game makes this achievement a nuisance. 
Despite the achievement icon, you actually need to send the ship itself inside the black hole (no matter how many crew members are on board – if you use the escape pods they’ll end up in the black hole; do this in a different area if you want to try to save part of your crew). Once you reach the black hole move your commander from the command post. Engines will stop and you’ll get sucked in. A timer will start and once it ends there’s no way to stop your ship’s demise. The achievement will pop up momentarily.  

Bomber crew

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Bomber crew 
Finish the game first if you want to avoid spoilers. I don’t think this achievement can be missed 
This can only be achieved during the second to last mission. I don’t think it can be missed as prior to this mission you’ll get one that has the goal to get anti-matter in order to make a bomb that will destroy the Phasmid homeworld. As such, even if it’s a secret achievement, I don’t see how one may miss it. 
Long story short, you get a mission to destroy their planet, you go there, destroy any ships attacking you, deploy the bomb, wait for it to activate and enjoy the fireworks. You get the achievement and prepare for the last battle which will determine the fate of human kind. 

Saviour of humanity

Space Crew - 100% Achievements Guide - Saviour of humanity 
Finish the game first if you want to avoid spoilers.This achievement can’t be missed 
It’s the final showdown! 
This is the last mission and you pretty much can’t miss this one. Long story short: you escort a freighter to deploy a beacon that will help you kill the queen. Mission command then realizes that the only way to kill the queen is a reactor blowing up. Guess who has a ship that has a reactor that can self destruct? You do! :> As such, you’ll lose at least one crew member and your ship, but it’s the last mission so it doesn’t matter. 
You have two options: 
1. Simply warp jump into the queen and blow up the queen – wham! boom! straight to the molecular level! Ship’s destroyed, everyone is killed, glory is eternal. Using escape pods won’t save your crew. 
2. Prior to jumping inside the queen use the escape pods. With max level pods you have a chance of ~85% for crew recovery. One crew member MUST go down with the ship as you can’t jump or activate the self destruct on auto-pilot; plus there’s no auto pilot. 
Congrats! You saved Earth etc. etc. 

Written by MaFomedanu

This is all about Space Crew – 100% Achievements Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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