Space Beastz – 4 different instruments + Info

Space Beastz – 4 different instruments + Info 1 -
Space Beastz – 4 different instruments + Info 1 -

A guide for safe travel!

Quick guide!

This is gonna be a quick guide in how the game works and how you play it.

The game is rythm-based, but you will find that the timing can be both on notes and off notes.

If you don’t change your key bindings then the default keys are: up arrow, left arrow, down arrow & right arrow. And this is what i will refer the keys as.

The goal is to save the ship by playing the song, in which you do by going to one of the instruments that have a wire “sparking/glowing” next to it. The “notes” come from the middle and go out towards the edges of the circle/clock and i have given the name of the edge “target” for now.

Depending on which instrument you have to play, affects how you would play it.

There are 4 different instruments:

Drums: Just hit the notes as close as center of the edges, on beat that is. No fuss because there are only 4 ways the note can go: up, left, down & right.

Guitar: This is the hardest to master, there is 18 points where you have to hit the notes correct.

Left arrow make the target go counter-clockwise and the right arrow make the target go clockwise, using up/down keys puts the target on the opposite side of the “clock”.

Sax: This one also is only 4 targets. Here we see 2 new types of notes coming at you, which are using the “space” key & sliders. The notes with a white outer circle requires you to hold space for it to be hit. The sliders are a note that you just need to hold until the slider ends, and then you let go of the key. In some parts there will be a combination of both of them at the same time.

Synth: The synth works the same way as the sax.

As of right now (07/04-2022) this is where i will leave this guide for now, might update & add a few more things in a few days of playing.

// Nessy


Written by Nessy

This is all about Space Beastz – 4 different instruments + Info; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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